Midwest under fire for 'arrogance' June 9, 2008

Conference demands 'remorse' from suspended six

Cricinfo staff

The saga of the Midwest Cricket Conference's suspension of six players rumbles on with an announcement that it required the players to email the "management" expressing "unequivocal remorse" and giving an assurance that they will "not in future, violate any of the Rules and Regulations of the MCC".

The six have been accused of playing for a rival Chicago league in a regional competition in May.

They were allowed to play in last weekend's matches "in the spirit of getting on with game" but critics of the board's action have been quick to point out that the regulations that were allegedly breached were only published on the eve of the competition.

Referring to the case of 15-year-old Abhijit Joshi, who last month represented the USA at the Clico International Under-15 event in the Caribbean, one local cricketer told Cricinfo that it was "preposterous and arrogant" to expect someone so young to give the statement expected by the MCC.