• 1.  In 1992, against which team did Pakistan record their lowest score in World Cup history?
    a. Englandb. Australiac. South Africad. West Indies
  • 2.  What happened on the first legitimate delivery of the tournament?
    a. Rod Latham was hit on the head and retired hurtb. Mark Greatbatch was run out backing up at the non-striker's endc. John Wright was bowled by Craig McDermottd. Dipak Patel, an offspinner, bowled it
  • 3.  Which South African bowler decimated West Indies with a spell of 4 for 11 that helped skittle them for 136?
    a. Brian McMillanb. Allan Donaldc. Richard Snelld. Meyrick Pringle
  • 4.  How many wickets fell in the 50-over match between West Indies and Pakistan at the MCG?
    a. 4b. 2c. 5d. 3
  • 5.  Which player did not bat, bowl or field on ODI debut?
    a. Ajay Jadejab. Andy Flowerc. Ruwan Kalpaged. Grant Flower
  • 6.  There were four major innovations in the playing conditions in the 1992 World Cup - coloured clothing, floodlights, fielding restrictions and which other?
    a. The third umpireb. Two white balls were used, one from either endc. The Duckworth-Lewis methodd. Both 2 and 3
  • 7.  In the final, England's XI had players born in all but one of the countries below. Which one?
    a. Dominicab. Kenyac. Jamaicad. Guyana
  • 8.  What happened for the first time in World Cups during the South Africa-Zimbabwe match in Canberra? The same thing happened again nearly a week later in the Pakistan-New Zealand game.
    a. The rain rule was appliedb. Extras was the top-scorer in one team's inningsc. The top-scorer in each innings retired hurtd. The opening bowlers took all the wickets in the first innings
  • 9.  Which two batsmen were at the crease for the final ball of the semi-final between South Africa and England?
    a. Dave Richardson and Brian McMillanb. Dave Richardson and Peter Kirstenc. Peter Kirsten and Brian McMilland. Jonty Rhodes and Craig Matthews
  • 10.  Who kept wicket for New Zealand against England in Wellington because Ian Smith had a migraine?
    a. John Wrightb. Mark Greatbatchc. Andrew Jonesd. Ken Rutherford