• 1.  Who had the most expensive bowling figures in the tournament?
    a. Danny Morrisonb. Courtney Walshc. Ashantha de Meld. Winston Benjamin
  • 2.  Who was the top-scorer in the final?
    a. Mike Velettab. David Boonc. Alan Borderd. Mike Gatting
  • 3.  At which venue did Australia beat India by one run?
    a. Madrasb. Lahorec. Calcuttad. Delhi
  • 4.  Who had the best bowling figures in the tournament?
    a. Malcolm Marshallb. Wasim Akramc. Steve Waughd. Craig McDermott
  • 5.  What was the largest margin of victory in terms of runs in the tournament?
    a. 165b. 191c. 123d. 134
  • 6.  Who took the most wickets in this World Cup?
    a. Imran Khanb. Patrick Pattersonc. Maninder Singhd. Craig McDermott
  • 7.  Who hit the most sixes in an innings in the 1987 World Cup?
    a. Viv Richardsb. Dave Houghtonc. Navjot Sidhud. Allan Lamb
  • 8.  Who had the most scores of 50-plus in the tournament?
    a. Viv Richardsb. Arjuna Ranatungac. David Boond. Graham Gooch
  • 9.  Who had the best average in the tournament?
    a. David Boonb. Viv Richardsc. Arjuna Ranatungad. Allan Border
  • 10.  Which of these pairs shared the highest batting partnership in the tournament?
    a. Viv Richards and Richie Richardsonb. Kris Srikkanth and Sunil Gavaskarc. Ramiz Raja and Salim Malikd. Desmond Haynes and Viv Richards