Australia tour of West Indies, 1st T20I: West Indies v Australia at Gros Islet, Mar 27, 2012
Australia won by 8 wickets (with 11 balls remaining)
27 March 2012 (20-over match)

Brett Lee is limbering up, with Johnson Charles facing first up ...

1.55pm: The sound of kettle drums from the TV means we are T-minus 5 from kick-off. The ODIs were tightly contested, not to mention filled to the brim with sixes - so we'll doubtless get a stinker hopefully see more of the same today.

1.40pm: News from the ground is that West Indies have won the toss and will bat first. Australia have already announced their line-up, with James Pattinson and Daniel Christian coming into the side; West Indies will certainly be without Andre Russell - he battled injury during the ODI series and has now been ruled out of the T20Is with a hamstring injury.

There are actually several new faces in the West Indies line-up, with Nkrumah Bonner, Krishmar Santokie and Garey Mathurin all making just their second appearances in international cricket. No room for Marlon Samuels, though, despite his excruciatingly slow batting in the ODIs IPL contract and recent spell in Bangladesh's T20 league.

West Indies: 1 Johnson Charles, 2 Dwayne Smith, 3 Darren Bravo, 4 Dwayne Bravo, 5 Kieron Pollard, 6 Carlton Baugh (wk), 7 Darren Sammy (capt), 8 Nkrumah Bonner, 9 Krishmar Santokie, 10 Garey Mathurin, 11 Sunil Narine

Sammy (c), Dwayne Bravo (vc), Baugh, Bonner, Darren Bravo, Charles, Mathurin, Narine, Pollard, Santokie, Dwayne Smith.

Australia: 1 David Warner, 2 Shane Watson, 3 Matthew Wade (wk), 4 Michael Hussey, 5 David Hussey, 6 George Bailey (capt), 7 Daniel Christian, 8 Brett Lee, 9 James Pattinson, 10 Clint McKay, 11 Xavier Doherty

1.35pm: It's that time again. Welcome to the first T20 international between West Indies and Australia from St Lucia. The match is due to get underway in about 25 minutes and we'll bring you news on the toss and teams shortly. In the meantime, a couple of stats: since the 2010 World Twenty20, West Indies have won two out of seven T20Is, while Australia have won three from 11. One of the those distinctly mediocre records is likely to improve today ...


Lee to Charles, 1 wide, woosh, that's swung almost off the strip - Charles bends double trying to get the toe of his bat on it in vain


Lee to Charles, no run, slightly back of a length and tighter to the stumps, touch of swing and the ball beats Charles' push


Lee to Charles, no run, tempting length, swinging away from the right-hander again, this time Charles plays a more authentic leave


Lee to Charles, 1 run, straighter, scooting off a leading edge wide of mid-off as the ball moved away from the batsman


Lee to Smith, FOUR, touch short and on the stumps, Smith clips smoothly off his pads for four to deep backward square


Lee to Smith, no run, length outside off, punched to cover


Lee to Smith, 1 run, back of a length, on the body and chipped into the leg side

End of over 1 (7 runs) West Indies 7/0 (RR: 7.00)

    • DR Smith 5 (3b 1x4)
    • J Charles 1 (3b)
    • B Lee 1-0-7-0

At the other end, it's Darren Pattinson's less-talented younger brother ...


Pattinson to Smith, 1 wide, veers down the leg side to begin in the same fashion as Lee


Pattinson to Smith, no run, good pace, back of a length outside off and Smith fails to connect with a big heave across the line


Pattinson to Smith, no run, pitched up, seaming in, inside-edged on to the batsman's pads


Pattinson to Smith, no run, full and straight, Smith clears his feet out of the way and clumps straight to mid-on


Pattinson to Smith, 1 run, length ball, pushed into the gap in front of midwicket - they want two but are forced into a rethink


Pattinson to Charles, 2 runs, short ball pulled in muscular fashion over midwicket, it doesn't go all the way but they pick up a couple


