West Indies v Australia, 1st Test, Bridgetown, 5th day

Darren Sammy's own goal

ESPNcricinfo presents the Plays of the Day from the fifth day of the first Test between West Indies and Australia in Barbados

Daniel Brettig at Kensington Oval

April 11, 2012

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Darren Sammy watches the ball deflect on to his stumps, West Indies v Australia, 1st Test, Barbados, 5th day, April 11, 2012
Darren Sammy contributed to his own demise by kicking the ball on to his stumps © AFP

Drop of the day

Darren Sammy played with a good degree of sense early in his stay, but on 12 he tried to loft Peter Siddle down the ground and picked out Nathan Lyon, stationed a handful of metres in from the boundary at long on. Michael Clarke's field placement was precise, Lyon barely having to move. But the ball's trajectory was a little flat, and Lyon allowed it to burst through his reverse-cupped hands. Australia's players had dropped numerous catches across the match, but none as straightforward as this.

Assist of the day

Lyon was left alone with his apprehensive thoughts for the next three overs, wondering if he had not only dropped Sammy, but the match as well. Siddle was replaced by Shane Watson, who in his second over maintained a knack for critical wickets. Sammy played a short of a length ball defensively, but was late enough to have it spinning and screwing back threateningly towards the stumps. In an instant Sammy tried to kick it away, but his boot served only to ensure the ball would break the stumps and send him on his way. Among English Premier League strikers, Chelsea's less than prolific Fernando Torres would have empathised with Sammy's misfortune.

Placement of the day

A slow pitch has necessitated plenty of creative fields across the match, and when Kemar Roach faced up to Watson, Clarke posted two men close on the legside, virtually within touching distance of each other. Gaining some reverse swing back into Roach, Watson was clearly bowling for the catch, and Roach obliged by pushing one such delivery in the general direction of the two fielders. But Roach's placement was charmed - or extremely deft - and the tiniest of gaps was bisected in a manner that Brian Lara would have been proud of. Watson could only grimace at his misfortune, having hatched the plan but watched it fail by centimetres.

Signal of the day

When Australia crawled to 61 for 1 at tea in their pursuit of 192, Kensington Oval's spectators sat pensively, wondering how the final session would pan out. Ed Cowan in particular had shown little interest in scoring, seeming to lay a platform for the chase but also struggling for timing on a slow and deteriorating surface. However his first ball after the interval indicated that Australia would, beyond all doubt, be pursuing the target. Delivered straight and short of a length by Darren Sammy, it arrived in a spot Cowan had been quite happy to block before tea. After it, he swung with intent, pulling to the square leg fence and notching his first boundary. It had the same effect as a bell sounding to resume a fight.

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Posted by Rishabh.Mehta on (April 12, 2012, 6:53 GMT)

It was a brilliant game of cricket i would say...... one thing is sure Australia didnt won the game .... actually Windies Lost it....... Why on earth when the light is fading away and it was pitch dark, i would give the bowl to the Spinner... no matter who the spinner is but it is very easy to hit the spinner as westindies grounds are so small.... That deonarine over was the turning point or else match would have ended in a draw.... Other thing when it was so dark why was Roach not bowling short balls...one ball he bowled short and it yeilded him a wicket..... Nothing to take away from Sammy... he has been brilliant as a player and Captain but these are common sense and it should have prevailed. I am an Indian and was awake till 3.30 in the night to see the match but was shattered with some captaincy calls Sammy took.... it shud have been a drwan match....

Posted by OutCast on (April 12, 2012, 5:19 GMT)

What I hate is people fail to congratulate a real winner, and instead they find fault on losing side. Australia was theoretically out of this game by day 3 lunch, but they just hung in there- brave Harris put together a wonderful clinique that saw Aus just behind WI. Clarke took a calculated declaration and put together a superb bowling that saw the windies in the wind.. again, they started the chase with calm and ease. they went chasing beautifully after tea in fading light- not to mention how many times WI was trying to kill time by meeting in between deliveries, taking too much time to arrange field setting, fake run ups and so on. Pollard is Kaluwitharana- they both are good for ODI pinch hitting but neither is a good smart cricketer.can someone tell me how many times Pollard made successive 50's in ODIs? How many 100's he has? Pollard found some fake glory thru IPL and its listless bowling attacks.. WI played the BEST IX sans Rampaul, Aus played w/out Cummins too- THAT'S CRICKET

Posted by simonviller on (April 12, 2012, 5:15 GMT)

The one good thing here ,is that no one on here can influence the selection of the team ,otherwise we would have to pick two teams . Now pray tell ,why would someone suggest leaving out K. Edwards for Bravo ,OR DEONARINE FOR SAMUELS who has been such a poor performer since his return ? If WI WERE A BANK ,Samuels would have lost his credit rating years ago ,for the runs which he owes . This guy is just lucky plain and simple . I think as well that Bravo thrives on more promises than any one else ;the only thing is that Bravo is a better athlete .

