ICC World Twenty20, 3rd Match, Group D: Pakistan v Scotland at Durban, Sep 12, 2007
ICC World Twenty20 - 3rd match, Group D
Pakistan won by 51 runs
Played at Kingsmead, Durban (neutral venue)
12 September 2007 (20-over match)

Blain to Salman Butt, no run, gentle away swinger to begin with, Butt plays it safe and lets it go


Blain to Salman Butt, no run, full in length outside off and Butt just lets it go, that one slipped out of the hand and just misses the wide call


Blain to Salman Butt, FOUR, thick outside edge and the ball races away to the third-man boundary, Butt is underway and so is pakistan


Blain to Salman Butt, 1 run, short of a length, Butt shapes to pull but comes onto it a little too early, gets a single


Blain to Imran Nazir, FOUR, and Nazir goes ballistic from the word GO, goes for the hook and the ball goes to fine-leg, unconvincing but good enough


Blain to Imran Nazir, no run, drifting on the pads, tries to flick it away, clips the pads

Pakistan 9/0   JAR Blain 1-0-9-0

Blain to Imran Nazir, OUT, first blood to Scotland, full outside off, Nazir goes for an expansive scoop over point, the ball goes high up towards deep point and Hamilton goes forward and takes it inches off the ground

Imran Nazir c Hamilton b Blain 4 (8m 3b 1x4 0x6) SR: 133.33


Blain to Mohammad Hafeez, 1 run, outside the off stump, Hafeez opens the face of the bat and glides it down to third man


Blain to Salman Butt, no run, worked to the off side, Butt tries to find the gap


Blain to Salman Butt, no run, Butt backs away, Blain follows him and lands the ball short on leg stump, Butt has no room to swing, the ball rolls to the on side


Blain to Salman Butt, no run, short of a length and no room to swing across the line again, worked to square leg


Blain to Salman Butt, 1 run, good length outside off, Butt gets an opening and works it just wide of point

Pakistan 11/1   JAR Blain 2-0-11-1

Blain to Salman Butt, no run, Butt steps down the track and misses it altogether, the urgency is kicking up


Blain to Salman Butt, FOUR, bad line, down leg, Butt works it fine and places it well since the fine leg is up in the circle, releif for Butt


Blain to Salman Butt, 1 run


Blain to Mohammad Hafeez, FOUR, short of a length, Hafeez waits on it and pulls it with force over square leg, one bounce and four


Blain to Mohammad Hafeez, 1 run, Blain brings the length a little fuller, Hafeez rocks backwards and flicks off his hips


Blain to Salman Butt, OUT, Butt falls for the trap! drifting on the hips, Butt tries to flick it past short fine leg but ends up spooning it straight to him, easy catch for Poonia

Salman Butt c Haq b Blain 13 (19m 23b 2x4 0x6) SR: 56.52

Pakistan 24/2   JAR Blain 3-0-21-2

Blain to Misbah-ul-Haq, no run, good length ball on off stump, Misbah gets on to the front foot and drives to cover


Blain to Misbah-ul-Haq, no run, excellent yorker from Blain, Misbah digs it out back to the bowler


Blain to Misbah-ul-Haq, no run, full ball outside the off stump, Misbah leans into an elegant cover drive but his placement is poor, he finds the only fielder in the circle in front of square


Blain to Misbah-ul-Haq, 1 run, full length once again and slightly straighter on middle stump, Misbah flicks off his pads through midwicket for a single


Blain to Younis Khan, no run, banged in short, Younis tries to pull but misses the ball


Blain to Younis Khan, 1 run, full toss on middle stump, Younis drives off the front foot to long-on, he missed out on that one

Pakistan 116/5   JAR Blain 4-0-23-2





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