Pattinson to Charles, FOUR, room outside off for Charles to swing his arms, the ball pinging away off a thick outside edge to third man

End of over 2 (8 runs) West Indies 15/0 (RR: 7.50)

    • J Charles 7 (5b 1x4)
    • DR Smith 6 (7b 1x4)
    • JL Pattinson 1-0-8-0
    • B Lee 1-0-7-0

Lee to Smith, FOUR, back of a length from Lee and that feeds Smith's brutal hook shot, the ball smashed baseball-style over midwicket for one that isn't coming back anytime soon


Lee to Smith, no run, pitched up and blocked in front of the stumps


Lee to Smith, OUT, slightly short again and this time Smith perishes! Lee slung a fast delivery well outside off, the batsman tried to cut but got just a sliver of bat on it, Matt Wade taking a comfortable catch

DR Smith c †Wade b Lee 10 (10b 2x4 0x6) SR: 100.00

Here's one of the newbies for WI, Nkrumah Bonner ...


Lee to Bonner, no run, back of a length, defended


Lee to Bonner, no run, more width from Lee, Bonner has a swish, a la Smith, but luckily for him gets nothing on it


Lee to Bonner, no run, back of a length outside off, played short on the off side, the batsmen set off for a run but quickly change their mind as cover-point comes haring in

End of over 3 (4 runs) West Indies 19/1 (RR: 6.33)

    • NE Bonner 0 (3b)
    • J Charles 7 (5b 1x4)
    • B Lee 2-0-11-1
    • JL Pattinson 1-0-8-0

Karthik Mohan has taken the bait: "What do you mean lesser talented younger brother?"

Here comes Pattinson Jr again ...


Pattinson to Charles, no run, on the legs, clipped smartly behind square - but there's a fielder in place to collect


Pattinson to Charles, 1 run, defended in front of the stumps and they steal one


Pattinson to Bonner, no run, goes back and defends a slightly shorter ball into the off side


Pattinson to Bonner, 1 run, touch short of a length, outside off, guided down to third man


Pattinson to Charles, 1 run, short ball, Charles gets under it and loop the ball off the splice but short of mid-on


Pattinson to Bonner, no run, length, cut hard but well fielded at point

End of over 4 (3 runs) West Indies 22/1 (RR: 5.50)

    • NE Bonner 1 (6b)
    • J Charles 9 (8b 1x4)
    • JL Pattinson 2-0-11-0
    • B Lee 2-0-11-1

Lee to Charles, FOUR, length ball outside off and Charles rocks on his haunches, slapping a cross-batted shot back down the ground for four


Lee to Charles, FOUR, slower bouncer helped round the corner by the batsman, beating the man inside the circle and scooting to long leg


Lee to Charles, FOUR, full bunger on leg stump from Lee, bashed meatily through square leg. Charles is running riot


Lee to Charles, 1 run, tip and run to point ... direct hit by the fielder, David Warner. They call for a review but Charles was home


Lee to Bonner, no run, slightly short and wide, similar to the ball that got Smith, but Bonner again fails to connect


Lee to Bonner, no run, tentative play and miss outside off, Bonner playing well away from his body. Doesn't look like he's faced Lee's pace before (imagine being able to say that about a West Indies batsman)

End of over 5 (13 runs) West Indies 35/1 (RR: 7.00)

    • NE Bonner 1 (8b)
    • J Charles 22 (12b 4x4)
    • B Lee 3-0-24-1
    • JL Pattinson 2-0-11-0

"Can someone tell me how is Smith or Bonner a better choice than Barath," wonders Sunil. His first name would be a decent Scrabble score ...

Here's Clint McKay replacing Pattinson.


