India tour of West Indies, 3rd ODI: West Indies v India at North Sound, Jun 11, 2011
India won by 3 wickets (with 22 balls remaining)

MM Patel to Simmons, SIX, there's no awkwardness about this! Simmons lines up a length delivery and lofts it with a wonderfully straight bat over long-on, first six of the day, Simmons needs to carry on for long today, that's his failing, looks so good at the start and gives it away after 40-50

West Indies 20/1   LMP Simmons 17* (19b 2x4 1x6)   MM Patel 2.4-0-17-1

Mishra to Sarwan, SIX, Sarwan takes on Mishra, coming forward to a flighted delivery, the ball pitches and turns away but Sarwan has it covered, bringing his bat down in a wonderful arc to loft it over the bowler's head

West Indies 43/1   RR Sarwan 17* (25b 1x4 1x6)   A Mishra 0.2-0-8-0

Pathan to Russell, SIX, Russell gets down on one knee, gets under the ball and slams the ball with a powerful swing of the bat, sending the ball over the pool beyond the midwicket boundary

West Indies 142/7   AD Russell 30* (32b 3x4 1x6)   YK Pathan 4.4-0-21-0

Pathan to Russell, SIX, and this is bigger! Russell once again gets under the ball and hits with the turn over the midwicket boundary, he's carted this out of the ground, Yusuf Pathan getting a bit of his own medicine

West Indies 148/7   AD Russell 36* (33b 3x4 2x6)   YK Pathan 4.5-0-27-0

Raina to Russell, SIX, caught by Ishant Sharma, who's several yards beyond the long-on boundary. Russell used his power to simply heave the ball.

West Indies 198/8   AD Russell 67* (56b 6x4 3x6)   SK Raina 3.2-0-19-0

Raina to Russell, SIX, and again! Russell goes over midwicket and into the stands, moved his front foot out of the way, swung freely, swung hard and watched the ball disappear

West Indies 204/8   AD Russell 73* (57b 6x4 4x6)   SK Raina 3.3-0-25-0

Kumar to Russell, SIX, Russell has sent this out of the stadium with an almighty heave. Hope a car wasn't under the descending ball. He moved his front foot to create hitting space and hit it he did, miles over deep midwicket

West Indies 221/8   AD Russell 88* (63b 7x4 5x6)   P Kumar 9.5-1-42-0





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