ICC World Twenty20, 4th Match, Group B: Australia v Zimbabwe at Cape Town, Sep 12, 2007
ICC World Twenty20 - 4th match, Group B
Zimbabwe won by 5 wickets (with 1 ball remaining)
Played at Newlands, Cape Town (neutral venue)
12 September 2007 - night match (20-over match)

Clark to Taylor, 1 run, right on the spot, but Taylor defends into the gap and that's another single


Clark to Chibhabha, 2 runs, a touch too straight, and Chibhabha nurdles down to fine leg. The scoreboard keeps ticking


Clark to Chibhabha, no run, dabbed out to the covers and a direct hit would have been close. Instead it's a fumble. Australia aren't yet as sharp in the field as Zimbabwe were


Clark to Chibhabha, no run, short and left well alone as Gilchrist takes the ball at shoulder-height


Clark to Chibhabha, no run, a swing and a miss. A few dot-balls creeping in now. Zimbabwe need to keep the strike rotating. Or at least keep their cool if it doesn't


Clark to Chibhabha, FOUR, that's a quality strike - straight down the ground with the highest of elbows. It wouldn't have looked out of place in a Test match. Which is how Australia are going to have to play this now ...

Zimbabwe 38/1   SR Clark 1-0-7-0

Clark to Taylor, 1 run, on the spot, but without much nip, and Taylor has all the time in the world to dab that down to third man. Another run is notched off the requirement


Clark to Chibhabha, 1 run, fuller, and angling into off stump, but another single thanks to some sharp calling. They don't have to do much more than that


Clark to Taylor, FOUR, the momentum is all red and black. That's too short from Clark, and Taylor uses the pace to cut that into the gap behind point. Cool as you like


Clark to Taylor, 1 run, another single. Superb running between these two, and Ricky Ponting is feeling a little lost


Clark to Chibhabha, no run, short, and Chibhabha ducks. The crowd bays for a wide, but Clark gets away with it. Only just mind.


Clark to Chibhabha, OUT, that's a massive steepler - it's gone straight up in the air and almost tops out above the Newlands lights. Any man on the field could have claimed it, but Gilchrist with the gloves steps forward, and is a very relieved man to end that mini-onslaught

CJ Chibhabha c †Gilchrist b Clark 15 (13m 14b 3x4 0x6) SR: 107.14

Zimbabwe 54/2   SR Clark 2-0-14-1

Clark to Taylor, 1 run, nudged into the gap. A lot rests on Taylor now


Clark to Matsikenyeri, no run, defended into the covers, and the rain gets heavier


Clark to Matsikenyeri, 1 run, nurdled down to fine leg


Clark to Taylor, no run, a bit of a waft outside off, but no edge


Clark to Taylor, 1 run, slashed and slashed hard, but not the same pace on the ball as before, and third man fields


Clark to Matsikenyeri, no run, defended to complete the over, and Zimbabwe slip two runs behind on D/L ...

Zimbabwe 58/3   SR Clark 3-0-17-1

Clark to Matsikenyeri, 1 run, late cut poked wide of first slip - Ponting's flashing hand, and dive, stopping that. Tight work


Clark to Taylor, 2 runs, back-foot drive, terrible misfield from the usually excellent Symonds who fluffs at cover, the ball heading through his legs. Overthrow results


Clark to Taylor, 1 run, backing away and away and eventually presses forward in defence - could have waited and turned to leg but it wasn't to be


Clark to Matsikenyeri, no run, Matsikenyeri backed away this time and swished at it on the back foot - the ball sailing over the stumps


Clark to Matsikenyeri, OUT, goes to hook, a huge top-edge goes high and back down into Gilchrist's hands - the keeper didn't have to do too much there, just hold on

S Matsikenyeri c †Gilchrist b Clark 3 (11m 8b 0x4 0x6) SR: 37.50


Clark to Taylor, 1 run, driven to mid-off for a quick single

Zimbabwe 71/4   SR Clark 4-0-22-2





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