McKay to Charles, 1 run, length, outside off, dabbed to third man


McKay to Bonner, 1 run, room outside off, slid off the face to the same part of the field


McKay to Charles, 1 run, Charles advances, McKay responding by sending down a slower ball that follows the batsman, forcing him to wait on the stroke before cutting gently through point


McKay to Bonner, no run, on the stumps, pushed into the off side from back in the crease


McKay to Bonner, no run, length, bit of room outside off, cut into the ground


McKay to Bonner, no run, slower ball, tossed up, tries to drive down the ground but misses, bottom-edging jjust past the stumps along the ground through to Wade

End of over 6 (3 runs) West Indies 38/1 (RR: 6.33)

    • NE Bonner 2 (12b)
    • J Charles 24 (14b 4x4)
    • CJ McKay 1-0-3-0
    • B Lee 3-0-24-1

Shane Watson is on at the other end ...


Watson to Charles, no run, length, pushed out to cover


Watson to Charles, OUT, pitched up, misses with a swipe across the line ... gone! Watson didn't do anything spectacular with that delivery but it was on target and that's sometimes all you need. Charles goes lbw after a colourful cameo

J Charles lbw b Watson 24 (16b 4x4 0x6) SR: 150.00

Darren Bravo is the new batsman


Watson to DM Bravo, FOUR, lovely timing, immaculately cover-driving a length ball to the rope


Watson to DM Bravo, no run, not so pretty that stroke, slashing unsuccessully at a ball that was back of a length and well wide of off stump


Watson to DM Bravo, no run, pitched up and swinging away from the left-hander, Bravo fails to connect with a full-blooded cut shot


Watson to DM Bravo, no run, on the stumps, dug out square on the off side

End of over 7 (4 runs) West Indies 42/2 (RR: 6.00)

    • DM Bravo 4 (4b 1x4)
    • NE Bonner 2 (12b)
    • SR Watson 1-0-4-1
    • CJ McKay 1-0-3-0

McKay to Bonner, FOUR, a shot in anger from Bonner! The ball was pitched up, wide of the wicket and clubbed over cover for a one-bounce four


McKay to Bonner, 1 run, McKay replies by targeting the stumps and is clipped through midwicket for a single


McKay to DM Bravo, 1 run, back of a length, banged in at the batsman's body, nudged square on the leg side


McKay to Bonner, no run, full ball, rolled out the back of the hand to take the pace off, miscued to point


McKay to Bonner, FOUR, rank delivery from McKay, short and well down the leg side, Bonner just needs a tickle off the bat to get four to fine leg


McKay to Bonner, 1 run, length outside off, dabbed deliberately to third man

Not the most explosive of starts from the hosts, but solid enough at this stage.

End of over 8 (11 runs) West Indies 53/2 (RR: 6.62)

    • NE Bonner 12 (17b 2x4)
    • DM Bravo 5 (5b 1x4)
    • CJ McKay 2-0-14-0
    • SR Watson 1-0-4-1

Watson to Bonner, 1 run, slightly full, punched down the ground towards long-on


Watson to DM Bravo, no run, angled across the batsman, played to point, with Warner again trying to throw down the non-striker's end


Watson to DM Bravo, 1 run, leg-stump line, worked to midwicket


Watson to Bonner, no run, full-pitched, driven on the bounce to extra-cover


Watson to Bonner, no run, down the leg side, the ball comes off a glove and dribbles away, Wade fielding to prevent a run


Watson to Bonner, 1 run, full toss, on the stumps, driven languidly down the ground for another single

End of over 9 (3 runs) West Indies 56/2 (RR: 6.22)

    • NE Bonner 14 (21b 2x4)
    • DM Bravo 6 (7b 1x4)
    • SR Watson 2-0-7-1
    • CJ McKay 2-0-14-0

Here's Kavir: "Bonner showed good promise in the Caribbean T20, Smith the same plus BPL. Barath should focus on his natural game in ODIs & Test. T20 is spoiling his game if you ask me. The real question is where is Badree?"

And here's Xavier Doherty ...


