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Saqib Saleem      

Full name Saqib Saleem

Born January 1, 1990, Islamabad, Pakistan

Current age 28 years 174 days

Major teams United States of America, United States of America Under-19s

Batting style Right-hand bat

Bowling style Legbreak googly

Saqib Saleem
Recent matches
Bat & Bowl Team Opposition Ground Match Date Scorecard
0/9 USA XI v CPL XI Lauderhill 29 Jul 2016 Other T20
14 NWR v CER Lauderhill 16 Aug 2014 Other T20
19, 0/16 NWR v SER Lauderhill 16 Aug 2014 Other T20
2/19, 33* NWR v ATR Lauderhill 15 Aug 2014 Other T20
1/29 U.S.A. v Bahamas Lauderhill 19 Mar 2013 Other T20
3/20 USA U19 v Afghan U19 Napier 27 Jan 2010 YODI # 732 Insights on
0, 4/38 USA U19 v Zim U19 Napier 25 Jan 2010 YODI # 729 Insights on
- USA U19 v Canada U19 Napier 23 Jan 2010 YODI # 717 Insights on
62, 1/47 USA U19 v Ireland U19 Queenstown 19 Jan 2010 YODI # 710 Insights on
14, 0/15 USA U19 v S Africa U19 Queenstown 18 Jan 2010 YODI # 708 Insights on

The best moment of young leg-break bowler Saqib Saleem's fledgling career came for USA against Ireland during the Under-19 World Cup Qualifiers, when he took five wickets to inspire a brilliant win. Not bad for a budding spinner whose hero is Shane Warne. Saleem is part of USA's squad for the U-19 World Cup in New Zealand.
Cricinfo staff January 2010

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Jan 10, 2010

Saqib Saleem

Saqib Saleem

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