Caribbean delight: The era of West Indian domination was marked by their victory in the inaugural World Cup
Caribbean delight: The era of West Indian domination was marked by their victory in the inaugural World Cup © PA Photos

World Cup - 1975

West Indies victory heralds a new era

One-day cricket was in its infancy when the first World Cup was played and players were still getting used to its faster pace - remember Gavaskar's 36 in 60 overs? But not the West Indians, who took to it like ducks to water. However, they nearly came unstuck against Pakistan before being rescued by their last-wicket pair, then hammered Australia and eased past New Zealand in the semis. The final, against Australia again, could have been close if it wasn't for Viv Richards' ability to keep running out the opposition batsmen.

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Player Mat Runs HS Ave SR
GM Turner (NZ) 4 333 171* 166.50 68.51
DL Amiss (Eng) 4 243 137 60.75 84.37
Majid Khan (Pak) 3 209 84 69.66 75.45
KWR Fletcher (Eng) 4 207 131 69.00 69.23
A Turner (Aus) 5 201 101 40.20 77.60
Player Mat Wkts BBI Ave Econ
GJ Gilmour (Aus) 2 11 6/14 5.63 2.58
BD Julien (WI) 5 10 4/20 17.70 2.95
KD Boyce (WI) 5 10 4/50 18.50 3.55
DR Hadlee (NZ) 4 8 3/21 20.25 3.52
AME Roberts (WI) 5 8 3/39 20.62 2.91
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The East Africa side comprised players from four countries - Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and which other nation?

a. Zambia b. Mozambique c. Zimbabwe

Richards runs out three Thanks to a brilliant hundred from Clive Lloyd, West Indies posted 291 in the final. In reply, Australia were in a good position on 162 for 3 with 21 overs remaining. Ian Chappell pushed the ball to the left of midwicket and started off for a run, but realising it was Viv Richards lurking, hesitated. Richards fumbled, and Chappell started again, this time committed. Even though the ball went no more than three of four yards, Richards, lithe and powerful, swooped, turned and fired in an exocet three feet above the stumps

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