Posted by landl47 on (April 12, 2012, 5:12 GMT)

While it's easy to pick holes in the performances and/or ability of some of the players in this game, the fact is that everybody put in maximum effort and the result was a great test match. You can't ask for more than that.

Posted by Sinhaya on (April 12, 2012, 4:45 GMT)

@jupiterlaw, you are totally right! Aussies effectively won because of the IPL. Windies must bring Rampaul and drop Edwards for the next test.

Posted by Dubious on (April 12, 2012, 4:21 GMT)

@jupiterlaw That's funny, because last time we played the Windies in a Test series we won it 2-0 and the Windies team included Bravo and Gayle. We won the One Day series 4-0 and the T20s 2-0 and those teams included Pollard. For all the Windies talent they really will struggle until they find an astute captain and some intestinal fortitude.

Posted by vgollap on (April 12, 2012, 4:14 GMT)

Absolutely gutted with the result after sort of control this rather inexperienced windies team had on the game at some point. Aussies may have won the game but Windies have certainly won my heart. Hope the remaining two games will be as exhilarating. Kudos to both the teams for playing positive cricket and relentlessly trying for a win all along.

Posted by goatman63 on (April 12, 2012, 3:58 GMT)

I agree with meety on cowans batting approach. he is generally quite steady at the crease, and offers the team a solid start. he is capable of playing the traditional anchor role, and i beleive such a player is an asset in a test side. particularly when conditions are difficult, and require concentration, application and grit. if cown can develope his skills as an opener he will offer australia a good opening alternative to warner for some years to come. good win to the aussies by the way, clark continues to make some astute decisions as captain, and the team is starting to play well together. good luck to them, and the re-emerging windies. cricket is better off for having carribean cricketers performing well on the world stage.

Posted by   on (April 12, 2012, 3:19 GMT)

This match shows the incompetancy and inexperience of the Windies. They conceded almost 200 runs for the last two wickets where Harris, Hilfanhaus and Lyon make merry. Then they batted poorly in their second essey and gifted the match on a platter.

Posted by Rally_Windies on (April 12, 2012, 2:40 GMT)


even if they were available, the only person who would have played is Samuels ...and he would have replaced Doenarine ...

Doenarine got 4 wickets in the second innigns and finished with excellent figures (not surprising since he has been doing exactly the same thing in 1st class cricket) ...

so had Samuels been available, victory might have been easier for Austrailia...

but here is the other thing, Narine & Doenarine have shown that people who do well in 1st Class cricket also do well in Test Cricket ... they have shown that team selection is NO ROCKET SCIENCE, as WI selectors continue to wonder if people who under perform in 1st class will make excellent Test Players....

Edwards, Roach and Bishoo should give way to Miller, Rampaul and Tino Best ...

honestly only Sammy, Roach and Deonarine looked like bowlers. Bishoo posed problems but bowled too many bad balls in between ......

Posted by Meety on (April 12, 2012, 2:29 GMT)

@jupiterlaw - I know it's only opinion but, who says any of them would of played had there been no such event as IPL. Gayle probably yes, Bravo is talented but has not lived up to his talent, & I would say that there is MORE upside in Deonarine - at least going on FC stats. Bishoo is the incumbent spinner so Narine would of been unlikely. Samuels would of been unlikely, he has done little since coming back into the national set up, he is one of the worst batsmen (stat-wise), to score 1800 runs in tests! Russell IMO behind Roach, Edwards & Rampaul. As for Pollard - there has been opportunities to select him previously, it hasn't happenned, for what its worth I'd of selected Pollard, but he is still learning his game & is in no way the finished product. IMO - the player that the WI miss the most is Jerome Taylor, not sure if he is playing this addition of IPL, but has taken the IPL over tests in the past. With Taylor however, I believe he hasn't played FC cricket in over a year.

Posted by VivGilchrist on (April 12, 2012, 1:53 GMT)

@jupiterlaw, Narine and Pollard have never played a Test, and Samuels and Bravo snr are very, very average Test players. Could've, Should've, Would've, don't count. I've seen this many times now that when the team batting first scores a decent total but too slowly, they become the most likely team to lose.

