ICC World Twenty20, 16th Match, Group F: Pakistan v Sri Lanka at Johannesburg, Sep 17, 2007
ICC World Twenty20 - 16th match, Group F
Pakistan won by 33 runs
Played at New Wanderers Stadium, Johannesburg (neutral venue)
17 September 2007 - night match (20-over match)

Sohail Tanvir to Sangakkara, no run, good length ball on off stump, Sangakkara strides forward and drives to Afridi at cover

Sri Lanka 6/2   KC Sangakkara 0* (1b)

Mohammad Asif to Sangakkara, no run, Sangakkara waits on the back foot and defends a short of a length delivery towards cover, Jayawardene takes a few paces down from the non-striker's end but Sangakkara sends him back


Mohammad Asif to Sangakkara, no run, hits a good length on off stump and seams away from the left-hander off the pitch, Sangakkara shoulders arms


Mohammad Asif to Sangakkara, 2 runs, Asif induces the outside edge with a good length ball that rose sharply, Sangakkara tried to fend it down behind point but was lucky as the edge flew wide off first slip to Gul at third man


Mohammad Asif to Sangakkara, SIX, Sangakkara steps down the track and moves towards leg to make room, he frees his arms and throws his bat at a length delivery and slashes it over the backward point boundary

Sri Lanka 15/2   KC Sangakkara 8* (5b 1x6)

Sohail Tanvir to Sangakkara, 1 run, Sangakkara uses the angle into him to play the ball off his pads through backward square leg

Sri Lanka 17/2   KC Sangakkara 9* (6b 1x6)

Mohammad Asif to Sangakkara, FOUR, Asif drops too short, giving Sangakkara time to move back in his crease and pull the ball to the backward square leg boundary


Mohammad Asif to Sangakkara, 1 run, this time Sangakkara backs away a fraction and runs the ball down to third man for a single


Mohammad Asif to Sangakkara, 1 wide, the attempted slower ball goes terribly wrong and Asif concedes a wide down leg side


Mohammad Asif to Sangakkara, FOUR, that that says Sangakkara! He times the charge down the pitch superbly, and blasts the cover drive for four, that was hit powerfully


Mohammad Asif to Sangakkara, OUT, bowled and how! Sangakkara tries to pull a short of a length ball, he doesn't make contact and gets hit on the pad, the ball bounces off the pad, hits his arms and dislodges a bail, Sangakkara swings his bat in disappointment

KC Sangakkara b Mohammad Asif 18 (21m 10b 2x4 1x6) SR: 180.00

Sri Lanka 35/3   KC Sangakkara 18 (10b 2x4 1x6)





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