India tour of West Indies, Only T20I: West Indies v India at Port of Spain, Jun 4, 2011

Nurse to Sharma, 1 run, Rohit is away, nudging with the spin towards square leg.


Nurse to Sharma, no run, tossed well up, Rohit reaches out to the length and plays it to point.


Nurse to Sharma, 1 run, shorter this time, Rohit forces it into the covers for another single.

India 63/4   RG Sharma 2* (3b)

Bishoo to Sharma, 1 run, short of a length to start off, Rohit whips it through midwicket for one.


Bishoo to Sharma, 1 run, tossed well up to Rohit who reaches the pitch and drives down the ground.

India 66/4   RG Sharma 4* (5b)

Nurse to Sharma, 1 run, stays back and plays it out towards point.,


Nurse to Sharma, no run, Rohit is beaten outside off, Nurse is showing some interesting variations here, this one holds its line.


Nurse to Sharma, no run, and a sharp offbreak to end the over, Rohit is cramped as he defends in a hurry.

India 71/4   RG Sharma 5* (8b)

Bishoo to Sharma, no run, Devendra Warne. That ball turned a mile and some, as Rohit leaned out and tried to defend. Not even close to getting bat on it.


Bishoo to Sharma, 2 runs, Rohit goes inside out, languid work of the wrists to pick that up and time it so well with the spin.


Bishoo to Sharma, 1 run, half-stop from Bishoo, Rohit reaches across and whips to his left and Bishoo dives to parry it away. Can't stop the single.

India 75/4   RG Sharma 8* (11b)

Nurse to Sharma, no run, Nurse drops him. That's not what the doctor ordered. Short ball, turning in and sitting up at Rohit who is surprised by the extra bounce and pats it tamely back. Nurse clangs a sitter.


Nurse to Sharma, 1 run, this time, Rohit stays in the crease and glances with the turn for one.


Nurse to Sharma, 1 run, Rohit this time, reaches out and drives with the turn past the bowler.

India 82/4   RG Sharma 10* (14b)

Barnwell to Sharma, 1 run, tight lines from Barnwell, cuts into Rohit who works it to the square leg region from one more.


Barnwell to Sharma, no run, slow full toss, Rohit wasn't even close to picking it and ended up toe-ending a slog straight to midwicket.


Barnwell to Sharma, 1 run, slow legcutter this time, Rohit tries his best to get some muscle into the shot but still mistimes into the off side for a single.

India 87/4   RG Sharma 12* (17b)

Rampaul to Sharma, 1 leg bye, slow bouncer, Rohit is completely off-colour today as he fails to spot another one and misses the pull. He is hit on the ribs as the ball pops away towards gully.


Rampaul to Sharma, 1 run, slower ball at 69.7 mph, Rohit awaits in earnest and eventually guides it through point for one.


Rampaul to Sharma, SIX, majestic from Rohit, skips down the pitch to West Indies' fastest bowler, converts a decent ball into a length offering, and slams it down the ground for a big six.

India 102/4   RG Sharma 19* (20b 1x6)

Barnwell to Sharma, 5 wides, roobish ball as Messrs. Boycott would say. Full and a metre down the leg side. Five wides.


Barnwell to Sharma, 1 run, on a length around off stump, Rohit check-drives into the covers for one.


Barnwell to Sharma, SIX, clubbed. Clouted. Clobbered. Take your pick. Length ball angling into Rohit, who gets under it and whacks the leather off it, before the ball lands in the greens behind long-on.


Barnwell to Sharma, OUT, six and out. Barnwell bowls a very similar ball, tempting Rohit to have another go. Rohit obliges, looks to go straighter this time, but just misses a straight ball and the furniture is rearranged.

RG Sharma b Barnwell 26 (33m 23b 0x4 2x6) SR: 113.04

India 127/5   RG Sharma 26 (23b 2x6)





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