West Indies v New Zealand, 3rd Test, Barbados June 24, 2014

Gibson wants more help for quicks in Barbados

ESPNcricinfo staff

Ottis Gibson, the West Indies coach, wants more help for his fast bowlers from the Bridgetown pitch in the decisive third Test against New Zealand compared to what they got in Kingston and Port-of-Spain. The new-ball pair of Jerome Taylor and Kemar Roach bowled 85 and 86 overs respectively in the first two Tests, and while that brought them a combined 17 wickets, Gibson would like see their toil backed by a more responsive surface.

"We will have a look at the pitch and see what it holds. Kensington always has a little bit in it for the bowlers as well," Gibson was quoted as saying by CMC. "Trinidad was a very un-Trinidad like pitch; it was a good pitch for batting and the bowlers had to work hard. It was probably one of the best pitches I've seen in Trinidad for a long time. I thought the bowlers bowled well in Jamaica and we backed it up in Trinidad on a pitch where we had to work really hard."

West Indies lost the first Test by 186 runs before winning the second by 10 wickets. They dismissed New Zealand in 74.4 overs in the first innings in Port-of-Spain but ran into stiff resistance from the visitors in the second, which stretched for 152.2 overs till lunch on the final day.

Earlier in the series, left-arm spinner Sulieman Benn had said that West Indies were not in favour of "flat" pitches such as the one for the first Test in Jamaica, where New Zealand racked up 508 for 7 declared in the first innings. While Benn had asked for a "proper" Test pitch that had something in it for bowlers as well as batsmen, Gibson wanted a "good" track for the third Test.

"Hopefully we'll get a very good surface in Barbados, one that helps our quick bowlers a little bit more than maybe Trinidad and Jamaica. Our fast bowlers are bowling fantastically well so hopefully we get a pitch that gives them a little bit of support and they can continue to bowl the way they have been bowling and bowl us to a series win."

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  • Ali on June 26, 2014, 14:51 GMT

    Sage Rodriguez.. I guess Viv Richards was a terrible test batsman ....

    and I guess Shiv Chanderpaul is a terrible ODI batsman ...

    and Guess David Warner is a Terrible Test Batsman ...

    What is so hard to envision about Pollard , playing Test cricket, by batting properly ?

    His 20/20 batting consists of PROPER cricketing strokes ... Pollard hits straight ...

    This would be GREAT in test cricket ...

    and further more, he has played 4-day cricket and has showed an aptitude for solid defense.

    as a matter of fact.

    Pollard's 1st game after knee surgery , which he used to warm up before going to the IPL was a 4-day game...

    He made a patient century ...

    You had to be a mad man to ASSUME that pollard would try to score 4 ball 100's in Test cricket .....

  • Ali on June 26, 2014, 2:46 GMT

    Benn and Gabriel should be replaced by Narine and Holder !

    we are not saying that Benn and Gabriel did not do well ...

    BUT , we don't pick Tendulkar ahead of Bradman ...

    Holder and Narine are just better ...

    and oddly ... more than 50% of people in the Caribbean can see this as a DUHHHHHHH decision ..

    and the rest of the WORLD (90%) of the people see this as a DUHHHHHHHH decision ...

    the WICB,,, are proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that they know absolutely NOTHING about cricket ....

  • Dummy4 on June 25, 2014, 22:24 GMT

    why ask for pollard????????that guy has the worst technique u will ever see dosent even have the temperament for test cricket, ask for pollard when he trys playing a full season of fc n not the ipl

  • ken on June 25, 2014, 16:44 GMT

    It is safe to say that NZ batsmen are better at pace than spin. Taylor is by far the best bowler on show in this series but he has less wickets than Southie, this is because WI batsmen cant handle the swing and NZ manages it far better. Just look back to the series in NZ and you will get a hint of how well we can handle fast tracks.

