USA news November 18, 2011

USACA elections face more delays

Robert Chance, the Texas lawyer hired to oversee the compliance review for all of the USA Cricket Association's member leagues, has requested that the date of the regional elections be extended by one more week. In a memo to the USACA board, Chance says he has not been able to properly finish his assessment of which leagues are authentic and eligible due to the leagues' "systemic failure to provide all of the requested information".

USACA announced last month that regional elections were due to be concluded by November 19. That deadline was then extended by USACA to November 22 after USACA issued a notice last week stating that leagues in the North East area were "affected by the recent weather conditions". A rare October snowstorm came through New York and New Jersey at the end of the month and caused considerable damage.

According to Chance's memo, six leagues did not submit any information whatsoever. He also wrote that "very few have provided tax returns or documentation of non-profit status". The failure of many leagues to provide the kind of documentation that Chance is seeking could put an end to the practice of bogus leagues popping up across the USACA landscape, something which many observers feel has been a major problem in the past. Since each league gets a vote in the USACA elections, eliminating such leagues may drastically affect how the next election will play out.

Nominations for the national election were supposed to begin after the completion of the regional election process. The national election is supposed to be completed one month after the conclusion of regional elections with the national election results announced on December 21. It is unclear if the national election will now be pushed back to accommodate for a delay in the regional election process.

The USACA national elections were due to be held in March according to the USACA constitution, but in that same month it was announced that national elections would be held on October 15. That date passed, after which USACA announced the new December deadline.

Peter Della Penna is a journalist based in New Jersey