Doherty to Bonner, 1 run, length, outside off, cut away in front of point


Doherty to DM Bravo, no run, on the batsman's leg, jabbed to short square


Doherty to DM Bravo, no run, tossed up outside off and driven hard to the cover fielder


Doherty to DM Bravo, 1 run, flighted again, comes out of the crease to punch a drive to long-off


Doherty to Bonner, 1 run, room outside off, squirted to the sweeper in the deep


Doherty to DM Bravo, FOUR, full length, not much turn and Bravo smears a cut shot over the head of point. That was really just a thick edge but it had enough on it to beat the chasing fielder

End of over 10 (7 runs) West Indies 63/2 (RR: 6.30)

    • DM Bravo 11 (11b 2x4)
    • NE Bonner 16 (23b 2x4)
    • XJ Doherty 1-0-7-0
    • SR Watson 2-0-7-1

Another change, with Daniel Christian into the attack.


Christian to Bonner, 1 run, full ball, on the stumps, Bonner manages to squeeze it out on the leg side. Good start from Christian


Christian to DM Bravo, 1 run, slightly overpitched, Bravo swings his forearms through an off-drive which flies along the ground to the fielder on the rope


Christian to Bonner, 1 run, length outside off, punched through cover-point


Christian to DM Bravo, no run, good length, angled across and seaming a little, beats the outside edge


Christian to DM Bravo, OUT, toe ends a pull shot and Bravo is gone! The ball wasn't quite short enough, Bravo got under it and the catch looped fairly gently out towards deep midwicket, where the fielder had to run a long way in to claim it

DM Bravo c Pattinson b Christian 12 (14b 2x4 0x6) SR: 85.71

Batsman finding it hard to hit boundaries now ... though Kieron Pollard doesn't usually have that problem


Christian to Bonner, 1 run, dropped into the leg side for a quick single

End of over 11 (4 runs) West Indies 67/3 (RR: 6.09)

    • NE Bonner 19 (26b 2x4)
    • KA Pollard 0 (0b)
    • DT Christian 1-0-4-1
    • XJ Doherty 1-0-7-0

Doherty to Bonner, no run, length, cut straight to the fielder at point


Doherty to Bonner, 2 runs, fuller ball, dabbed down to third man for a couple


Doherty to Bonner, 2 runs, tossed up on the stumps, straightening, and Bonner top-edges a sweep into the vacant backward square leg area


Doherty to Bonner, no run, comes down the wicket, Doherty drags it short and fields off his own bowling


Doherty to Bonner, no run, flighted on the stumps, Bonner misses with a slog-sweep ... it thumped the pads but was going down the leg side


Doherty to Bonner, 1 run, leg-stump line, Bonner backs away and drills a shot past cover

End of over 12 (5 runs) West Indies 72/3 (RR: 6.00)

    • NE Bonner 24 (32b 2x4)
    • KA Pollard 0 (0b)
    • XJ Doherty 2-0-12-0
    • DT Christian 1-0-4-1

Christian to Bonner, OUT, bowled him, top of middle! Another wicket for Christian and the wheels are falling off for West Indies! Bonner's somewhat ponderous innings ends with a skip down the wicket, missing with his attempted swipe and seeing his bails go pop

NE Bonner b Christian 24 (33b 2x4 0x6) SR: 72.72


Christian to DJ Bravo, 1 run, pitched up, driven back past the bowler to long-on


Christian to Pollard, 1 run, length, played into the leg side by Pollard, pressing forward


Christian to DJ Bravo, 1 run, Bravo is very active in his crease, taking the ball from outside off to hit down the ground to long-on


Christian to Pollard, no run, length ball, drawing Pollard forward, fizzing past the outside edge


Christian to Pollard, SIX, pitched up, in the slot and Pollard nonchalantly smacks a Dorothy straight back down the ground. Such power in those arms ... *sighs*

End of over 13 (9 runs) West Indies 81/4 (RR: 6.23)

    • KA Pollard 7 (3b 1x6)
    • DJ Bravo 2 (2b)
    • DT Christian 2-0-13-2
    • XJ Doherty 2-0-12-0

Pattinson back into the attack ...


