India v Sri Lanka, tri-series, Port-of-Spain July 10, 2013

Kohli proud of top-of-the-table finish

ESPNcricinfo staff

Virat Kohli has praised the Indian team for showing character by brushing aside early losses in the tri-series to finish on top of the table and qualify for the final. India beat Sri Lanka by 81 runs under the D/L method and the two teams will play each other again in the final on July 11.

"To bounce back like this and finish at the top of the table is a commendable effort. I am very proud of the team," Kohli said. "We have shown a lot of character. When three good teams are playing in the tournament, anything can happen. We were never bothered about the rain delays. Our performance showed what happens when one executes their plans properly."

The match against Sri Lanka was a must-win game for India and they struggled early in their innings on a difficult pitch. Kohli, who shared a 49-run stand with Rohit Sharma for the second wicket, said the team had a game plan of conserving wickets. India were on 119 for 3 when rain ended their innings.

"When Rohit and I were playing, we just wanted to play ourselves in. It paid in the end, because we had wickets in hand, and it worked in the D/L calculations in our favour," Kohli said. "Then the bowlers responded beautifully. Full credit to them."

Rohit Sharma, who fought hard for his 48 not out, was pleased with his effort. "I took it up as a challenge. I know that I have a long way to go," he said. "I am really not bothered about whether I am getting a big score as long as I am contributing and working on my mistakes."

Also crucial to India's defence of 178 in 29 overs - a revised D/L target - was Bhuvneshwar Kumar. Making good use of the pitch after the long rain delay, he finished with career-best figures of 4 for 8 in six overs, and said the pitch at Queens Park Oval was the 'most helpful one' that he had bowled on so far.

Sri Lanka's captain, Angelo Mathews said the rain delay had made the pitch tougher for his batsmen. "We bowled well, but when we batted the pitch had been under covers and had sweated more. We had nothing to lose and went for the win," Mathews said after his team was dismissed for 96. "It's mentally and physically draining to play three days in a row. We have played some good cricket to get to the final, hopefully we can beat India on Thursday."

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  • Suresh on July 12, 2013, 1:40 GMT

    @sl_kamal, we had a 50 over match and we won it..What do you say now?

  • sachinsss on July 12, 2013, 1:40 GMT

    @ SL_kamal --- Ok you got your wish. India beat SL in the match that went for 50 overs. Now lets hear your part of the bargain.

  • George on July 11, 2013, 10:22 GMT

    I am avid cricket fan. Of course I am a supporter of Team India. But I am willing to blast/villify/criticise my team if they lose. There are times when Umpires may have made an error. But cricket rules are such that we need to accept that. Rain and other stoppages and resultant D/L method can also be frustrating. Again one has to accept it. But whatever I do, I know what I DONT do-that is to blame the other team. If they won, it was thier hard work. Such was the way SL beat India a few days. I accepted it. But I find it hard to stomach that almost 90% if not more SL fans, who post comments here are bad losers and blame everyone-weather, India, D/L method, pitch and just about anything that can catch theri fancy...tsk...tsk...tsk SL supporters, please show some sportsmanship. I truly hope you do not think India wont he World Cup (sadly over you) and Champions trophy by pure luck? tsk...tsk...tsk..

  • Dummy4 on July 11, 2013, 9:01 GMT

    those who r saying Ind would hv been folded out to 120 chasing d same trget..u hv forgotten tht ind hv chased down more stiff trgt in 36 overs..when trget was almost double..

  • sachinsss on July 11, 2013, 8:39 GMT

    @ SL_rockz --- All indian fans know more about D&L. We have lost matches due to D&L , but we have never complained about D&L. We normally criticize our team for their failures. Yes, if there are very bad umpiring decisions, we blame the umpire as well. But that's as far as we go. I find it amusing that you blame luck while ignoring that luck plays a factor in winning tosses as well. Your team won the toss and made a bad decision. Instead of criticizing your team captain for making bad decision despite winning the toss, you are criticizing weather, D&L, pitch, umpires, Luck etc. D&L has been around for 15 years and it was devised by people with better intellect than the posters in this forum. If you have a better method, please feel free to share with ICC. You talk about Indian team folding for 120 if asked to bat only for 26 overs ? How did you come with that statistic ? You do realize that India scored 54 from the last 10 overs before the rain interruption right ?

  • Sheik on July 11, 2013, 8:13 GMT

    All SL Fans - Stop blaming LUCK, DRS, RAIN, PITCH, (Kula+Dilshan+Thisara..etc etc).... Geez - you sound exactly like Angelo in his presentations.. as someone had earlier said Angelo would've won an Olympic medal if giving excuses was a global sport. No wonder his captaincy is mediocre - because he's thinking just like you folks.

  • sachinsss on July 11, 2013, 7:26 GMT

    @ SL_kamal --- what if SL win the match tomorrow and it doesn't go the complete 50 overs distance ?

  • Yasiru on July 11, 2013, 7:14 GMT

    Most of indian fans comment here without knowing that D/L is a statistical calculation. Does not look take overcast conditions or green pitches or nothing.It was based on pure stats.It is a final year project project and most of the stat expertise accept it is unfair coz it does not account for the pitch conditions and the real state of the game.Stats cannot penetrate those factors.It is used because no Mathematician/Statistician regards such a formulation important enough to spend their time on to produce a better one.

    India were given 29 overs to bat from the start of the match and will they score 177+ runs in this bouncy pitch. They will rather fall nearly to 120 by trying to take on bowlers from the beginning as it happened to SL.It is normal in nature when you knew you have 10 wickets in hand for 27 overs you attack bowlers.But in this pitch if u try doing so u will end up loosing your wickets..D/L is not the uniquely accepted one.Many in the stats world dont accept this .

  • abhijeet on July 11, 2013, 7:05 GMT

    I see so much negativity on this board. I have a challenge for people who don't like D-L method. Get a better one. Would you like a simplistic Runs per over which doesn't consider wickets and shortened duration or would you like least productive over method used in 92 world cup which resulted in SA getting a 22 run target in 1 ball. Onlt decent competetor of D-L method is VJD method and difference between both in negligible in most cases.

    Bottomline is SL fans should stop crying and Indian fans should remember that D-L is not the best method possible but the best available one. Peace.

  • Yuvaraja on July 11, 2013, 6:33 GMT

    We (IND) already won many 50-50 matches against SL in many occasions. The day before yesterday match you (SL) can't able to reach ours (IND) run on the table 119. As our is concerned we beat you by 23 runs. That 23 runs is more than enough for us to reach final.We also have difficulties in batting on that day due to pitch condition. Tell me that if malinga ever bowled a maiden after kholi's performance in Australia. We agree that the pitch is dry and it is totally against batting for both the teams. Don't tell we (IND) has always luck. Our Bowlers did great job on tues eve in Caribbean........

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