New Zealand tour of United States of America and West Indies, 2nd ODI: West Indies v New Zealand at Kingston, Jul 7, 2012
West Indies won by 55 runs
7 July 2012 (50-over match)

Southee to Simmons, no run, away swing, most of it after it has passed the batsman far outside off stump


Southee to Simmons, no run, that was a lot closer to off stump, straightening on a good length, Simmons leaves again


Southee to Simmons, no run, beaten, has a flail after shuffling across to a wide one, it moves further away from back of a length


Southee to Simmons, 4 leg byes, on the pads, and off the thigh pad fine down the leg side


Southee to Simmons, no run, swings away just before pitching on a good length outside off, left alone, swings away again just before it reaches the keeper


Southee to Simmons, no run, bowled much fuller for the stumps now, Simmons is back and across and pushes to mid on

West Indies 7/0   TG Southee 1-1-0-0

Southee to Simmons, no run, length ball, tight line on off stump, Simmons pushes it with an open face to off


Southee to Simmons, 1 wide, angled down the leg side, Simmons shuffling across too much outside off stump, and misses the tickle


Southee to Simmons, no run, now he gets the front foot out too far across, and gets hit high on the pad as he misses a climbing length ball, which was going down leg


Southee to Simmons, no run, pushes out towards covers


Southee to Simmons, no run, bowled from wide of the crease, hurled in full, Simmons defends solidly


Southee to Simmons, OUT, another failure for Simmons, and New Zealand have struck with one of the new balls, Southee is pumped, nice line, angles it in full just outside off stump, it starts to move away before pitching, Simmons is tentative, ends up shuffling across in the crease, and feathering it to the keeper, as he pushes away from the body, shot of a man in no form

LMP Simmons c †Watling b Southee 3 (15m 17b 0x4 0x6) SR: 17.64


Southee to Smith, no run, widish and back of a length outside off, moving away and left alone easily

West Indies 10/1   TG Southee 2-1-1-1

Southee to Smith, no run, backward point slides to his left to stop the ball as Smith pushes away from the body


Southee to Smith, no run, beaten, again he goes searching for the ball away from the body, it swings away full from just outside off


Southee to Smith, no run, slightly late on the full delivery, but manages to shuffle across and defend with bat and pad together


Southee to Smith, no run, full again, pushed softly down the pitch, mid off gets across and fields


Southee to Smith, 1 wide, appeal for catch down the leg side but it is called a wide, did not look to be bat involved


Southee to Smith, no run, played out to the leg side


Southee to Smith, no run

West Indies 29/1   TG Southee 3-1-2-1

Southee to Gayle, no run, Southee has Gayle surprised by a very sharp bouncer, he was on the front foot, and had to take evasive action as the ball took off at him, just manages to avoid it


Southee to Gayle, FOUR, the next one is pitched up, middle stump line, but Gayle manages to work it behind square leg, the straight sixes get all the attention, but he scores a lot of runs in the square leg area


Southee to Gayle, FOUR, this is serious slaughter, Gayle sees this one bowled full outside off, bends the knee, gets forward and lofts it over extra cover, what have you got, Tim?


Southee to Gayle, no run, Southee bowls it still fuller, close to the blockhole, and Gayle has no trouble in keeping it out


Southee to Gayle, no run, just around the off stump, full length, he gets slightly forward and across and pushes it towards cover


Southee to Gayle, no run, very full from Southee, Gayle mistimes it as he tries to squeeze it away through point

West Indies 48/1   TG Southee 4-1-10-1

Southee to Gayle, 1 run, Southee arrives and continues with the leg stump line to Gayle, who earns another single towards midwicket


Southee to Samuels, 1 run, steered to third man


Southee to Gayle, FOUR, off stump line for once to Gayle, dipping full toss, Gayle leans out, and manages a thick edge past the keeper


Southee to Gayle, 1 run, back of a length, pushed to covers for a sharp run


Southee to Samuels, 1 run


Southee to Gayle, 1 run, worked square on the leg side

West Indies 124/2   TG Southee 5-1-19-1

Southee to Samuels, FOUR, excellent stroke, Samuels has looked in fine touch today, gets forward to a pitched up ball outside off and eases it past extra cover, all timing


Southee to Samuels, FOUR, and again, top stroke, Southee bowls it closer to off stump, full again, Samuels makes some room and opens the face to beat extra cover comfortably


Southee to Samuels, FOUR, third time, Gayle was all power, Samuels has been timing them superbly, Southee continues to pitch them up, and Samuels continues to put them away, that man at extra cover cannot do anything, the ball goes wider of him this time


Southee to Samuels, 1 run, angles it into leg stump now, forced towards midwicket


Southee to Pollard, 1 run, full one worked to deep square leg


Southee to Samuels, no run, Southee ends the over alright, bowls it into the blockhole, Samuels cannot force it away

West Indies 242/3   TG Southee 6-1-33-1

Southee to Samuels, 1 run, drives to long on for one


Southee to Pollard, FOUR, crack! a length ball has been whipped hard from outside off stump to the deep midwicket boundary


Southee to Pollard, 1 run, short, looks to pull very hard, but mistimes the stroke, gets a single to leg


Southee to Samuels, no run, full delivery squeezed out to extra cover, Pollard wants the single, Samuels does not, Samuels wins


Southee to Samuels, 1 run, into the leg stump, around the blockhole, pushed down to long on


Southee to Pollard, OUT, that looked gone, Pollard misses a full toss angled in, struck in front of middle and leg, and given right away, however, ball tracker shows us the delivery would have missed leg stump with the angle

KA Pollard lbw b Southee 8 (18m 9b 1x4 0x6) SR: 88.88

West Indies 253/4   TG Southee 7-1-40-2

Southee to Samuels, 1 run, hit past the bowler to long on


Southee to Bravo, 1 run, back of the hand slower one, pushed to extra cover for a single


Southee to Samuels, 1 run, squeezed out to long off for a single


Southee to Bravo, 1 run


Southee to Samuels, 1 run, low full toss on middle and leg, down to long on


Southee to Bravo, OUT, gone, New Zealand have not done badly in these end overs, Southee sends another yorker for Bravo's legs, he cannot get them out of the way, pings the boot and crashes into the off stump, Southee appealed initially before realising he did not need to, Bravo limps off in some pain

DJ Bravo b Southee 3 (13m 7b 0x4 0x6) SR: 42.85

West Indies 272/5   TG Southee 8-1-45-3

Southee to Samuels, no run, around the blockhole, squeezed out to the off side


Southee to Samuels, 1 run, full delivery driven down to long on


Southee to Sammy, 1 run, in the blockhole once again, he gets the front leg out of the way and jams it away through midwicket


Southee to Samuels, 1 run, pitched up, drives it down the ground


Southee to Sammy, 1 run, full outside off, whips it off a thick inside edge to short fine leg


Southee to Samuels, no run, not a bad over at all from Southee, full again around the blockhole, pushed straight back to the bowler

West Indies 294/5   TG Southee 9-1-49-3

Southee to Sammy, 1 run


Southee to Samuels, 1 run, hits a full delivery on middle to long on


Southee to Sammy, 1 run, New Zealand have been mostly around the blockhole at the death, Sammy makes some room and digs it out to long on


Southee to Samuels, 1 run, onto 98 now with a soft push off a full delivery to covers


Southee to Sammy, 1 run, third time today a stroke has hit the non-striker's stumps, ricochets away to the leg side


Southee to Samuels, 1 run, gets a full toss, but cannot hit it wide enough of long on , gets only a single

West Indies 311/5   TG Southee 10-1-55-3





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