Finally US stakeholders presented with new constitution January 30, 2007

Democracy ... USACA style

Cricinfo staff

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After months of silence and less than five weeks before the ICC's final deadline for its implementation, the USA Cricket Association has finally circulated the proposed new constitution to its members for ratification.

The documentation was sent out by Paul de Silva, the secretary of the USACA, with a note asking each region to appoint a regional administration in accordance with the draft constitution by February 21, 2007. "This will help fast track the electoral process," he explained, adding that he "presumed that the draft constitution will be ratified".

To maintain its status as an associate member of the ICC the USACA must hold new elections by March 1, 2007 under a new constitution. This means that from the date of de Silva's email, the regions have 21 days to consult all member clubs, ratify the constitution and appoint a representative, as all ballots must be completed by February 19.

While stakeholders will be delighted to finally have some information after months of silence from the USACA board, the timescales for the process to be finalised are almost ridiculously tight, and questions have to be asked regarding why the board has left it so late and what exactly have they been doing in the meantime.

Few inside the USA expect the new elections and fresh constitution to bring many changes in leadership.