Pattinson to DJ Bravo, 1 run, length, angled in towards the stumps, knocked short on the off side and they scramble one


Pattinson to Pollard, 1 run, again targeting the stumps, worked off the pads to short midwicket, more good running garners a single


Pattinson to DJ Bravo, FOUR, full, room outside off, Bravo steps out and punches over cover, his bat high over his head as the ball skedaddles away for a boundary


Pattinson to DJ Bravo, 1 run, full and on the stumps, turned into the leg side


Pattinson to Pollard, 1 run, back of a length outside off, played like a tennis shot on the back foot down to third man


Pattinson to DJ Bravo, 2 runs, full, driven aerially again, beats the dive of point but is fielded in the deep

"Must confess i was happy to see bonner and the windies lose a wicket bc it brought Pollard and Dwayne Bravo together," says Antonio, who knows what he likes and no mistaking.

End of over 14 (10 runs) West Indies 91/4 (RR: 6.50)

    • DJ Bravo 10 (6b 1x4)
    • KA Pollard 9 (5b 1x6)
    • JL Pattinson 3-0-21-0
    • DT Christian 2-0-13-2

McKay returns at the other end ...


McKay to Pollard, 1 run, on the stumps, out the back of the hand, flicked through the leg side


McKay to DJ Bravo, 1 run, slower ball outside off, worked away behind point


McKay to Pollard, 2 runs, pitched up, driven wide of mid-on and they run hard for a couple


McKay to Pollard, 1 run, full length again, whipped through midwicket


McKay to DJ Bravo, 1 run, more of the same from McKay, Bravo can't get under it and squirts to deep midwicket


McKay to Pollard, 1 run, full, dug out down the ground to long-on

End of over 15 (7 runs) West Indies 98/4 (RR: 6.53)

    • KA Pollard 14 (9b 1x6)
    • DJ Bravo 12 (8b 1x4)
    • CJ McKay 3-0-21-0
    • JL Pattinson 3-0-21-0

"It hasn't been that interesting considering this is a T20 format," grumbles Mayank. "Sammy should promote himself up the order and continue his blitz from the last ODI. That will definitely have people screaming around the ground!" Yes, screaming 'why don't you bat higher up the order?!'

Doherty is on for a twirl ...


Doherty to Pollard, FOUR, on leg stump, Pollard plays a delicate fine sweep, like an elephant bending down to pet a mouse


Doherty to Pollard, SIX, that's huge! Tossed up by Doherty and cannoned back down the ground on to the roof of the pavilion


Doherty to Pollard, SIX, tossed up on leg-stump and he goes big again, this time drilling a flat six over deep midwicket!


Doherty to Pollard, 1 run, on leg stump again, clipped along the ground this time to deep midwicket


Doherty to DJ Bravo, 1 run, flighted, driven down the ground for one


Doherty to Pollard, FOUR, on the stumps, turning across Pollard, big top edge as the batsman swings murderously, the ball flying high over cover-point - but there was no man out on that side

End of over 16 (22 runs) West Indies 120/4 (RR: 7.50)

    • KA Pollard 35 (14b 2x4 3x6)
    • DJ Bravo 13 (9b 1x4)
    • XJ Doherty 3-0-34-0
    • CJ McKay 3-0-21-0

Another change, with Christian back on...


Christian to DJ Bravo, 1 run, full, worked into the leg side for one


Christian to Pollard, SIX, pitched up, angled towards leg stump and Pollard deposits another vicious six-hit over the leg side boundary


Christian to Pollard, SIX, again! full toss, clubbed over deep midwicket, fetch that ... and Pollard is one more boundary from a half-century


Christian to Pollard, no run, gets the yorker length right this time, blocked back to the bowler


Christian to Pollard, 1 run, up in the blockhole, dug out to deep midwicket


Christian to DJ Bravo, OUT, lofted drive and taken at long-off. Bravo doesn't have quite the same muscle as Pollard and he got under a punched shot off a length ball, unable to clear the man in the deep

DJ Bravo c DJ Hussey b Christian 14 (11b 1x4 0x6) SR: 127.27

The St Lucia crowd turn their amps up to 11, as Darren Sammy walks to the wicket ...

