South Africa in West Indies 2010 June 1, 2010

Losing is becoming a habit - Chris Gayle

Cricinfo staff

Despite losing six matches in a row to South Africa during the ongoing series, the West Indies captain Chris Gayle has said he was happy with his team's effort and the spirit within the group. Gayle also said it was imperative that West Indies didn't reach a stage where they "don't know how to win games anymore".

"I'm basically disappointed that we've lost so many games but, generally, everyone gets on well with each other," Gayle said after the fourth ODI which his side lost off the final ball. "The one downside is to get that win, but we've worked extremely hard, preparation-wise. It's just unfortunate that we are not getting the results out there in the middle."

That defeat was West Indies' fourth consecutive loss in the ODI series, following a 2-0 drubbing in the Twenty20s. Gayle felt his side was doing the basics right, but was struggling with the mental aspect of the game. "It is a mental situation we've actually reached now, but we have to come out of the situation as quickly as possible because, unfortunately, losing is becoming a habit and it's a bit difficult to get out of. That means that you don't know how to win games anymore, so we need to try and turn things around."

There was speculation that the side's excessive partying had a part to play in the poor on-field displays, but Gayle denied the claim. "Those days are over, to be honest with you. We are playing so much cricket, we don't really have time to do that," he said. "But guys need to be free. We don't want to put any burden on anyone.

"Everybody are big men and we don't want to treat them like kids, but at the same time, the conditions are very hot and you don't expect anyone to be partying," Gayle said. "We are past that stage. We have been criticised for that over the last couple of months and years and we're just trying to turn things around. We are making a lot of sacrifices in every department."

Despite the run of losses, Gayle was happy leading the side but admitted it was time to start grooming a successor. "At the end of the day, the way I look at it, I'm not going to be captain forever. At some stage, you are going to have a new captain, but I'm going to look at the situation. It's just one of those things and I'm sure they will be looking to groom someone at some given time. I'm not sure when (but) I'm really all for it and giving it my best shot."