ICC World Cup, 2nd Semi-Final: Australia v South Africa at Gros Islet, Apr 25, 2007
ICC World Cup - 2nd semi final
Australia won by 7 wickets (with 111 balls remaining)
Played at Beausejour Stadium, Gros Islet, St Lucia (neutral venue)
25 April 2007 (50-over match)

Tait to de Villiers, FOUR, Tait opens with a bouncer at 88mph, and it's almost as if de Villiers has been sent advanced notice, he's on it so fast and hammers that over midwicket


Tait to de Villiers, no run, fired in at almost 93mph and de Villiers blocks off the back foot


Tait to de Villiers, no run, slower ball - 91.9mph - and de Villiers is almost early on the attempted pull. It did keep low outside off ...


Tait to de Villiers, no run, short - another 90mph+ delivery - and de Villiers sways back just in case


Tait to de Villiers, OUT, full, de Villiers drives with no foot movement, and a thick kick carries straight to Gilchrist. A fourth delivery over 90mph, a good mixture of length, and now South Africa are up against it

AB de Villiers c †Gilchrist b Tait 15 (39m 34b 3x4 0x6) SR: 44.11


Tait to Prince, no run, right back and drops the ball at his feet

South Africa 26/3   SW Tait 1-0-4-1

Tait to Gibbs, no run, and another! But Bucknor doesn't raise his finger. A fierce inswinger as Gibbs goes right back, inside edges it to Gilchrist who tumbles to his left but...Bucknor refuses to raise his finger


Tait to Gibbs, FOUR, and he crashes this on the front foot but it's just wide of the lone slip - and I reiterate, there's just one slip in there


Tait to Gibbs, FOUR, fabulous shot. The most textbook of cover drives, creaming it on the front foot through extra cover


Tait to Gibbs, no run, ooh well bowled, Tait, cutting this back into Gibbs who is back into his crease - rather late on it - defending off the back foot


Tait to Gibbs, no run, shorter this time from Tait, and he grunts in doing so, forcing Gibbs back into his crease and he defends off the back foot


Tait to Gibbs, no run, very well bowled from Tait, who has so far been far from the scattergun. In fact, he's been sniper-like: a 93.4mph (150ish kph) inswinger which Gibbs is very late on, nudging it to leg

South Africa 35/5   SW Tait 2-0-12-1

Tait to Kemp, 1 leg bye, Another prehistoric grunt from Tait as he flings this down - but it's a little too straight and worked off his pads


Tait to Gibbs, FOUR, outside off, Gibbs plants his foot and slashes it over the slips - not far off at all


Tait to Gibbs, no run, ah, very good comeback from Tait just pitching it up a smidgen more; Gibbs, looking a little terrified in fact, is back in his crease and defending it without great conviction


Tait to Gibbs, 1 run, oh hello, a Tait slower ball. That's new - or at least, I've not seen it much before. Gibbs reads it, though, and on the front foot neatly guides it down to third man with surprising deftness


Tait to Kemp, 5 wides, oh dear, Tait's replaced his sniper rifle with the greater-spotted potato gun. This is miles down the leg side and Gilchrist doesn't have a chance


Tait to Kemp, no run, on off stump this time, much better, and it's firmly defended


Tait to Kemp, no run, cracking ball, at high pace, swinging into the right hander who digs it out at the very last moment. A yorker, in fact

South Africa 47/5   SW Tait 3-0-22-1

Tait to Gibbs, no run, grunts that one in at the righthander, up there outside off, and that's driven into the covers with a bark of a "Wait!"


Tait to Gibbs, no run, bouncer, straight and high. Tait follows through with a serious look on his face - he means more business here all right


Tait to Gibbs, FOUR, outside off, way too much width and Gibbs just opens his shoulders and swings hard, and that one flies up off the base of the bat behind point, not quite where he intended it, but it fair raced away


Tait to Gibbs, no run, pushes him back up there to defend into the covers


Tait to Gibbs, OUT, got him this time! A very, very thin edge - much thinner than the one which wasn't given earlier, also to Tait - looking for the short-pitched delivery. His feet were just rooted in the crease there as he chased the ball away from his body

HH Gibbs c †Gilchrist b Tait 39 (77m 49b 6x4 0x6) SR: 79.59


Tait to Hall, no run, good pace, right up there and scattering a cloud of dust as Hall edges that low, on the front foot, and unconvincingly down towards the slip region

South Africa 87/6   SW Tait 4-0-26-2

Tait to Hall, no run, awkward bounce to deal with that one, but Hall stays cool as ever defending down off the back foot


Tait to Hall, 1 run, gets his yorker line all wrong, and that's worked off the toes out to Mr Hussey-Cricket on the deep square boundary and he does a slide and relay with McGrath


