West Indies beat England in the final to get their second World Cup trophy
West Indies beat England in the final to get their second World Cup trophy © Patrick Eagar

World Cup -1979

The Richards Cup

Another World Cup, same winner. West Indies steamrolled their way to a successive world title on the back of some destructive batting (and bowling) from their No. 3. Australia picked a team of mostly unknowns, thanks to the Packer affair, though West Indies and Pakistan included their rebels. The final featured a brilliant hundred from Richards, an even more brilliant 86 from Collis King, and a destructive five-for from Joel Garner.

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Player Mat Runs HS Ave SR
CG Greenidge (WI) 4 253 106* 84.33 62.31
IVA Richards (WI) 4 217 138* 108.50 74.06
GA Gooch (Eng) 5 210 71 52.50 63.82
GM Turner (NZ) 4 176 83* 88.00 56.05
JG Wright (NZ) 4 166 69 41.50 50.00
Player Mat Wkts BBI Ave Econ
M Hendrick (Eng) 5 10 4/15 14.90 2.66
BJ McKechnie (NZ) 4 9 3/24 15.66 3.07
Asif Iqbal (Pak) 4 9 4/56 17.44 3.34
CM Old (Eng) 5 9 4/8 17.44 2.70
MA Holding (WI) 4 8 4/33 13.25 2.58
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Who is the only bowler to have taken a five-for in a World Cup final?

a. Glenn McGrath b. Wasim Akram c. Joel Garner

The last over of the innings was bowled by Mike Hendrick, whose 11 previous ones had cost 36. Mike Brearley, England's captain, had almost everyone back on the ropes as Hendrick ran in to bowl the final delivery. "I had sussed with his long-off and long-on back that it would be fullish to allow me one or two," Viv Richards recalled. "It was the correct ball, much fuller but slightly off the line, and I stepped to the off side and flicked it. I left the field thinking, 'That shot is my invention.'"

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