The scoreboard says it all: The haunting image of the 1992 World Cup
The scoreboard says it all: The haunting image of the 1992 World Cup © Patrick Eagar

World Cup -1992

Colourful cricket, and
that rain rule

South Africa were welcomed into the World Cup but there began a lifetime of heartbreak. Here they lost the semi-final to England after it came down to them needing 24 off 1 ball as per the rain rule in existence at that time. It was also the first World Cup for coloured clothing, floodlights, and fielding restrictions in the first 15 overs. But it will forever be remembered for the spectacular efforts of Imran Khan and his "cornered tigers"...

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Player Mat Runs HS Ave SR
MD Crowe (NZ) 9 456 100* 114.00 90.83
Javed Miandad (Pak) 9 437 89 62.42 62.60
PN Kirsten (SA) 8 410 90 68.33 66.55
DC Boon (Aus) 8 368 100 52.57 68.91
Rameez Raja (Pak) 8 349 119* 58.16 64.74
Player Mat Wkts BBI Ave Econ
Wasim Akram (Pak) 10 18 4/32 18.77 3.76
IT Botham (Eng) 10 16 4/31 19.12 3.43
Mushtaq Ahmed (Pak) 9 16 3/41 19.43 3.98
CZ Harris (NZ) 9 16 3/15 21.37 4.73
EA Brandes (Zim) 8 14 4/21 25.35 5.05
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What happened off the first legal ball of the 1992 World Cup?

a. Offspinner Dipak Patel bowled it b. John Wright was bowled by McDermott c. Rod Latham retired hurt

The human missile Jonty Rhodes produced one of the defining moments of the tournament. Sprinting in from a fairly deep backward point, he swooped on the ball, picked it up with his right hand and charged towards the wicket even as Inzamam-ul-Haq desperately tried to return. Rhodes threw himself, feet in the air and body parallel to the ground, and razed all three stumps to the ground. Inzamam was marginally short of the crease, and for a moment South Africa had Superman in their line-up...

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