• 1.  Who hit the winning run in the final?
    a. Mark Waughb. Steve Waughc. Ricky Pontingd. Darren Lehmann
  • 2.  Who was the top scorer at the World Cup?
    a. Ricky Pontingb. Saeed Anwarc. Rahul Dravidd. Steve Waugh
  • 3.  Who was the only bowler to grab a hat-trick in the tournament?
    a. Saqlain Mushtaqb. Damien Flemingc. Geoff Allottd. Glenn McGrath
  • 4.  Who hit 10 sixes in the tournament - the most by any player?
    a. Moin Khanb. Lance Klusenerc. Chris Cairnsd. Shahid Afridi
  • 5.  Who was the fielder at mid-off when Lance Klusener attempted that fatal run in the semi-final against Australia?
    a. Ricky Pontingb. Darren Lehmannc. Paul Reiffeld. Mark Waugh
  • 6.  Who was New Zealand's highest run-getter in the competition?
    a. Roger Twoseb. Stephen Flemingc. Matt Horned. Nathan Astle
  • 7.  Against which team did Sachin Tendulkar not make an appearance for India?
    a. Australiab. Zimbabwec. Englandd. Pakistan
  • 8.  Which Test-playing nation played in the only match in the competition staged outside the UK?
    a. South Africab. West Indiesc. Sri Lankad. New Zealand
  • 9.  Who scored a half-century in his final ODI appearance; it was also his team's last game of the World Cup?
    a. Roshan Mahanamab. Neil Fairbrotherc. Phil Simmonsd. Arjuna Ranatunga
  • 10.  Who made his debut in the tournament and then went on to get a century against India in an ODI in a game in South East Asia?
    a. Neil Johnsonb. Stuart Williamsc. Ricardo Powelld. Chris Gayle