Tait to Kemp, no run, left alone outside off this time


Tait to Kemp, no run, better yorker this time, obviously the length was right as before, but this time it was on the toes and that's just defended forward


Tait to Kemp, no run, bouncer down the channel and Kemp leaves that one alone


Tait to Kemp, no run, another bouncer, straight, and that's well avoided

South Africa 90/6   SW Tait 5-0-27-2

Tait to Hall, OUT, and Tait strikes again! Hall looked to lash that off the back foot through cover, but his feet must have been dipped in the same tub of superglue as Gibbs's as he strikes at the ball away from the body and a thickish edge rips through. Gilchrist makes no mistake

AJ Hall c †Gilchrist b Tait 3 (14m 8b 0x4 0x6) SR: 37.50


Tait to Pollock, no run, oh, Pollock was lucky to survive there, this one nipping back in off the seam and Pollock doing his valiant best to give Gilchrist another catching opportunity - but failed to get hold of it


Tait to Pollock, no run, right up there and that's poked into the covers. A bit of shuffling from Hogg in his sunhat as he takes his time to throw down the stumps. It looked in, and replays quickly confirmed it was


Tait to Pollock, 1 run, bouncer crashes into Pollock's gloves at just-crouching height - Pollock did well to shield his body there, but he's not looking comfortable


Tait to Kemp, no run, plays that away from his body, poking it down to gully off the back foot


Tait to Kemp, no run, more grunting from Tait, and that's up there, defended just outside off and just in front of yorker length

South Africa 94/7   SW Tait 6-0-28-3

Tait to Kemp, no run, outside off and that's swished at off the back foot. Little foot movement, his turn to borrow the team glue


Tait to Kemp, no run, left alone outside off this time


Tait to Kemp, FOUR, on leg and that's tucked tidily round off the hips, very fine, through fine leg. Awful ball, got the treatment


Tait to Kemp, no run, outside off and the batsman stands there like he's on the piste and about to fence at it - in the end, he stops with his bat suspended in the "Bat up!" position of coaching days of yore


Tait to Kemp, no run, defended on the front foot


Tait to Kemp, 1 wide, down leg and that's accurately called wide


Tait to Kemp, no run, slightly slower ball, up there, and that's defended down

South Africa 99/7   SW Tait 7-0-33-3

Tait to Kemp, no run, on a length outside off and that nips back in, defended down


Tait to Kemp, 1 wide, Tait flies into bowl, that lovely rhythm ending in a muscly delivery as ever - but all that effort goes to waste as this one is wide down off


Tait to Kemp, 1 run, changed his angle of approach ever so slightly, that's right up there on the money but poked forward for a quick single; good running


Tait to Nel, no run, too quick for Nel who, like a spotty boy in a disco, aims a desperate - and futile - lunge at that one


Tait to Nel, 1 wide, wide down off


Tait to Nel, no run, outside off and that's poked into the ground at the last minute - Nel again not really dealing with the pace


Tait to Nel, no run, outside off and that's driven off the back foot in front of point


Tait to Nel, no run, up there, the usual grunt, on off, and that's defended into the covers

South Africa 122/8   SW Tait 8-0-36-3

Tait to Kemp, 1 run, on leg and that's driven out to McGrath at mid-on


Tait to Nel, no run, up there again, a yorker on off stick, and that's bumped into the ground


Tait to Nel, no run, on leg, slower delivery, and that's prodded into mid-on


Tait to Nel, no run, attempted bouncer, doesn't lift as much as he would expected, chest height nonetheless and that kicks through down the channel


Tait to Nel, no run, swing there, and that's dug out into the covers


Tait to Nel, no run, driven forward and that rounds off another stifling over

South Africa 124/8   SW Tait 9-0-37-3

Tait to Nel, OUT, short and wide, slashed high to backward point who backpeddled and took an easy catch above his head

A Nel c Clarke b Tait 8 (45m 41b 1x4 0x6) SR: 19.51


Tait to Kemp, no run, slower ball - if you can describe 81mph as slower - and Langeveldt into line to block


Tait to Kemp, no run, faster and a bit shorter, Langeveldt sways out of the way. It probably would have missed him anyway


Tait to Kemp, no run, full, Langeveldt winds up and drives the ball to Hogg at mid-off


Tait to Kemp, 1 wide, Tait loses his bearings and spears one down the leg side


Tait to Kemp, no run, full and this time on target, Kemp defends


Tait to Kemp, 1 run, quite deliberately and safely steered down to third man. Kemp keeps the strike

South Africa 132/9   SW Tait 10-0-39-4





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