West Indies v Pakistan, 4th ODI, St Lucia July 21, 2013

Misbah, Hafeez secure lead in shortened game


Pakistan 189 for 4 (Hafeez 59, Misbah 53*) beat West Indies 261 for 7 (Samuels 106*, Simmons 46) by 6 wickets (D/L method)
Scorecard and ball-by-ball details

When the rain finally subsided to revise Pakistan's target to 189 in 31 overs, leaving them 121 to get in 14 remaining overs, West Indies' captain Dwayne Bravo was clearly not happy. He looked at the sheet of paper given by the umpire in disgust, and handed it over to a team-mate. Pakistan, who had eight wickets in hand, had to give up further Powerplay overs, but all of West Indies' main bowlers had bowled by then and didn't have many overs left. West Indies were sluggish, almost resigned, whereas Pakistan chased with intent, and took an unassailable 2-1 lead with only the final game to go.

During the chase, Misbah-ul-Haq went past Wasim Akram's record of most ODI runs without a century, but saw Pakistan home with a cool unbeaten 53 off 43, which complemented Mohammad Hafeez's 59 off 62. The stand the two put together meant that Marlon Samuel's century earlier in the day, scored in what was then a 49-over game, and instrumental in setting up the biggest total of the series, went in vain.

Until rain arrived, though, West Indies were doing it just right. They had weathered a quickish start from Pakistan, dried up the runs, eked out two wickets, but because only two batsmen had been dismissed, Pakistan's revised target was not out of reach. In hindsight, Misbah's decision to bowl in a series that no side had won chasing until then, and despite no forecast of rain, ended up giving them the advantage.

The grumpy West Indies came out, and resumed with part-time bowlers at each end. Bravo himself began with a wide first ball after rain. Hafeez and Misbah, the unbeaten batsmen, seized the momentum, taking 17 off the first two overs. West Indies knew they could have given one of Sunil Narine, Kemar Roach and Jason Holder two overs, and the other two just an over each.

Hafeez went after Holder, pulling him for two sixes in the 21st over. Even as Bravo continued to go for runs, bowling ahead of Darren Sammy who went for just 10 in three overs, West Indies turned to Narine at the other end. Pakistan played that over out peacefully, which brought the target down to 62 from 48.

In the next over, Roach got slightly lucky with Hafeez's wicket, who played a square-drive straight to point. Shahid Afridi was closer to the miss on his hit-or-miss spectrum. When He fell, Pakistan needed 45 off 34.

Misbah had quietly made 38 off 33 by then. And for company, he had Umar Akmal, who might have missed a stumping earlier in the day but was in good touch with the bat. The third ball he faced, he square-drove for four. After that, they calculated the chase well, choosing to sit back in Narine's final over, the 29th. However, towards the end of that over, Narine provided Misbah with a log hop, which he duly dispatched for six, bringing the equation down to 15 off 13. Seven of those 13 deliveries were not bowled as Akmal ran through the target in the 30th over.

West Indies were left dazed, and it was not hard to see why. Earlier in the day, they had put up the best batting performance of the series, by either side, to break free from the middling range of 220-235. They were led by the return to form of the best batsman in recent times, Samuels, who converted a slow start - 19 off 33 - into the first century of the series - 106 off 104.

The day began with rain, which reduced the game to 49 overs, and dampening news for Chris Gayle, whose recent poor form pushed him down to No. 5. Turned out it didn't save him from the new ball. The balls were only eight overs old when West Indies lost three wickets. Devon Smith, the man brought in as opening replacement for Gayle, managed to score his first run in three innings, but soon bottom-edged Mohammad Irfan through to the keeper.

Gayle walked in at 63 for 3 to face the big test of having been demoted at this stage of his career. Like the rest of the series, Gayle was unsure again, and had two left-arm quicks, a variety that has troubled him of late, bowling at him. It should have become 64 for 4 immediately as Gayle followed Riaz outside off, but Hafeez spilled it. Gayle looked determined after that, and along with Samuels began to rebuild the innings.

