ICC World Cup, Final: Australia v Sri Lanka at Bridgetown, Apr 28, 2007
Australia won by 53 runs (D/L method)
Played at Kensington Oval, Bridgetown, Barbados (neutral venue)
28 April 2007 (50-over match)

Jayasuriya to Symonds, 1 run, Jayasuriya fires that flat and fast into off stump, Symonds goes on the back foot and drives to long off


Jayasuriya to Symonds, 1 run, full toss outside off, Symonds thumps it down the ground for a single, it all seems rather quiet now that Gilchrist is out

Australia 231/2   A Symonds 2* (2b)

Fernando to Symonds, no run, Fernando finds the blockhole outside off stump, Symonds squeezes it towards cover on the front foot


Fernando to Symonds, 1 run, lucky break for Symonds, he tried to heave it down the ground but got an inside edge past the stumps and down to fine leg


Fernando to Symonds, 1 run, tight line from Fernando, keeping it on a good length outside off stump, Symonds drives to mid off for one more

Australia 237/2   A Symonds 4* (5b)

Jayasuriya to Symonds, 1 run, Symonds jumps down the track and hammers a full toss back past Jayasuriya, it technically was a catch but you'd have to be extremely brave to try to catch that


Jayasuriya to Symonds, FOUR, effortless from Symonds, he steps down the track again, gets to the pitch of the ball and hits through the line, he lofts that clean back over the bowler's head, superb placement


Jayasuriya to Symonds, no run, defended to midwicket, that was very quick from Jayasuriya and in the blockhole


Jayasuriya to Symonds, no run, another one in the blockhole, that's two yorkers in a row, Symonds drives this to cover


Jayasuriya to Symonds, no run, flat and fast outside off stump, Symonds pulls out the reverse sweep but can't beat short fine leg

Australia 243/2   A Symonds 9* (10b 1x4)

Malinga to Symonds, FOUR, streaky stuff but Symonds will take it, he gets his front foot out of the way and tries to loft it over cover, the outside edge flies down to the third man fence, Malinga winces


Malinga to Symonds, 1 run, full and fast, homing in on middle and leg stump, Symonds plays it through midwicket


Malinga to Symonds, 1 run, Malinga strays on to the pads once more, dangerous line while fine leg is in the circle, Symonds flicks off his toes but straight to the man at fine leg

Australia 257/2   A Symonds 15* (13b 2x4)

Vaas to Symonds, 1 run, full and straight on off and middle stump, Symonds backs away and drives to long off for one


Vaas to Symonds, OUT, direct hit runs out Ponting! Symonds stepped down to a full toss and hit it hard to Jayawardene at cover, he called for the single and Ponting responded, Jayawardene took his time, aimed the throw at the batsman's end and hit the stumps, Ponting didn't wait for the umpire's decision, he was short by a long way

RT Ponting run out 37 (53m 42b 1x4 1x6) SR: 88.09


Vaas to Symonds, 2 runs, sloppy stuff from Malinga who dives over Symond's paddle-sweep at short fine leg to allow the batsman two runs when there should have been just one or ideally none

Australia 264/3   A Symonds 18* (16b 2x4)

Malinga to Symonds, 1 run, screaming yorker from Malinga, Symonds jabs down at it in the nick of time and sneaks a single towards cover

Australia 268/4   A Symonds 19* (17b 2x4)

Fernando to Symonds, 1 run, full and straight, very hard to hit, Symonds drives down to long off for a single


Fernando to Symonds, (no ball) 1 run, excellent yorker from Fernando but he's overstepped


Fernando to Symonds, 1 run, short ball, that was the slower bouncer once again, Symonds pulls it with one hand to midwicket


Fernando to Symonds, 1 run, excellent ball to finish, the yorker homes in on leg stump, Symonds backs away and digs it out, they run a single to short fine leg to finish tthe innings

Australia 281/4   A Symonds 23* (21b 2x4)





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Hours of play (local time) 12.15 start, First Session 12.15-14.55. Interval 14.55-15.05, Second Session 15.05-17.45

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