West Indies v India, 1st Test, Antigua July 26, 2016

Manjrekar: This India team meant for higher challenges

ESPNcricinfo staff
Former India batsman Sanjay Manjrekar analyses the reasons behind India's clinical win in the first Test and why West Indies could barely put up a fight

'Ashwin looks ready for England, South Africa and Australia'

Sanjay Manjrekar believes R Ashwin's feat of 17 five-wicket hauls in 33 Tests has elevated him to 'Muralitharan-esque' form

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'This India team meant for higher challenges'

Though India put in a clinical performance in the first Test against West Indies, Manjrekar says the hosts did not really put up a challenge

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What's gone wrong with West Indies?

West Indies have one of the weakest batting and bowling line-ups in the world and Manjrekar feels this must be fixed at their first-class level

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  • ashok on July 27, 2016, 0:18 GMT

    People who are commenting here must understand that WI are a team pickup up amongst different countries like Jamaica, Barbados, Guyana etc. To unite and pick players across these countries is a challenge, but having said that it gives an excellent chance to pick players from across the Caribbean and selectors are messing it up.

  • Jose on July 26, 2016, 23:46 GMT

    Sanjay Manjrekar has a lot in common with the West Indies. Both WERE very good, once upon a time; the former as a commentator, and the latter as a cricket team!

  • Sunoj on July 26, 2016, 15:01 GMT

    @Cricketchat, if you feel every spin bowler would be deadly on pitches which support spin and bounce then there were spinners ifbopposition teams who were playing on those same pitches where Ashwin played but they did not make the same impact as he did. If you hate someone that is fine but don't come out with such absurd comments please.

  • moodev9710558 on July 26, 2016, 14:26 GMT

    Take you glasses off, Sanjay.

  • hemanth on July 26, 2016, 13:12 GMT

    This is the same Manjrekar who predicted 3 centuries each for pujara and kohli in england and had to eat humble pie after the test series. No wonder we hear such comments from him

  • Steve on July 26, 2016, 11:55 GMT

    Big statements from Sanjay considering India's win is against WI, who had been consistently poor in test cricket, reaching new lows all the time in the past decade or so. It's a well known fact that Ashwin is deadly on pitches that afford both spin and have uneven bounce (which spin bowler isn't, btw?), conditions India is unlikely to get against SA, Eng and Aus. Let's save these statements until Ashwin actually does something good in those countries.

  • S. on July 26, 2016, 11:12 GMT

    @Ziddu... Agreed cannot judge a team against WI but also cannot rest on past performance and assume India will be poor travellers for ever. This team looks determined to do better abroad and one needs to be patient and back Virat and hope he is able to make india better tourist... Surely in Shami, Yadav, Ishant ( improved version), B Kumar , Thakur, V Arron and the much inproved Ashwin we have a much better bowling attack than some previous tours! If they stay fit which i feel under Virat they will this India can ceratinly challenge and hipedully win more often than before abroad! Here is hoping for a better tomorrow! Cheers!

  • Mridul Singla on July 26, 2016, 10:16 GMT

    Please update your video player, no video works properly ever Very inconvenient

  • Ashik on July 26, 2016, 8:58 GMT

    You just can't judge a team when it does well against a weak opponent like WI in tests. For the next few months, India will be playing in similar conditions and are sure to have the upper hand against any opponents. Kohli's record as a test captain will be terrific and he will receive all the accolades. It is when this team travels to Eng, Aus, SA or NZ, it will get exposed. Barring a few individual performance here and there, the team will get thrashed for sure. This has happened since India started playing cricket at least in tests. Ashwin is not new to International cricket. People all around have watched him. He has played in Eng, Aus, SA and NZ and his records show what he did there.

  • dhirut3875848 on July 26, 2016, 6:41 GMT

    There are signs that this team may be ready for greater heights and achieve more than their predecessors, however, getting ahead of oneself can prove to be disappointing more often than not. WI did not and perhaps could not put up a convincing enough fight, the stronger teams will be another ball game all together!

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