ICC World Cricket League Championship, 18th Match: Kenya v Ireland at Mombasa, Feb 20, 2012
Ireland won by 117 runs
20 February 2012 (50-over match)

JO Ngoche to Porterfield, OUT, swings but misses and he is caght behind

WTS Porterfield c †DO Obuya b JO Ngoche 14 (17m 19b 2x4 0x6) SR: 73.68

Ireland 31/1   PR Stirling 11* (17b 1x4)   JO Ngoche 3-0-10-1

SO Ngoche to Stirling, OUT, he moves back and gentlly cuts to patels hands at point

PR Stirling c Patel b SO Ngoche 23 (31m 25b 2x4 1x6) SR: 92.00

Ireland 46/2   AR Cusack 2* (8b)   SO Ngoche 1.4-0-13-1

Varaiya to Cusack, OUT, super length that moves him back and gets him trapped lbw

AR Cusack lbw b Varaiya 2 (11m 11b 0x4 0x6) SR: 18.18

Ireland 48/3   EC Joyce 2* (4b)   HA Varaiya 1.5-0-3-1

Varaiya to Wilson, OUT, good that beats him and turns right to off stamp

GC Wilson b Varaiya 17 (39m 30b 2x4 0x6) SR: 56.66

Ireland 76/4   EC Joyce 13* (34b 1x4)   HA Varaiya 6.5-0-23-2

Patel to O'Brien, OUT, looks for a big one but misses and patel traps him lbw

KJ O'Brien lbw b Patel 19 (46m 37b 2x4 0x6) SR: 51.35

Ireland 126/5   EC Joyce 43* (82b 3x4)   RR Patel 6-0-18-1

Varaiya to Joyce, OUT, He attempts a lofted drive over mid-wicket but only succeeds in finding the waiting hands of James Ngoche

EC Joyce c JO Ngoche b Varaiya 88 (149m 125b 5x4 3x6) SR: 70.40

Ireland 209/6   AR White 28* (33b 2x4)   HA Varaiya 9.4-0-42-3

SO Ngoche to White, OUT, That one spins away from White and it takes the thinnest of edges and David Obuya does the rest

AR White c †DO Obuya b SO Ngoche 28 (56m 34b 2x4 0x6) SR: 82.35

Ireland 213/7   JF Mooney 4* (2b 1x4)   SO Ngoche 9.1-0-40-2

Odhiambo to Johnston, OUT

DT Johnston run out 3 (7m 4b 0x4 0x6) SR: 75.00

Ireland 224/8   JF Mooney 12* (6b 1x4 1x6)   NN Odhiambo 7.3-0-39-0

Aga to Mooney, 1 run, OUT

WB Rankin run out 1 (2m 1b 0x4 0x6) SR: 100.00

Ireland 228/9   JF Mooney 14* (8b 1x4 1x6)   RG Aga 0.1-0-1-0





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Hours of play (local time) 09.30 start, First Session 09.30-13.00, Interval 13.00-13.45, Second Session 13.45-17.15

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