India tour of West Indies, Only T20I: West Indies v India at Port of Spain, Jun 4, 2011

Russell to PA Patel, 1 run, run out chance missed. Short ball outside off, Parthiv dabs it away to the off side and Sammy moves quickly from slip to field it and fire in the throw as Dhawan runs in. A direct hit would have made things interesting.


Russell to Dhawan, 1 run, Dhawan gets a single, length ball on off stump that hinted at straightening in, and Dhawan taps to the leg side for one.


Russell to PA Patel, 1 run, top-shot and superb fielding from Nurse at mid-off. It was over-pitched on the stumps and Parthiv punches it with pristine timing, past the bowler. Nurse moves quickly to his left, dives and stops a sure four.


Russell to Dhawan, 1 run, full and on the leg side, Dhawan drives without timing to the leg side for another single.


Russell to PA Patel, 1 run, in the air, but safe, again the ball rises extra from a length... this pitch is a little up and down. Parthiv fended it to the leg side without control and it landed safely after hanging in the air for a while.


Russell to Dhawan, 1 run, gets the outside edge, but Dhawan keeps it down and gets it past the slip diving away to the left.

India 9/0   AD Russell 1-0-6-0

Russell to Kohli, (no ball) FOUR, shot of the morning from Kohli, and off a no-ball too. Over-pitched by Russell outside off and Kohli leans into a pleasing cover drive.


Russell to Kohli, FOUR, swatted away. If Russell's been watching the IPL, he'd know that this is a trademark Kohli shot. Length ball, angling in towards the pads and Kohli gets the front foot across before swat-flicking it with disdain behind square leg.


Russell to Kohli, 1 run, short of a length outside off, Kohli taps from the crease into the off side for another single.


Russell to PA Patel, SIX, pick-up-and-drop! Looking at Parthiv's build, it is tough to imagine he can generate such power, but he is a man with a good knowledge of physics and leverage. Length ball on middle and angling away, the pint-sized dynamo gets half across and whips it all the way over midwicket. Punchy and powerful.


Russell to PA Patel, 2 runs, fuller this time and a big drop in pace too, and he tries to repeat the shot but ends up scooping it higher, rather than far. Lands safe though around midwicket.


Russell to PA Patel, 1 run, slower offcutter, short of a length and Parthiv guides backward of point for a single.


Russell to Kohli, 1 run, finishes with a full ball outside off, Kohli reaches across to steer towards point. That over has ignited India's innings, and indeed India's tour.

India 46/1   AD Russell 2-0-26-0





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