Samuels lost Gayle in the 30th over, after a 57-run stand, but the signs of a Samuels special had been there. The next 20 overs were all Samuels, although Lendl Simmons, Sammy and Dwayne Bravo were worthy support acts. Samuels either danced down to spin or sat back to set up base for big hitting off the quicks. Simmons continued his form at the other end, helped of course by a missed stumping.

Ninety runs came off the last 10 overs with Samuels' century coming up with just one ball to go. He celebrated elaborately, letting out a scream and taking three bows. At the end of the day, when named the Man of the Match, he was bitterly disappointed.

Sidharth Monga is an assistant editor at ESPNcricinfo

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  • Ata on July 23, 2013, 21:03 GMT

    @t20cric: Well you are right that PCB selected Saeed Ajmal in age of 30, but I think you forget or don't know the more dark side of the picture, Saeed Ajmal is known by his doosra to the world, but do you know who invented doosra? Saqlain Mushtaq, yes he was the inventor and he was the master of doosra using it since 1996, and he was on peak of his game, when PCB discarded him in the age of 27. and do you know for whom place was created in the team by kicking out Saqlain Mushtaq, it was Shoaib Malik who was later promoted as batsman, and he forgot spin bowling... this is how our PCB select and discard players. Shame on PCB. Saqlain Mustaq was so creative, he invented doosra. in ICL he did another delivery which he called "Jalebi", people can watch it on youtube. I wish Harish Sohail get chance to bat in last ODI and score some runs, otherwise I am afraid PCB will drop him for next tour.

  • MUHAMMAD on July 23, 2013, 21:00 GMT

    @BowledYa, i think Misbah is a selfish player who keeps his averages good and his attitude doesn't help anyone, as a captain he demoralizes everyone with his sluggish batting style. I do how ever admire him for keeping a healthy average. there are many famous players dropped out of the cricket squads with much higher averages and many centuries under their belts for having a selfish attitude in cricket, BC Lara was one who used to be dropped off because of that.. anyhow we need a captain who can come in with a positive frame of mind and lead his team.

  • Ata on July 23, 2013, 20:42 GMT

    @Solid_Snake: Well Hafeez, simply did not deserve to be in the team, He is neither a bowler nor he is a batsman. But this is PCB who make such players captain and vice captain. Hafeez is the only players in the current team who is playing continuously without being dropped for any match. Hafeez is such a clever guy that he as a captain did not give Razzaq any over in a match, but at the end when 9 runs were required in one over to opposition he called Razzaq to do the dirty work in last over, but Razzaq saved it and match was tied. and in next games he dropped Razzaq. He knew Razzaq is the player who could capture his position as an all-rounder. Now he has scored 59, so he will keep batting on one down. This is joint venture by Hafeez and Misbah, all other fails but axe always fall on Asad Shafiq.

  • Ata on July 23, 2013, 19:24 GMT

    @BowledYa: Well I did not gave MOM to Afridin the match where Misbah scored 83, but infact Srilankan openers were palying well and when all other pakistan bowler failed to get breakthrough, it was Afridi who broke the opening partneship on 87, and also packed srilankan top order. Credit goes to younis khan because when he came to bat Pak openers were struggling, at the situation was same like nowadays, Misbah is facing but instead of blocking the balls, Younis Khan kept going on with singles. I never listened to Younis Khan making excuse that when he comes to Bat it is pressure situation. I agree that they should handle situation, and if 2 or 3 are down, Misbah should not make excuse about pressure, he should rotate strike. and you came with example of a match where Afridi was man of the match, and comparing with Misbah with zaheer Abbas, see the strike rate, and centuries, Man of the match awards got by Zaheer Abbas. Misbah is nowhere in comparison with him.

  • Yasir on July 23, 2013, 16:00 GMT

    @dmqi->Hafeez is simply destroying the team combination.I wonder why he never comes under discussion.When Someone else plays bad,all points it out.But when Hafeez repeatedly fails,nobody say anything about it..He lost the opening slot & he cant bat down the order.So i say simply kick him out & bring in another All rounder who can bat down the order & bowl as well..

