West Indies v India, 1st Test, Kingston, 3rd day June 22, 2011

Barath falls for the trap

Plays of the Day from the third day of the first Test between India and West Indies at Sabina Park

The conversation of the day
Rahul Dravid was on 95. Fifteen years ago, to the date, he was out on the same score on debut. Amit Mishra, who had given him admirable support, suddenly went for a big slog against Ravi Rampaul and failed to connect. Dravid rushed down the track for a chat. A couple of overs later, Dravid, on 97, went for a hook and the ball climbed over the blade. This time Mishra came down the track for a chat. Wonder what he said.

Frenetic action of the day
Ishant Sharma troubled Adrian Barath in the first innings with the bounce he extracted from short of a length. Barath decided to counterattack in the second innings. He pulled a bouncer over long-leg, square drove over gully and top-edged a hook over the fine-leg boundary.

Adrenaline rush of the day
Barath had just edged a delivery from Praveen Kumar through the unmanned third slip region. A ball later, MS Dhoni moved a man in there. Surely, Barath was not going to fall for it? Wrong. He did. He chased a slightly wider delivery and flashed it to third slip where Suresh Raina held a good catch.

Deja-vu feeling of the day
Praveen was warned thrice for running on the danger area and couldn't bowl any more in the first innings. "It's good that it happened in the first innings of my first Test," Praveen said at the end of the second day. He did it again on the third day. Again, it was the same umpire Ian Gould who caught his transgression and gave him the first warning. Two strikes to go.

Sriram Veera is a staff writer at ESPNcricinfo