    Now its known that NZ are weaker than us at spin so why on earth would Gibson be asking for a fast track? The last track that was prepared for the Ausies should be on show again and Shillingford should be in for Gabriel and since Bravo is not fit Pollard should be called up.WI management seems to be stuck in a thought loop that was glitched by the millennium bug.

  • Orlando on June 25, 2014, 13:52 GMT

    As usual just about anything that Gibson says can be safely ignored. Yes hopefully Bridgetown will provide the best pitch of the series but as others have said both teams will be able to bowl on it and NZ have good quicks. WI greatest need is for an allrounder. Benn can't keep bowling over 50 overs per innings. A 5th bowler is sorely needed and Dwayne Bravo would have fitted the bill but is not yet fully recovered. Pollard would be the next best thing or Simmons or at a stretch even Dwayne Smith. Carlos Brathwaite is not ready yet. In the mean time relying on Gayle's bowling is a real weak link that NZ will seek to exploit. It would be hard to drop anyone at this point after such a successful test but going into the 3rd test with just 4 bowlers is a huge risk. One of Blackwood or Edwards would be the ones most likely to lose out but I doubt WI selectors will do anything. They will use the same team and hope for a repeat performance. BIG RISK! They have to keep 1 step ahead of NZ.

  • Devon L on June 25, 2014, 13:43 GMT

    Courtesy 6/24/14 6:38:47 PM In reply to natty_forever

    Natty, with all de explanation on de other thread you still nah overstand. OK. Suppose the increase in production is the result of equipment change...(Ramdin batting with a lighter bat) and/or a technical change...(Ramdin just tweeking his technique).

    Would you say the increased runs scored by Ramdin is as a result of mental fortitude? Can you arrive definitively at this conclusion?

    This is why on de other thread me tell you it is a stretch to equate increased production (more runs scored) with mental fortitude.......... Now on the other matter, you still nah figure out de Holding statement yet.

    natty_forever: ask Mr. Courtesy: Can the Equipment and Technical Changes act by themselves without and External Force moving upon them? In other words it needs something, someone to use it to effect the changes necessary for improvement! That I say needs Mental Fortitude.. Mr. Ramdin is not a metaphor he is a reality.

  • Dummy4 on June 25, 2014, 7:04 GMT

    Seriously! Let not get carried away with this win. WI still have alot of work too do. As for Gayle this should be his last test series. mother time has caught up with him. playing T20 style cricket in all white just don't cut it. I rather not have the young players adapting the same tendency in test cricket. For the Bangladesh series I would like to see the 13 man squad: Simmons, Brathwaite, Edwards, Bravo, Chanderpaul, Blakewood, Bravo, Ramdin, Narine, Benn, Taylor, Roach and Holder. At the end of this year playing against SA 5 bowlers a must to compete 4 seamers 1 spinner. Lets make the positive changes for the future.

  • Dummy4 on June 25, 2014, 4:34 GMT

    i asking again why not kenroy peters from windward peters had more wicket than of the fast bowler play for west indies this series & still can;t get a pick .wow garbiel is lucky bowler

  • Jal on June 25, 2014, 1:46 GMT

    i still dnt understand why gabriel keeps getting picked, especially in front of holder

  • o on June 25, 2014, 1:20 GMT

    If W.I wanted to make advantage v NZ they'd prepare spinning track with both Narine and Benn in the side. Benn alone is a decent left arm spinner and he causes a few problems but he mainly keeps it tight Narine is real strike spinner and would of been handful for NZ like he has been every time he has played them even including a December green-top in NZ. Southee Boult and Wagner are far better than W.I pace attack at present so don't really see where he's going with this just sounds delusional to me, seems alot of folks the coach included have already gotten carried away with one win ! You can't expect Jerome Taylor to take 4 or 5 cheap first innings wickets every game and looking at how Watling and the bowlers batted for a day and a half in the second innings shows W.I are unlikely to beat NZ who will be fighting for a first historic W.I series win and most definitely wil unlikely lose 20 wickets to this same W.I attack come crunch time.

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