ICC World Cup, 1st Semi-Final: New Zealand v Sri Lanka at Kingston, Apr 24, 2007
ICC World Cup - 1st semi final
Sri Lanka won by 81 runs
Played at Sabina Park, Kingston, Jamaica (neutral venue)
24 April 2007 (50-over match)

Bond to Tharanga, FOUR, drifts down leg stump, and Tharanga neatly tickles it off the hips and picks up an easy four to fine leg, no swing whatsoever for Bond

Sri Lanka 9/0   WU Tharanga 6* (5b 1x4)   SE Bond 0.2-0-5-0

Bond to Tharanga, FOUR, again he strays down leg stump and again Tharanga tickles it fine, Franklin runs across and dives on the ropes but cant stop it, four more

Sri Lanka 13/0   WU Tharanga 10* (7b 2x4)   SE Bond 0.4-0-9-0

Franklin to Tharanga, FOUR, fullish outside off stump, he gets forward and plays it late, pushing in the gap at point and picking up four, positive shot

Sri Lanka 26/1   WU Tharanga 15* (16b 3x4)   JEC Franklin 3-0-13-1

Bond to Tharanga, FOUR, short of a length outside off stump again, his feet go nowhere as he plays at it away from his body, the ball speeds down to third man and beats the fielder's dive

Sri Lanka 32/1   WU Tharanga 19* (17b 4x4)   SE Bond 3-0-18-0

Oram to Sangakkara, FOUR, half-volley outside off stump, waits for it and just drives excellently past mid-off for four, lovely, off the middle of the bat, all timing

Sri Lanka 40/1   KC Sangakkara 11* (28b 1x4)   JDP Oram 1.2-0-8-0

Oram to Tharanga, FOUR, short of a length outside off stump, he stands and chases it, hitting on the up, and just manages to get it over a leaping backward point...very close!

Sri Lanka 51/1   WU Tharanga 29* (22b 5x4)   JDP Oram 2.2-0-16-0

Franklin to Tharanga, FOUR, short of a length outside off stump, there are no slips in place, so he stands leaden-footed and flashes the bat at it, and the ball flies away for four

Sri Lanka 56/1   WU Tharanga 34* (29b 6x4)   JEC Franklin 4.3-0-20-1

Franklin to Tharanga, FOUR, fullish outside off stump, he stands and drives at it, in no control of that shot whatsoever, driving on the up, but hes got enough on it to time it over Vettori at mid-off

Sri Lanka 62/1   WU Tharanga 40* (31b 7x4)   JEC Franklin 4.5-0-26-1

Oram to Sangakkara, FOUR, close! Uses the feet to come out, bowler fires it short and wide, he looks to pull out of the shot and just manages to jam bat onto it, and the inside-edge carries it to fine leg

Sri Lanka 66/1   KC Sangakkara 17* (38b 2x4)   JDP Oram 3.1-0-21-0

Franklin to Tharanga, FOUR, slightly wide, not that short but Tharanga latches on. Flashes that with timing and gets it past the diving point for a rasping four. He's stylish, he's confident and these are great signs for Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka 75/2   WU Tharanga 45* (42b 8x4)   JEC Franklin 7-1-31-2

Vettori to Tharanga, FOUR, that's finer and cuter and more effective. It's a delectable glide and runs away for four. 12 off the over, the highest of the innings so far. Tharanga on the move

Sri Lanka 99/2   WU Tharanga 63* (58b 9x4 1x6)   DL Vettori 2-0-13-0

Styris to Jayawardene, FOUR, short on off stump, and in a flash he whips into position and pulls behind square leg for four, lovely shot

Sri Lanka 135/3   DPMD Jayawardene 21* (48b 1x4)   SB Styris 0.2-0-6-0

Patel to Dilshan, FOUR, tossed up, quick and flat, he comes out of the box and cashes in on the width with a hard drive through the covers

Sri Lanka 160/4   TM Dilshan 6* (5b 1x4)   JS Patel 5.1-0-22-0

Vettori to Jayawardene, FOUR, quick and moving down leg stump, he uses the speed to nudge it around the corner and the ball speeds down to fine leg, all placement there

