• 1. Who bowled the first ball of the World Cup?
    a. Madan Lal b. John Snow c. Tony Grieg d. Abid Ali
  • 2. How many ODIs had been played before the 1975 World Cup?
    a. 46 b. 8 c. 18 d. 0
  • 3. What was the prize money on offer for the winners of the tournament?
    a. £ 40,000 b. £ 4000 c. £ 14000 d. £ 0
  • 4. "I asked myself, 'Why the hell did I not walk the second ball?'" Who said this and when?
    a. Sunil Gavaskar during his infamous 36* against England b. Duleep Mendis after being hit on the head by a Jeff Thomson bouncer c. Tony Greig on the tricky Headingley pitch for the semi-final, where 16 wickets fell for 142 runs d. East Africa opener Frasat Ali, who struggled for a 17-ball duck against John Snow and Peter Lever
  • 5. The East Africa side comprised players from four countries: Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and which other nation?
    a. Zambia b. Mozambique c. Zimbabwe d. Somalia
  • 6. Which West Indian batsman trod onto his stumps after hooking Dennis Lillee for six in the final?
    a. Rohan Kanhai b. Gordon Greenidge c. Alvin Kallicharan d. Roy Fredericks
  • 7. When Clive Lloyd was carting the bowling around in the final, Rohan Kanhai was his more patient partner. What was Kanhai's longest scoreless spell during the partnership?
    a. 2 overs b. 17 overs c. 11 overs d. 6 overs
  • 8. 'I make it about 17,' Dennis Lillee said after being asked how many runs he and Jeff Thomson had taken during a crowd invasion during the final. How many were they actually awarded?
    a. 17 b. 2 c. 0 d. 4
  • 9. Australia's Gary Gilmour took 11 wickets in the semi-final and final. How many more one-dayers did he play?
    a. 124 b. 63 c. 3 d. 1
  • 10. In a tournament was dominated by fast bowlers, Sri Lanka's Somachandra de Silva was the most successful spin bowler. How many wickets did he take?
    a. 8 b. 6 c. 4 d. 2