Posted by Randy_Wilson on (April 12, 2012, 1:52 GMT)

@ Meety I ssooo agree with you know. yeah alot of people Critise these player. that bat slow, in West Indies K Brathwaitee LONG first innings did Help West Indies get up to a Big total, When he departed Chanderpaul toke his Place. IF we had to fast S/R batsmen batting it would of been a 3 days Test Match. Same way with Cowan imaging if he would of lost his Wicket before Tea, Australia would be in trouble.

Anyway Good work from both Team, At least it's wasnt a one sided Test Match. For West Indies nor for Australia it was a Balance Game.

Posted by   on (April 12, 2012, 1:49 GMT)

Well said Jupiterlaw. Congrats indeed!! And lets not forget that this is only the first of a three round contest! Keep your head up Windies!! There's absolutely nothing to be ashamed of in this loss having given a commendable account of yourselves right up to the finish!!!

Posted by riprock on (April 12, 2012, 1:34 GMT)

It is only left to imagination as to how the match would've turned out had the Windies played their best XI.. If only players like Gayle, Bravo, Samuels and Narine were a part of this team.. It's unfortunate not to see the best men from the country on the field due to various reasons and circumstances. Gayle for Brathwaite, Dwayne Bravo for Edwards, Samuels for Deonarine.. Look at this possible 11 :- Chris Gayle, Adrian Barath, Darren Bravo, Marlon Samuels, Shivnarine Chanderpaul, Dwayne Bravo, Carlton Baugh, Sunil Narine, Darren Sammy / Ravi Rampaul, Kemar Roach, Fidel Edwards. They'd give a stiff fight to any test team in the world..

Posted by Massive_Allan_Border_Fan on (April 12, 2012, 0:52 GMT)

Well played both teams, and although "there can only be one winner" is an old sporting cliche in this game there can often be a draw and no winner, so both teams played well to give cricket fans a result. The Windies will know they came close, and have shown throughout this tour that they can be extremely competitive. Bring on the next test.

Posted by   on (April 12, 2012, 0:51 GMT)

Windies players went to the IPL on their own accord. Australia can only play whatever team is put up against them. Again Pollard has not proved himself at Test level, Naraine is untested, Bravo has been a disappointment for a while now and Samuels and Russell have done nothing of note. Well played Australia --thoroughly deserved win--and what amazing captaincy by Clarke!

Posted by   on (April 12, 2012, 0:50 GMT)

The Aussies walked over the Indians in their last test series and thought they would've come to the caribbean and give Windies an even bigger bitting but the windies guys prove them wrong. for the next match i think shane shillingford should come in for bishoo and rampaul for edwards rest of the team as is that is if barath is fit.

Posted by WI_Memory_Lane on (April 12, 2012, 0:46 GMT)

Sammy does not seem to know how to play when under pressure. His field placement was too defensive when he knew Australia was defending so as to not lose the match. He should have played an attacking field to force the batsmen to play strokes to increase the pressure to get a wicket. Only the current WI team can snatch defeat from an apparent win or draw. They did the same thing in India, but Sammy didn't seem to learn from that experience. Sammy needs to show some growth as a captain. Sad to see them lose a game they dominated for the first 3 days. Wasn't Australia's plan obvious when they declared? Yet WI fell into the plan. That shows lack of preparation and not coming up with a plan to counter Australia. Sad, but a true fact

Posted by xylo on (April 12, 2012, 0:40 GMT)

Good fight put up by West Indies. And here I was expecting a good fight during the Australian summer by the visiting Indian team.

Posted by Chris_Howard on (April 12, 2012, 0:24 GMT)

Great captaincy from Clarke. Never lets the game happen. Best Aussie captain in years. Hopefully finally silenced his critics.

Posted by rama_krish on (April 11, 2012, 23:59 GMT)

Aussies won, but WI played decently.

Posted by Meety on (April 11, 2012, 23:53 GMT)

A lot of people were critical of Cowan's approach. Yes it would of been great if he could of scored at a higher rate, but I don't think that was his job. Being only 1 wicket down at Tea was what Oz wanted - so they could launch after Tea. It was a tightrope between wickets lost & the light - but Cowan does deserve some credit, just behind Watto, Huss & Wade.

Posted by jupiterlaw on (April 11, 2012, 23:23 GMT)

Given their narrow escape, Australia should think hard about sending a sizable donation to the IPL for holding Narine, Bravo, Pollard, Samuels and Russell. But congratulations to Australia, for they can play only what's put in front of them. For WI as young and inexperienced as they are, they certainly punched above their class. Congratulations WI for putting up a good fight.

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