Canada tour of United States of America, United States of America v Canada at Harlem, Aug 27-28, 1846
  Canada 1st innings R
JO Heward c Bradshaw b Groom 3
J Helliwell c Comery b Groom 0
E Wilgress b Comery 2
Hornby b Groom 0
Denison b Groom 2
G Sharpe b Groom 2
GA Phillpotts b Groom 0
CJ Birch c Wheatcroft b Comery 3
Grey b Comery 0
F French b Comery 1
JH Conolly not out 4
Extras (w 13) 13
  Total (all out) 28
  Bowling W  
  W Comery 4
  H Groom 6 (13w)
  S Dudson 0
  United States of America 1st innings R
J Turner b Sharpe 7
S Dudson b Sharpe 10
G Wheatcroft b Sharpe 0
D Winckworth lbw b ? 10
S Wright b Grey 1
WM Bradshaw not out 4
R Ticknor b Sharpe 5
R Waller b Sharpe 2
W Comery b Sharpe 0
Rouse b Sharpe 0
H Groom c & b Grey 7
Extras (b 5, w 6) 11
  Total (all out) 57
  Bowling W
  F French 0
  G Sharpe 7
  Grey 2
  Canada 2nd innings R
JH Conolly b Comery 4
J Helliwell c & b Dudson 4
F French c Wheatcroft b Comery 0
E Wilgress not out 0
Extras (b ?, lb ?, w ?, nb ?) 5
  Total (3 wickets) 13
  Bowling W
  W Comery 2
  S Dudson 1

Match details

Balls per over 4
Toss - United States of America, who chose to field
Umpires - GA Barber (Canada) and S Nicholls
Close of play
  • Thu, 27 Aug - day 1 - United States of America 1st innings 19/2 (S Dudson 5*, D Winckworth 2*)
  • Fri, 28 Aug - day 2 - Canada 2nd innings 13/3 - end of match

Match Notes

    • Canada Captain not named
    • United States of America Captain not named
    • United States of America Wicket-keeper not named
    • Canada 1st innings: batsmen's runs scored do not balance
    • Canada 1st innings: bowlers' runs conceded do not balance
    • United States of America 1st innings: bowlers' runs conceded do not balance
    • With the score at 13-3 in the Canada Second innings, Helliwell hit the ball in the air, and, thinking he could charge the bowler to prevent him from catching the ball, knocked Dudson to the ground. The latter, on recovering, ran and threw the ball at Helliwell. He was subdued by his team mates and apologised to the batsman, but the Canadians refused to continue the game.
    • Bell's Life stated that Canada had forfeited the match.
    • It was seven years before the fixture was resumed.
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