End of over 17 (14 runs) West Indies 134/5 (RR: 7.88)

    • KA Pollard 48 (18b 2x4 5x6)
    • DT Christian 3-0-27-3
    • XJ Doherty 3-0-34-0

Watson the bowler ...


Watson to Pollard, 1 run, length ball, drilled out towards long-off


Watson to Sammy, no run, slower ball outside off, Sammy sits in the crease and prods to short extra-cover


Watson to Sammy, 1 run, pitched up, on the stumps, frees the arms to drive down the ground


Watson to Pollard, 1 run, full, drifting towards leg stump, shovelled into the leg side - that's fifty for Pollard, incredibly his first in T20Is. It's the fastest by a West Indian too


Watson to Sammy, no run, wide of the stumps, Sammy had back away and misses with a swing


Watson to Sammy, 1 run, almost a full toss, on the stumps, dobbled to cover

End of over 18 (4 runs) West Indies 138/5 (RR: 7.66)

    • DJG Sammy 2 (4b)
    • KA Pollard 50 (20b 2x4 5x6)
    • SR Watson 3-0-11-1
    • DT Christian 3-0-27-3

Lee returns for the penultimate over ...


Lee to Sammy, no run, Sammy steps away again, Lee goes wide on the off side, just inside the popping crease - no stroke from the batsman


Lee to Sammy, FOUR, pitched up, outside leg and glanced down to the rope, easy as you like


Lee to Sammy, 1 run, shuffles across and scoops a full-pitched delivery through midwicket


Lee to Pollard, 1 leg bye, superb ball from Lee, yorker-length and hitting Pollard's back leg outside leg stump, the ball rebounding behind point


Lee to Sammy, OUT, holes out to long-off! Pitched up by Lee, again well outside off, Sammy wasn nowhere near the pitch and his heave down the ground came off the bottom of the bat

DJG Sammy c DJ Hussey b Lee 7 (8b 1x4 0x6) SR: 87.50


Lee to Pollard, 1 run, on the stumps, keeps the damage down as Pollard turns to midwicket

End of over 19 (7 runs) West Indies 145/6 (RR: 7.63)

    • KA Pollard 51 (22b 2x4 5x6)
    • CS Baugh 0 (0b)
    • B Lee 4-0-30-2
    • SR Watson 3-0-11-1

The final over will be bowled by Shane Watson. Can Pollard turn a decent score into a formidable one?


Watson to Pollard, 1 run, full, down the leg side, Pollard edges through his legs for a single


Watson to Baugh, 1 run, on the legs, nudged deftly to short midwicket and they scamper one


Watson to Pollard, no run, pitched up, on the stumps and drifting further down leg, Pollard swings over the top of the ball and it sails through to the keeper


Watson to Pollard, 1 run, OUT, digs a shot out towards deep midwicket, they try for two but Pollard slips on the way back down ... Baugh makes sure they cross to sacrifice himself

CS Baugh run out 1 (1b 0x4 0x6) SR: 100.00


Watson to Pollard, 1 run, kept low, Pollard can't do much with that and Mathurin will face the final delivery


Watson to Mathurin, 1 run, full, outside the left-hander's off stump, drilled to extra-cover - that takes West Indies to 150

3.30pm: Kieron Pollard is in outrageous form and he's dragged West Indies up to a respectable total. Though, when you consider how cleanly he struck the ball, you have to think West Indies' total is a little below par ... Australia's chase will begin in around 15 minutes, so don't go away.

End of over 20 (5 runs) West Indies 150/7

    • GE Mathurin 1 (1b)
    • KA Pollard 54 (26b 2x4 5x6)
    • SR Watson 4-0-16-1
    • B Lee 4-0-30-2





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