Sri Lanka 170/4   DPMD Jayawardene 36* (66b 2x4)   DL Vettori 9.3-0-48-1

Patel to Dilshan, FOUR, spins into him off a length, makes room and late cuts with enough on it to send it speeding down to third man

Sri Lanka 178/4   TM Dilshan 14* (11b 2x4)   JS Patel 6.3-0-31-0

Bond to Jayawardene, FOUR, short on the stumps, doesnt sit up at all, Jayawardene picks it early and pulls it in the gap behind square and the outfield does the rest once more

Sri Lanka 186/4   DPMD Jayawardene 45* (73b 3x4)   SE Bond 6.4-1-29-1

Patel to Jayawardene, FOUR, crackling loft, tossed up and Jayawardene stands tall and flicks it exquisitely in the midwicket gap for a four. He moved well across the stumps and nailed the gap. Not timed as well as he would have liked but the placement was crucial

Sri Lanka 203/4   DPMD Jayawardene 59* (83b 4x4)   JS Patel 8.1-0-44-0

Patel to Dilshan, FOUR, that's deft, very deft. Full and on off, Dilshan angles his bat beautifully and gets it past short third man for another four. Pump up the volume!

Sri Lanka 232/4   TM Dilshan 29* (25b 3x4)   JS Patel 9.5-0-61-0

Oram to Jayawardene, FOUR, awww! that would have got the purists purring, full and over-pitching, Mahela pushes forward and creams it wonderfully past cover for a boundary. Sweet as candy, he can strike them with class

Sri Lanka 238/5   DPMD Jayawardene 81* (94b 5x4 2x6)   JDP Oram 8.3-0-46-1

Franklin to Jayawardene, FOUR, tries for the full ball but it's just a good length ball wide of off, Jayawardene backs away and flashes and most effective flash. It's another four as the ball races away behind square

Sri Lanka 249/5   DPMD Jayawardene 88* (98b 6x4 2x6)   JEC Franklin 8.4-1-42-2

Franklin to Jayawardene, FOUR, timing, glorious. Used the pace of the bowler smartly. Outside off again and Mahela back-cuts it quite gorgeously for a four square of third man. This is an outstanding shot. Class showing here, and he has oodles of it

Sri Lanka 253/5   DPMD Jayawardene 92* (100b 7x4 2x6)   JEC Franklin 9-1-46-2

Bond to Arnold, FOUR, full and too straight, fine leg up and all Arnold has to do is turn those wrists and beat the fielder. Bond coming apart at the slog, Sri Lanka surging.

Sri Lanka 259/5   RP Arnold 7* (7b 1x4)   SE Bond 8.3-1-41-1

Oram to Jayawardene, FOUR, another cute shot and Mahela hurting them with silk here. Full on off and Mahela sweeps it past short fine leg for a delectable four.

Sri Lanka 265/5   DPMD Jayawardene 97* (102b 8x4 2x6)   JDP Oram 9.3-0-53-1

Oram to Jayawardene, FOUR, Crack! What a way to bring it up, wide and slightly short and he cuts it smoothly past point, bisecting the fielders on the boundary. He knows that's going for four and pumps his fists and jumps up in delight. This innings has been worth its weight in gold.

Sri Lanka 271/5   DPMD Jayawardene 103* (104b 9x4 2x6)   JDP Oram 9.5-0-59-1

Bond to Jayawardene, FOUR, too wide, too short and all Jayawardene needs to do is back away and flash, flash flash. Races away to the square boundary for yet another four.

Sri Lanka 276/5   DPMD Jayawardene 108* (106b 10x4 2x6)   SE Bond 9.1-1-46-1

Bond to Arnold, FOUR, it's raining fours now, Arnold flicks it past short fine leg, can't bowl length at this time and what on earth is fine leg doing in the circle? Four all the way

Sri Lanka 288/5   RP Arnold 13* (13b 2x4)   SE Bond 9.5-1-58-1





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