New Zealand tour of United States of America and West Indies, 2nd ODI: West Indies v New Zealand at Kingston, Jul 7, 2012
West Indies won by 55 runs
7 July 2012 (50-over match)

Mills to Gayle, SIX, and there he goes, he is done with the leaving, this one was slightly closer to off, slightly fuller, in Gayle's zone, and he puts front foot out and clobbers it over the long off boundary

West Indies 16/1   CH Gayle 8* (8b 1x6)   KD Mills 2.2-0-11-0

Mills to Gayle, SIX, well, well, this has been the difference, they need to get this man early, second six for Gayle, Mills tries the slower one, pitched up again, outside off, and Gayle hammers it over wide long off, that just flew and was still travelling as it crashed into the upper tiers of the stand

West Indies 22/1   CH Gayle 14* (10b 2x6)   KD Mills 2.4-0-17-0

Mills to Gayle, SIX, another one, he did not even move his feet this time, stood in the crease, swung eagerly, and the ball obliged, it disappeared over the long off boundary

West Indies 28/1   CH Gayle 20* (11b 3x6)   KD Mills 2.5-0-23-0

McCullum to Gayle, SIX, here he comes, skips out, reaches the pitch easily, and lifts it straight down the ground

West Indies 35/1   CH Gayle 26* (15b 4x6)   NL McCullum 0.3-0-6-0

Oram to Smith, SIX, there it comes, this is one stroke he owns, shortish from Oram, and Smith winds up to pull it flat over the deep midwicket boundary

West Indies 73/1   DR Smith 14* (21b 1x4 1x6)   JDP Oram 2.3-0-14-0

Nethula to Gayle, SIX, biff, floats it up slightly, only slightly wide outside off, Gayle reaches for it, and the ball disappears into the sightscreen

West Indies 88/1   CH Gayle 57* (46b 4x4 5x6)   TS Nethula 0.5-0-8-0

Nethula to Gayle, SIX, boom, and he is welcomed first ball with a mammoth straight six, slight room to swing his arms, full just outside off, and that is enough

West Indies 130/2   CH Gayle 81* (70b 6x4 6x6)   TS Nethula 4.1-1-21-1

Nicol to Gayle, SIX, he won't let Nicol get away with a tight over, sees it pitch full outside off, not much width, but Gayle cranks up, lunges forward, and deposits it over long off

West Indies 156/2   CH Gayle 92* (82b 6x4 7x6)   RJ Nicol 2-0-14-0

Flynn to Gayle, SIX, onto 98 now, fired in full on off stump, he gets forward and smokes it straight over the bowler

West Indies 163/2   CH Gayle 98* (83b 6x4 8x6)   DR Flynn 0.2-0-7-0

Nethula to Samuels, SIX, superb stroke, Samuels has used his feet well to spin, skips out, reaches the pitch and whips against the turn over midwicket, it is timed so well it carries over the rope, some timing

West Indies 180/2   MN Samuels 31* (41b 1x4 1x6)   TS Nethula 6.4-1-40-1

Nethula to Gayle, SIX, tossed up and another effortless hit, for a while I thought that was a catch, it was only a few yards wide of long-on but that had much too much power for the fielder there, Nethula has his hands on his head

West Indies 191/2   CH Gayle 113* (94b 7x4 9x6)   TS Nethula 7.1-1-47-1

Nethula to Sammy, SIX, first ball, captain Sammy goes straight down the ground, with a very straight bat

West Indies 279/5   DJG Sammy 6* (1b 1x6)   TS Nethula 9.2-1-63-1

Oram to Sammy, SIX, too short, too wide, Sammy waits, reaches out for it, and gives the cut a full swing of the bat, carries all the way into the deep backward point rope

West Indies 304/5   DJG Sammy 25* (13b 1x4 2x6)   JDP Oram 8.5-0-63-0





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