ICC World Twenty20, 8th Match, Group C: Kenya v Sri Lanka at Johannesburg, Sep 14, 2007
ICC World Twenty20 - 8th match, Group C
Sri Lanka won by 172 runs
Played at New Wanderers Stadium, Johannesburg (neutral venue)
14 September 2007 (20-over match)

Ongondo to Tharanga, 2 runs, from round the stumps, short in length, outside the off stump, the ball holds up a touch and Tharanga is forced to wait on his cut shot and ends up swatting it between cover and mid-off


Ongondo to Tharanga, 2 runs, short and wide, cut over cover point. Mistimed though. The outfield looks pretty slow as well.


Ongondo to Tharanga, no run, swing and a miss. Full, outside off, hint of movement away and Tharanga freed his arms, had a huge swish but no luck


Ongondo to Tharanga, 1 run, nips in with the angle, towards middle and leg, cramping Tharanga who takes the bottom-hand off the handle and jabs it away


Ongondo to Jayasuriya, FOUR, short and drifting towards the leg stump, Jayasuriya needs no further invitation and swivels off the front foot to pull it to long leg boundary


Ongondo to Jayasuriya, no run, beaten Full and outside off stump, Jayasuriya has a big swing at it but no wood on leather.

Sri Lanka 13/0   PJ Ongondo 1-0-9-0

Ongondo to Jayasuriya, 1 run, from round the stumps, short in length, pulled uppishly to long leg


Ongondo to Sangakkara, 1 run, homing in on the off stump, defended to the on side for a quick single


Ongondo to Jayasuriya, FOUR, short in length, outside the off stump and Jayasuriya latches on to it with a fiesty square cut


Ongondo to Jayasuriya, (no ball) 2 runs, bangs it in short, it rises chest-high on the middle stump line, it stops a touch on Jayasuriya who helps it towards long leg


Ongondo to Jayasuriya, FOUR, Free hit, courtesy the no-ball last delivery and Jayasuriya makes use of it. He backs to the leg-side and thrashes a fullish delivery over mid-on


Ongondo to Jayasuriya, 1 run, moves outside leg-side again and chops a short-of-length delivery on the middle stump line to thirdman. One bounce to the fielder.


Ongondo to Sangakkara, 1 run, charges down the track, can't reach the pitch of the length delivery though but still drives it to mid-on

Sri Lanka 34/1   PJ Ongondo 2-0-24-0

Ongondo to Jayasuriya, no run, Sri Lanka are struggling here. They are trying to slog everything and obviously, missing quite a few. These high-class batsmen don't need to do that. Or do they? Anyway, this one was a length delivery, on the stumps and Jayasuriya jumped out, tried to heave across the line and is beaten


Ongondo to Jayasuriya, 2 runs, short again but this time Jayasuriya stays back to pull it over midwicket


Ongondo to Jayasuriya, FOUR, poor delivery; drifting to the leg side and Jayasuriya helps it to fine leg boundary


Ongondo to Jayasuriya, no run, very good delivery; yorker from round the stumps, stabbed away


Ongondo to Jayasuriya, SIX, six over backward point. It was a length delivery on the stumps but Jayasuriya gave himself room by moving to leg-side and clubbed it over backward point. Ah! here we go..


Ongondo to Jayasuriya, 1 run, retains the strike with a push towards mid-off

Sri Lanka 53/1   PJ Ongondo 3-0-37-0

Ongondo to Mubarak, FOUR, Full and on the stumps, Mubarak moves to the leg-side, gives himself room and knives it over extra cover


Ongondo to Mubarak, FOUR, short in length, outside off stump, slapped over point


Ongondo to Mubarak, SIX, Fast and furious. Simple technique: he just clears the front foot out of the line and swings through the line. This time the ball disappears over long-on


Ongondo to Mubarak, 1 run, gets off the strike with a drive to the on side


Ongondo to Wijekoon, 1 run


Ongondo to Mubarak, no run, No! he doesn't. What a pity. Slower one, outside off stump, Mubarak takes a step or two down the track and tries to heave it over the off side but makes no contact. But take a bow Mubarak. What a fabulous cameo.

Sri Lanka 260/6   PJ Ongondo 4-0-53-0





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