India tour of West Indies, Only T20I: West Indies v India at Port of Spain, Jun 4, 2011

Nurse to Badrinath, 1 run, offbreak, big one as it comes in sharp and Badri dabs it backward of point for one.


Nurse to Badrinath, FOUR, Badri is in some form, and it is showing already. Lovely little steer and it runs away to third man. Full ball tossed up and breaking in, Badri leans out languidly, opens the face at an impossible angle and gets it past the keeper . Third man did not have a chance.

India 54/3   S Badrinath 5* (2b 1x4)

Sammy to Badrinath, no run, nice, tight length ball on off stump, Badri covers the line and plays it back to the bowler.


Sammy to Badrinath, 1 run, offcutter strays down, Badri glances down to fine leg for one more.


Sammy to Badrinath, no run, full from Sammy, Badri covers the line and defends.


Sammy to Badrinath, 1 run, end of an excellent spell, Sammy finishes with another innocuous back of length ball, nipping in ever so slightly. Badri works it to square leg for one.

India 57/4   S Badrinath 7* (6b 1x4)

Nurse to Badrinath, 2 runs, Badri gets it away through the off side again, he's playing late and this is crucial on this track. Steered with loose wrists backward of point.


Nurse to Badrinath, 1 run, over-pitched on the stumps, and Badri works it around to midwicket with the turn.


Nurse to Badrinath, 1 run, short of a length outside off, Badri cuts comfortably backward of point.

India 62/4   S Badrinath 11* (9b 1x4)

Bishoo to Badrinath, no run, better length, closer to Badri but not full enough for the drive, and Badri defends.


Bishoo to Badrinath, no run, touch of turn away from Badri who eases into a defensive push towards point.


Bishoo to Badrinath, 1 run, shorter and straighter, Badri gets it through midwicket for a single.


Bishoo to Badrinath, 2 runs, too short, and Badri capitalises with the pull, though he doesn't time it that well. Couple to midwicket.

India 68/4   S Badrinath 14* (13b 1x4)

Nurse to Badrinath, no run, nice drift from Nurse, gets this to curl away and rip past Badri's attempt to drive.


Nurse to Badrinath, no run, shorter this time, and it turns in huge as Badri looks to dab backward of point. Can't get it away.


Nurse to Badrinath, 1 wide, this one turns down the leg side, and is called wide.


Nurse to Badrinath, 1 run, another big offbreak coming in, Badri guides against the spin into the covers.

India 71/4   S Badrinath 15* (16b 1x4)

Bishoo to Badrinath, 1 run, Badri cuts away, single to deep cover-point.


Bishoo to Badrinath, no run, yorks him nearly, on leg stump, and Badri jams it away to the leg side.


Bishoo to Badrinath, no run, ah, good shot but finds the fielder. Badri unfurls the late cut, but plays it straight to short third man., India in need of some momentum.

India 75/4   S Badrinath 16* (19b 1x4)

Nurse to Badrinath, FOUR, thin outside edge, Badri's got some runs in that region, but this time it's more out of fortune. The keeper can't get glove on it, and it easily beats third man.


Nurse to Badrinath, 1 run, Badri works a fuller ball with the ball, straight through the leg side.


Nurse to Badrinath, 1 run, shorter, Badri gets it away to deep point for another single.

India 83/4   S Badrinath 22* (22b 2x4)

Barnwell to Badrinath, no run, angles one into Badri's pads and he works it with the angle straight to backward square leg.


Barnwell to Badrinath, 1 run, shorter, on off stump, Badri stays in the crease and steers very fine for another single.


Barnwell to Badrinath, 1 run, fuller length, Badri sets about a pleasing whip through midwicket.

India 86/4   S Badrinath 24* (25b 2x4)

Rampaul to Badrinath, 1 run, Badri backs away a touch to make his own room and steers straight to third man for another single.


Rampaul to Badrinath, 1 no ball, Samuels has taken a screamer and Badri's innings is over. Or is it? It might be a no-ball! What a tragedy! Stunner at cover, it initially got the crowd and the lovely ladies in the stands on their feet. It was over-pitched on off stump, and Badri slotted the cover-drive powerfully if somewhat uppishly, but Samuels moved rapidly to latch on as he stretched to his right. All goes waste. Rampaul has over-stepped, the third umpire says belatedly.


Rampaul to Badrinath, FOUR, another near-catch, another stupendous effort in the deep, this time from Nurse. Here's what happened: Badri stayed in the crease and got under a length ball on off stump, and tried to hoist it over extra-cover. He couldn't get as much elevation as he wanted, and it seemed set to land a couple of feet inside the ropes. Nurse at wide long-off, hurried across, dived full-length and got the ball in his grasp as he sprawled forward. He kept sliding along, and the momentum was taking him towards the ropes. He tried to flick it away before touching the rope, but replays say he might have touched. It's been ruled a four, which is a little weird. That was either six, or two. Might have touched the ground before touching the rope.


Rampaul to Badrinath, 1 run, Badri plays the glide down to third man once again, some luck going his way here. Another single

India 96/4   S Badrinath 30* (29b 3x4)

Bishoo to Badrinath, FOUR, India are opening up now. Badri's turn, he backs away to the leg side, gets beside an over-pitched ball and thumps the extra cover drive, with the elbow high, and the flourish in the follow through in place.


Bishoo to Badrinath, no run, short of a length, on off stump and Badri plays it back.


Bishoo to Badrinath, 2 runs, whips a fuller ball through midwicket, Barnwell fumbles and gives them two.


Bishoo to Badrinath, no run, Huge appeal for a stumping, and it has not been referred. Badri might have got away again. Big legbreak from Bishoo, turns big and Badri misses the drive. The keeper has the bails off in a flash, and Badri might have been on the crease, not inside.


Bishoo to Badrinath, FOUR, Badri skates out to a full toss and slams it straight down the ground for another four runs. Once he got to the pitch, it was easy pickings.


Bishoo to Badrinath, 2 runs, inside out this time, Badri's feet are working overtime, he gets to the pitch and launches Bishoo through extra cover.

India 114/4   S Badrinath 42* (35b 5x4)

Barnwell to Badrinath, 1 run, Badri stays on the crease and angles a length ball to short third man for one.

India 121/4   S Badrinath 43* (36b 5x4)

Bishoo to Badrinath, OUT, the un-outable has been outed. Classic piece of legspin deception from Bishoo. Who said there can't be beauty in T20s? 19th over of the innings.. the leggie comes on and tosses it up with drift, temptingly on leg stump. Badri senses a kill, and skips out to the pitch, but falls just short as the ball drops on him, lands, grips and tweaks away past the bat. The keeper does the rest. Late clarification: Badri got an edge as he toppled out of the crease, and was hence caught. Not stumped.

S Badrinath c †Fletcher b Bishoo 43 (47m 37b 5x4 0x6) SR: 116.21

India 134/6   S Badrinath 43 (37b 5x4)





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