West Indies v New Zealand, 1st Test, Antigua, 5th day July 30, 2012

'Today was my day' - Roach

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Kemar Roach has credited the team gameplan and the bowlers' resolution on a batting pitch for West Indies bowling out New Zealand for a gettable target to win the first Test on Sunday. Roach took 5 for 60 to help West Indies win their first Test since October 2011.

"The plan today was to bowl on one side of the wicket and look to build pressure," Roach said after the match. "We believed that would lead to the wickets. They didn't score many runs in the first session [but] we took our opportunities after lunch. It was a good team plan and it worked out very well today for us."

Roach dismissed New Zealand captain Ross Taylor and Kane Williamson in successive overs in the morning session, sparking New Zealand's collapse. Seven wickets fell for 73 runs and New Zealand were eventually dismissed for 272, ending their chances of saving the Test.

"The pitch was good for batting throughout the match but we were banking on Sunny (Sunil Narine) to get the bulk of the wickets today and win the match for us. He bowled extremely well in the match and was great in both innings, but today was my day and I seized the moment."

Taylor was the first to go, trapped lbw by a ball that angled in, and Williamson was bowled for a duck. Roach later dismissed Neil Wagner and Kruger van Wyk to end with match figures of 7 for 115, the second best in his career. In April, he had taken 10 for 146 against Australia in Trinidad, a track he said was better to bowl on than North Sound.

"It was tough work in Trinidad, but here the pitch was just flat and quite good for the batsmen. The key was to get it straight and keep it straight. As the ball got older and softer I noticed the batsmen found it harder to score so I just stayed on top of off stump."

Roach is the fourth-highest Test wicket-taker this year, with 34 wickets at 22.47, and ranks tenth in the ICC Test rankings. Roach said he was pleased his efforts here bore fruit.

"It was hard work out there, very hard work, but I am thrilled I put my hand up for the team and delivered a good victory."

The second Test begins in Kingston on August 2.

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  • charlie on August 2, 2012, 5:14 GMT


  • Derek on July 31, 2012, 11:22 GMT

    It time Edwards agent try getting him a contract with Derbyshire or Hampshire. Second division Hampshire could not gamble on a wayward speed gun so it might just be time for him to become a Bridgetown Shoe Shine Boy...

  • Tanmay on July 31, 2012, 8:36 GMT

    West Indies have started to win again ... alarming signs for other teams..they should play all the fast bowlers....let Sammy come at 7 with Ramdin at 6...Kemar Roach-Fidel Edwards-Jerome Taylor & Ravi Rampaul ...this will be a deadly combination...My 11 : Gayle-Powell-Darren Bravo-Samuels-Chanderapul-Ramdin-Sammy-Narine-Edwards-Taylor-Rampaul-Roach

  • trevor on July 31, 2012, 7:13 GMT

    lets take a look @ the Captaining or leaders of the team. With whom would you replace Sammy? There was a time when i thought Sarwan would be the leader, now that time seems to be a distant memory.Ramdin? Based on what? There is a young man that must be considered for the future--Versammy Paul. He has a winning record with the A team--his performance with bat & ball isn't too shabby either.The WI selectors need to .be grooming future captains who are also leaders from very young age; Say 13 +. Good team cricket by WI, winning without a significant run contribution from Tiger or Samuels. I,M up all day looking for Marlon,s centuries.Good work by Narine,Roach, Gayle, excellent support from Deonarine & Fudadin with Sammy,s contribution.Good to see young Powell getting his maiden test century with Cgayle,s help. He will be looking to add more.Best & Johnson to partner roach in 2 test @Sabina, Rampaul & Fudadin out ? Again that all important position, #3, Who fills the spot?

  • Eustace on July 31, 2012, 0:39 GMT

    @ Thomas Cherian . Q .. Is he Mike Brealey ? A..Yes . WICB missed the chance with Darren Ganga . In due course when Darren Sammy has served his time all his detractors will hypocritically sing his praises ..Even without Sammy WI will not be no.1 anytime soon . The way things were going WI cricket needed a Sammy , if there was a captain ( Ganga ) who performed the role that Sammy is now performing ,he would have been dissed the same as Sammy , but it is my belief that the WI team would now be off the ventilator .

  • Andrew on July 30, 2012, 23:29 GMT

    IMO - Roach doesn't neccessarily need to have another speed merchant beside him, what he needs is good pressure from the other end. It looks to be perfectly clear that Narine in the WIndies at least will provide that pressure. I t appears that Rampaul can provide that pressure & Sammy by virtue of the fact barely went over 1.5 rpo in the 2nd innings can provide the pressure. Outside of the WIndies, in say Oz & Saffaland, yes a 2nd express quick will be good for Roach - although I suggest Edwards is not the man. I would not pick Edwards in the same side as Roach. I would consider Edwards as a replacement for an injured Roach.

  • Dummy4 on July 30, 2012, 22:04 GMT

    It is a pity that Sammy could not play the role of wicket keeper as even though his batting & catching have shown much needed signs of improving in 2012 his bowling has fallen off drastically. 12 wickets @ a strike rate of over 100 and an average of almost 50 in tests in 2012 is just not good enough for a 3rd pace bowler. With stats like these he should not be allowed to keep even Marlon Samuels out of a four man bowling attack. For 2012 Darren Sammy has the worst stats for a non opening bowler & this includes bowlers from Bangladesh and Zimbabwe. My heart leaps at the thought of having Roach along with 2 /3 decent fast bowlers e.g. Delorn Johnson, Shannon Gabriel, Ravi Rampaul charging in & letting the batsmen have it. It is possible but Sammy must either learn to keep or step aside as captain & play a supportive role from behind the scenes with the rest of the support staff. Enough said

  • ethel on July 30, 2012, 22:02 GMT

    How can we play another fast or good spin bowler in the team when sammy is wasting a space in the side. Best and Shillinford should have been in the team and we need to get rid of Gibson as well. Gibson gayle played a bigger part in the W I winning than you try to admit ....you are a joke GIBson . If the w i had only Holding and a mediorce bowler like sammy in the 70-80 do you think they would be successful

  • Kevin on July 30, 2012, 19:56 GMT

    What's the celebration for? If you don't get five for against this NZ batting line-up every time you need to take a look at yourself. I agree with the comments about picking genuine fast bowlers. Can't understand why Best ain't playing. As for NZ, any quick bowlers they have are still back at home. Wagner topped 140k once or twice and that was it, pathetic!!! But its always been this way with NZ. Remember when they had Derek Stirling in the wings but would rather pick Ewen Chatfield? Bore the opposition out, don't bounce them out. Bracewell, why can't you bowl like your old man? Now he WAS quick! Ah, glory days!!! Only thing that keeps me going!

  • Randy on July 30, 2012, 18:43 GMT

    Roach is the real deal. He needs one genuine partner, along with Narine as the spinning option. Would love another fast bowler like Gabriel or Delorn Johnson in, along with Rampaul. But to do this, you would have to drop Sammy. And there you see where Sammy takes away from a possible strong bowling attack.

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