  • Zee on July 23, 2013, 15:33 GMT

    @bouncer709 Arbitrary and isolated examples. These are professional batsmen and pressure is part of the game, they are supposed to handle it according to the situation. To blame Misbah for the pressure is putting the cart before the horse. Misbah correctly believes that you have better chances if you play out 50 overs. Time and again the failures happen when the teams get bowled out early, not when they plays 50 overs. BTW, Misbah is one of the best in the game in rotating strike and taking singles. Issue with Misbah haters like you is that you want to blame him for every one of the other players failures (Misbah put pressure on them and that's why they failed), and want to give credit to other players for his successes (Misbah top scored with 83 but credit goes to Younis for 72 and Afridi for 4/34). And stats and numbers don't mean anything to you either, because you will only use selected examples to make your point.

  • asad on July 23, 2013, 15:32 GMT

    All Misbah haters now have nothing to say as this time he scored his strike rate was only less then Umar Akmal. After rain this game was like a slightly smaller t20 and Misbah played excellently. Hafeez finally made a respectable total and didn't throw it away he just got out to some excellent fielding. Umar Akmal is playing great as a batsman and he finishes the innings well.

    But honestly shame on PCB for not noticing Misbah and Ajmal earlier. Misbah made his international debut (tests) in 2001 when he was about 27 and Ajmal made his international debut (ODIs) in 2008 when he was about 30. Now these two amazing players are close to retirement but we are so dependent on them cuz they are the most consistent. Now Pakistan desperately need to find a younger Misbah ideally under 25.

  • mohammad on July 23, 2013, 13:10 GMT

    Can Pakistan coach and captain explain why is Hafiz is playing at number 3 after repeated failures and causing the team's defeat. 1 in 6 matches' score will not justify his number 3 position, Umar Akmal gets that now. Wahab Riaz is out after last match, Afridi should take a break and Umar Amin, and another bowler should be in. Misbah needs to know how to use players to win matches. This series has become dull one. No Gayle's actions yet.

  • Dummy4 on July 23, 2013, 11:23 GMT

    Bowling performance in this tournament Afridi is top with econ 3.62. Misbah not allowing afridi to complete his 10 over quota very bad misbha














    Shahid Afridi (Pak) 4 4 29.0 3 105 10 7/12 10.50 3.62 17.4 0 1 JO Holder (WI) 4 4 32.0 6 124 7 4/13 17.71 3.87 27.4 1 0 Mohammad Irfan (Pak) 4 4 37.0 3 149 7 2/17 21.28 4.02 31.7 0 0 DJ Bravo (WI) 4 4 24.5 3 160 7 2/9 22.85 6.44 21.2 0 0 Saeed Ajmal (Pak) 4 4 37.0 1 149 6 3/36 24.83 4.02 37.0 0 0 KAJ Roach (WI) 4 4 32.0 6 120 5 2/38 24.00 3.75 38.4 0 0 Junaid Khan (Pak) 2 2 19.0 3 93 4 3/54 23.25 4.89 28.5 0 0 SP Narine (WI) 4 4 29.0 1 142 4 4/26 35.50 4.89 43.5 1 0 KA Pollard (WI) 3 3 13.0 0 69 2 1/25 34.50 5.30 39.0 0 0 DJG Sammy (WI) 4 4 31.0 2 121 2 1/30 60.50 3.90 93.0 0 0 Wahab Riaz (Pak) 4 4 28.0 2 150 2 1/42 75.00 5.35 84.0 0 0

  • Ata on July 23, 2013, 11:15 GMT

    @BowledYa: Now see an example here how stats lie. Compare two batsman who both scores 30 runs of 40 balls. 1st batsman from the start of his inning keep rotating strike, he keep scoring 7, 8 runs per every 10 balls. And manage to score 30 runs of 40 balls. 2nd batsman: he blocks first 20 balls and score only 2 runs of first 20 balls, and then on next 20 bals he score 28 more runs and end with 30 runs on 40 balls. Now if you see both have scored 30 runs with strike rate 70+. But what is the difference, the way 1st batman is playing it will not create any pressure. The 2nd batsman when block 20 ball in first part, he build pressure on his team, now suppose the batsman on other end with him is Hafeez who also took 20 balls to score 1st run. What will happen? They will score only 3 runs of 40 balls. Now if they took 20 balls each to score 1st run, and after 20 balls they get out, will it be possible for next coming batsman to increase the run rate?