ICC Under-19 World Cup, Semi-Final: India Under-19s v New Zealand Under-19s at Kuala Lumpur, Feb 27, 2008
India Under-19s won by 3 wickets (with 9 balls remaining) (D/L method)
Played at Kinrara Academy Oval, Kuala Lumpur (neutral venue)
27 February 2008 - day/night match (50-over match)

V Kohli to Anderson, SIX, take that...pitches on a good length on off stump, Anderson waits at the crease, picks that from outside off and slogs that with control over long-on, that ball went way back

New Zealand Under-19s 112/4   CJ Anderson 12* (18b 1x4 1x6)   V Kohli 7-1-27-2

Iqbal Abdulla to Anderson, SIX, Thump! on the fuller length outside the off stump, Anderson uses the long handle to good effect as he hoists it over long on fence for his second six, maybe the change of angle bought that about as Iqbal shifted to over the wicket

New Zealand Under-19s 124/4   CJ Anderson 19* (24b 1x4 2x6)   Iqbal Abdulla 5-0-22-0

Kaul to Anderson, SIX, going going and gone..... Kaul pitches it on a good length on off stump, he takes a few paces down the track and lofts through the line and launches it way over long-on

New Zealand Under-19s 170/6   CJ Anderson 48* (59b 3x4 3x6)   S Kaul 8.3-0-37-2

Srivastava to Anderson, SIX, Anderson takes a couple of paces down the track and shapes to slog, Srivastava sees that and holds the length back, Anderson checks his stroke initially but goes through it and carts the ball high over deep midwicket

New Zealand Under-19s 193/6   CJ Anderson 67* (66b 5x4 4x6)   TM Srivastava 9.1-0-40-0





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Hours of play (local time) 14.00 start, First Session 14.00-17.30 Interval 17.30-18.15, Second Session 18.15-21.45

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