• 1.  Who had the most expensive bowling figures in the tournament?
    a. Martin Sneddenb. Roger Binnyc. Mohinder Amarnathd. Winston Davis
  • 2.  Who was the top-scorer in the final?
    a. Viv Richardsb. Desmond Haynesc. Kris Srikkanthd. Mohinder Amarnath
  • 3.  Where did India record their first win against West Indies in the tournament?
    a. Lord'sb. Trent Bridgec. Headingleyd. Old Trafford
  • 4.  Who had the best bowling figures in the tournament?
    a. Malcolm Marshallb. Kapil Devc. Winston Davisd. Roger Binny
  • 5.  The largest margin of victory in terms of runs in the tournament was 162 runs. Who played the game?
    a. Australia and New Zealandb. Australia and Indiac. India and Zimbabwed. England and Pakistan
  • 6.  Who was the highest wicket-taker in the tournament?
    a. Madan Lalb. Dennis Lilleec. Roger Binnyd. Malcolm Marshall
  • 7.  Who bowled the most economical full spell in the tournament?
    a. Mohinder Amarnathb. Imran Khanc. Bob Willisd. Somachandra de Silva
  • 8.  Who made the most 50-plus scores in the tournament?
    a. Graeme Fowlerb. Javed Miandadc. Larry Gomesd. Greg Chappell
  • 9.  Which of these batsmen averaged the highest in the tournament?
    a. Viv Richardsb. Allan Lambc. Zaheer Abbasd. David Gower
  • 10.  Which of these pairs put on the biggest batting partnership in the tournament?
    a. Gordon Greenidge and Desmond Haynesb. Gordon Greenidge and Larry Gomesc. Viv Richards and Larry Gomesd. Kapil Dev and Syed Kirmani