South Africa in West Indies 2010 May 30, 2010

Gibson wants batsmen to show 'common sense'

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A day after Ottis Gibson said he would like a batting coach to be part of his staff, West Indies proved they need the guidance of one by crashing to 157 all out in 38 overs in Dominica, surrendering the series 3-0 to South Africa with two ODIs to play. Gibson said the dismal performance was because the batsmen were neither taking responsibility nor playing with common sense.

"It boils down to the batsmen taking responsibility, which they are not doing, and it is also going to take a large amount of common sense, which they are not displaying," Gibson said. "As a coach, you can talk as much as you like, and the guys are working hard at their skills, but cricket also requires some thought and a lot of commonsense and that's where, as a batting group, we are falling down."

The West Indies bowlers had done their bit to help fight back in the series by restricting South Africa to 224 in the third one-dayer. However, the batting collapsed and the hosts lost eight wickets for 89 to slump to 118 for 8. Similar batting failures have led to West Indies losing all five chases against South Africa - two in the Twenty20 internationals and three in the ODIs.

"I keep saying that, in order to win, we have to create the opportunity first. We created the opportunity, we bowled out (South Africa) for 224, we can't ask for more than that in a game you have to win," Gibson said. "All it required was some common sense batting and we're not displaying any common sense when we walk out."

Gibson also defended Shivnarine Chanderpaul's performance in the third one-dayer. Chanderpaul, playing his first match of the series after recovering from a hand injury, took 49 balls to score 24 at No.3. "Shiv is still our best player; chasing 224, we didn't need any heroics, we just needed some sensible batting, but, as we have seen in most of the games so far, we've been let down badly by our batting," Gibson said. "We've seen in the past Shiv take 40 balls to get 20 runs but, if he bats 50 overs, he will make up. If the other guys bat around him, we will get to 224."

West Indies have included batsman Travis Dowlin, the A team's captain, in the squad for the fourth ODI and Gibson said it was likely that he would play. "Travis Dowlin - who has had a reasonable (West Indies A Team) tour of Bangladesh - is joining us so we could see another change in the batting order."

Ramnaresh Sarwan, who picked up a hamstring injury in the second ODI, is still on the sidelines.

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  • jamal on June 2, 2010, 17:04 GMT

    west indies player need to understand that its a team effort that matter, if half of the team preforms and the other fails they will loose. To win you need a balance team and if the selectors don't realist this they will always have problems. west indies players depend on some particular player to preform they all need to preform to be able to start winning Games. but Plz try and a better wicketkeeper or "Darren Bravo" to become a full wicketkeeper.

  • Christopher on June 1, 2010, 12:50 GMT

    the west indies need to stop picking people just because they had one memorable innings or because they are popular around the world...pollard has had more than ample opportunity to make a significant contribution with the bat but has never succeeded and as such she should be towering six or becomining a star in the ipl,australia or the champions league is not good enough..many people talk about him not getting enough time to bat but that is a lie (especially in ODIs). there were many cases where west indies did not require anything spectacular to ensure victory and he just threw his wicket away. Pollard is picked as a batter who bowls not the other way around yet even miller has a better av. This label pf pollard being a 'big hitter' is a farce, just look at the way he outs most of the time, either a soft tap to one of the fielders or a skier that is caught IN THE CIRCLE. For west indies cricket to move fwd non-contributers like pollard and fletcher NEED to be DROPPED!!!

  • Amar on May 31, 2010, 22:42 GMT

    Yes i agree that West indies need to show more common sence, but the selectors need to show at least a little, Gayle being captian is affecting his batting, "Singhe" how can say Darren or Pollard dont belong in this WI team, is it that this WI team is so good that they can make it, please try an remember it is Pollard who batted extremly well in austrial an then in the IPL, plus he is a good alrounder,who takes wickets, an Darren deserive his pick, he has score 2 hundreds and 3 fiftys in the last month, by the way have u seen Sunday game, it was Pollard an Daren who batted extremely well, Deonarine have lost his form, in so being he should be drop but not forgotten, 20/20 an ODI is not Shiv game anymore, yes he's making runs but his low strick rate is causein additional presure in lower order which is one of the causes Pollard, Sammy, Ramdin are failing. My team if all WI players are fit will be... Gayle, Barath, Darren, Dwanye, Sarawan, Pollard, Sammy, Ramdin, Benn, Taylor, Roach.

  • John on May 31, 2010, 15:05 GMT

    Gibson you also need to take responsability for your failure to manage W.I. I was quite willing to give you the benifit of the doubt but you have failed miserably. You use Dwayne Smith and now Benn as your scape goats. We are not as blind as you think????

  • K on May 31, 2010, 12:49 GMT

    In order to become a winning squad, all aspects of their game must improve. When the bowling is fine, the batting is failing, and visa versa. They must have a consistently high standard in their bowling, batting and fielding in order to climb the ladder.

  • giovaughn on May 30, 2010, 21:46 GMT

    truly im just about fed up of west indies cricket. when we rarely get 1 aspect right the other aspects go out the window. in order 2 win u have 2 concentrate & exercise common sense in batting bowling & fielding. 2 many mistakes are being made. we are either clobbered or we get our self in a good position & then throw it away. as a matter of fact i think cricket just isnt working out for us.

  • John on May 30, 2010, 18:34 GMT

    Maybe the time has come for us to start asking for 5 "O" Levels inclusive of Maths and English before you can become a West Indian cricketer.

  • Raymond on May 30, 2010, 16:15 GMT

    Otis is correct: his comments were directly at Gale and the Bravo boys. I would like to see the following order: Richards, Shiv, Dwayne, Deonarine, Gayle, Bernard....I dont think Darren or Pollard belong on this team....when Sarwan gets back, he bats at six...

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