• 1.  Which team scored what was the lowest score in ODI cricket in one of the games of the 1979 World Cup?
    a. Indiab. Sri Lankac. Canadad. Pakistan
  • 2.  Which Test-playing nation failed to win a game in the competition?
    a. Sri Lankab. Australiac. Englandd. India
  • 3.  Who played his last ODI in this tournament and finished with a five-for?
    a. Mike Hendrickb. Bishen Bedic. Alan Hurstd. Gary Cosier
  • 4.  Who took a five-for in the World Cup final of 1979?
    a. Dennis Lilleeb. Joel Garnerc. Michael Holdingd. Colin Croft
  • 5.  Whom did Clive Lloyd drop in the final, which led to some experts quipping it was deliberate?
    a. Geoff Boycottb. Mike Brearleyc. Ian Bothamd. David Gower
  • 6.  Which team conceded 15 extras in a low-scoring game that they lost by 14 runs?
    a. Indiab. Sri Lankac. Pakistand. Australia
  • 7.  Who conceded fewer runs than the number of overs he bowled in one of the games, and also took half as many wickets as runs conceded?
    a. Bob Willisb. Joel Garnerc. Alan Hurstd. Chris Old
  • 8.  In a thrilling game between England and Pakistan, who took a brilliant catch to dismiss the final wicket?
    a. Mike Hendrickb. Ian Bothamc. Bob Taylord. Graham Gooch
  • 9.  Which pair was involved in the highest partnership for any wicket in the tournament?
    a. Gordon Greenidge and Desmond Haynesb. Mike Brearley and Graham Goochc. Zaheer Abbas and Majid Khand. Viv Richards and Collis King
  • 10.  Who among these non-wicketkeepers took the most catches in the tournament?
    a. Viv Richardsb. Asif Iqbalc. Roy Diasd. Clive Lloyd