USACA elections April 14, 2012

Dainty and incumbents favoured to get re-elected

USA Cricket Association president Gladstone Dainty and other incumbent members of the board are favoured to win re-election today in the USACA general elections. A lawsuit seeking a preliminary injunction for the elections to be delayed was dismissed in the District Court in California on Friday.

It means that 32 out of 47 USACA member leagues who had their voting privileges stripped by the USACA board in February will remain unable to take part in the election. The majority of the 15 eligible leagues are supporters of Dainty. Consequently, they are also highly likely to favor treasurer John Thickett and vice presidents Michael Gale and Rafey Syed who have all reportedly sided with Dainty in recent board decisions.

The other position up for a vote today is executive secretary. John Aaron, who resigned from his position on November 30 in protest at the board's stalling tactics to overstay their three-year term, is running against Kenwyn Williams. Due to the fact that the majority of the board voted to uphold Dainty's suspension of Aaron last year, it is believed the pro-Dainty leagues will vote against Aaron. Williams has vowed on his campaign's Facebook page to enforce a "gag order" on all USACA players, team officials and administrators from speaking with the media if he is elected executive secretary.

Votes will be presented and tabulated at the USACA annual general meeting which takes place today in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.


Gladstone Dainty (incumbent), Mahammad Qureshi, Ram Varadarajan, Kenwyn Williams

First Vice President
Michael Gale (incumbent), Shahid Ahmed, Ahmed Jeddy, Krish Prasad, Mahammad Qureshi

Second Vice President
Rafey Syed (incumbent), Hemant Buch, Ahmed Jeddy, Charles Peterson, Mahammad Qureshi

Executive Secretary
John Aaron, Kenwyn Williams

John Thickett (incumbent), Gangaram Singh

Peter Della Penna is a journalist based in New Jersey