ICC World Cup, 23rd Match, Group C: England v Kenya at Gros Islet, Mar 24, 2007
ICC World Cup - 23rd match, Group C
England won by 7 wickets (with 60 balls remaining)
Played at Beausejour Stadium, Gros Islet, St Lucia (neutral venue)
24 March 2007 (50-over match)

Anderson to Ouma, FOUR, fine shot as Anderson drifts it on his pads, looking for swing, and he whips it just in front of square for four

Kenya 23/1   MA Ouma 8* (29b 1x4)   JM Anderson 3.4-0-7-1

Flintoff to Suji, FOUR, edged just past Joyce at a lone, wide first slip who dived to his right, but it fell just short and wide of him

Kenya 35/1   AO Suji 6* (9b 1x4)   A Flintoff 3-0-13-0

Anderson to Tikolo, FOUR, ah, there we go, that's what Tikolo was attempting the previous ball. He crashes this in front of square for four

Kenya 39/2   SO Tikolo 4* (3b 1x4)   JM Anderson 5.4-0-13-2

Anderson to Tikolo, FOUR, edged! Well, was that intentional? Perhaps. I'll give it to the batsman. A firm slash which races between keeper and slip

Kenya 43/2   SO Tikolo 8* (4b 2x4)   JM Anderson 5.5-0-17-2

Bopara to Tikolo, (no ball) FOUR, overstepped and that's driven through mid-off, lovely timing from Stevie there, just caressing his hands through the line

Kenya 52/2   SO Tikolo 13* (9b 3x4)   RS Bopara 0.2-0-6-0

Mahmood to Suji, FOUR, short and that's flashed hard past the vacant third slip

Kenya 59/2   AO Suji 11* (20b 2x4)   SI Mahmood 2.3-0-13-0

Mahmood to Tikolo, FOUR, aerial drive for four, clean strike

Kenya 72/2   SO Tikolo 25* (27b 4x4)   SI Mahmood 4.2-0-19-0

Collingwood to Tikolo, FOUR, (tomato) souped through mid-off with a crashing drive. Collingwood hurt his fingertip trying to stop that one

Kenya 81/4   SO Tikolo 33* (36b 5x4)   PD Collingwood 3.2-0-12-1

Mahmood to Tikolo, FOUR, outside off, wide, and a firm outside edge races through third man

Kenya 88/4   SO Tikolo 39* (41b 6x4)   SI Mahmood 6.3-0-27-1

Collingwood to Obuya, FOUR, and he stands tall, takes a heavy step down the ground and smites it with gross power past Collingwood for four

Kenya 94/4   CO Obuya 6* (10b 1x4)   PD Collingwood 4.3-0-19-1

Collingwood to Obuya, FOUR, have some of that. Again drifting into his pads, a clean, well-timed pick-up over midwicket gives him four. Well placed and extremely well timed too

Kenya 99/4   CO Obuya 10* (13b 2x4)   PD Collingwood 5-0-24-1

Panesar to Tikolo, FOUR, oh fine shot, crashing this one backward of square. Too short from Monty

Kenya 103/5   SO Tikolo 45* (49b 7x4)   MS Panesar 0.5-0-4-0

Panesar to Tikolo, FOUR, just short of a length, crashed behind square - too wide and it gets what it deserves. A big four.

Kenya 128/6   SO Tikolo 61* (73b 8x4)   MS Panesar 4.3-0-13-0

Panesar to Kamande, FOUR, a good shot from Kamande, sweeping that one fine. "Kamanding shot" arf-arfs Gnasho in the corner

Kenya 136/6   JK Kamande 9* (18b 1x4)   MS Panesar 5.3-0-19-0

Collingwood to Kamande, FOUR, drags that short and towards leg - Kamande doesn't miss out, picking that off at knee height and playing it through fine leg

Kenya 143/6   JK Kamande 15* (24b 2x4)   PD Collingwood 5.5-0-29-1





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