India tour of West Indies, Only T20I: West Indies v India at Port of Spain, Jun 4, 2011

Russell to PA Patel, SIX, pick-up-and-drop! Looking at Parthiv's build, it is tough to imagine he can generate such power, but he is a man with a good knowledge of physics and leverage. Length ball on middle and angling away, the pint-sized dynamo gets half across and whips it all the way over midwicket. Punchy and powerful.

India 42/1   PA Patel 22* (16b 2x4 1x6)   AD Russell 1.3-0-22-0

Rampaul to Sharma, SIX, majestic from Rohit, skips down the pitch to West Indies' fastest bowler, converts a decent ball into a length offering, and slams it down the ground for a big six.

India 102/4   RG Sharma 19* (20b 1x6)   R Rampaul 3-0-23-0

Barnwell to Sharma, SIX, clubbed. Clouted. Clobbered. Take your pick. Length ball angling into Rohit, who gets under it and whacks the leather off it, before the ball lands in the greens behind long-on.

India 127/4   RG Sharma 26* (22b 2x6)   CD Barnwell 1.3-0-17-0

Barnwell to Pathan, SIX, some types of batsmen like to go after certain types of bowlers. For Yusuf, that certain type in this West Indies attack is Barnwell. Back of length ball - check. Zero pace - check. On middle and leg - check. Ball in the midwicket stands - check.

India 134/5   YK Pathan 6* (2b 1x6)   CD Barnwell 2-0-24-1

Bishoo to Pathan, SIX, there's a nice blue sky in Trinidad, and there's a ball soaring through it. And now it lands in the member's pavilion, and it's beautifully taken by a man in the crowd. Not full enough from Bishoo, it breaks away from Yusuf who frees his arms and sends it into orbit. Swirler.

India 143/6   YK Pathan 12* (3b 2x6)   D Bishoo 3.5-0-30-1

Rampaul to Harbhajan Singh, SIX, oh boy, Harbhajan has sent that into downtown Trinidad. Length from Rampaul, gets the yorkers in mate! Harbhajan isn't complaining, as he swings merrily over midwicket.

India 152/6   Harbhajan Singh 9* (4b 1x6)   R Rampaul 3.2-0-31-0





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