West Indies v South Africa, 5th ODI, Trinidad June 4, 2010

We don't know how to finish them off - Gayle

Cricinfo staff

Chris Gayle, the West Indies captain, has said his team didn't know how to "finish them off" after losing the fifth ODI to South Africa during a tense finish in Trinidad. West Indies had South Africa at 246 for 9, chasing 253, and eventually lost with two balls to spare, consigning them to their second 5-0 whitewash at home against Graeme Smith's team.

"The game came close again, and we fell short again,' Gayle told reporters after the match. "We don't know how to finish them off. Losing has become a habit, but we have to put that behind us and look forward to the Test series."

The one-wicket defeat on Thursday followed a loss off the last ball in the fourth game in Dominica. "I think our team needs to learn from South Africa. They are a top team and we came close to victory against them many times this series. When you look at their performances, we can take something from their approach to the game and put it into our game."

Though they lost all seven games in the series so far, West Indies, according to Gayle, could take some encouragement from knowing South Africa "are beatable" as the teams prepare for the three-Test series. "We came close, and we fell short, but one positive we can take away is that we know they are beatable," he said. "We just hope that we can change things around for the Tests. We can beat them, we have done it once in South Africa, so there is no reason we can't beat them at home."

Gayle received mixed reactions from the Port-of-Spain crowd after the game and was booed by some and cheered by others. He wasn't too fussed about it, saying it had "happened in the past in Trinidad and Tobago".

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  • Dominic on June 6, 2010, 8:25 GMT

    Im a die hard fan of WI cricket nd lets stop playing the blame game here, WI might have lost the 5 ODI to a full strength SA, with no edwards and roach and they lost with close margins, this should ring a bell to the selectors get the young guns let them exprience cricket at the top level instead of keep them to rust HOLDER played well in the u19WC he could be a replacement and so on, dont forget Sachin palyed when we was 16 he did not become a great cricketer over night, WI selectors need to bring in the young guys if they want to stay in and make a name for themselves like the 70 and 80s. good luck guys in the test prove urselves.

  • Jumoke on June 5, 2010, 10:59 GMT

    @ rambadi. this WAS about not knowing how to finish off an opponent. the WI team has lacked the ability to perform well over an entire match for quite some time now. i remember that some time ago the team looked quite the same under the captaincy of jimmy adams, carl hooper, and brian lara. captaincy in the WI is a poisoned chalice it would seem. the problem with WI cricket right now is not so much the captain or a lack of talent, it is proper development of talent as you cited, poor leadership from above, and a clear lack of cricket sense. The WICB should be disbanded and remade. Their prehistoric ideas and selection poilicies are hurting us. I would concede though, that gayle has made some unneccessary comments about the longer formats of the game and other players, but i also would concede that the majority of his comments on the players were right. And FYI not all of the islands depend on tourism... Trinidad & Tobago's main export is oil. The islands will surely fail by themselves.

  • Dummy4 on June 5, 2010, 3:00 GMT

    @Naty...u cant leave chanderpaul out of a one day or test team. t20 i understand but chanderpaul is the key to west indies' batting line up. if gayle faisl to give a start it is he who holds the whole innings together. alot of peopl dont realize the siginificance of chanderpaul. they watch him and say hes too much of a defensive player...let me put something to you chanderpaul is nto defensive he is a player who knows the value of his wicket and he plays to defend it. chanderpaul is not a player like gayle or pollard who goes in slugs a few and leaves he digs in and frustrates the bowlers to the point where they lose their lines and lengths and bowl madness and then he strikes.

  • Ram on June 5, 2010, 0:17 GMT

    You know this is not about not knowing to finish off an opponent. This is about Chris Gayle making excuses for himself time and again. Firstly, Gayle has got a big mouth which must be fixed for good. He has no character to be a captain. He goes around making childish comments against other cricketers, against 50-over cricket and Test Cricket, responds to criticisms poorly, and has absolutely no class.

    The West Indian cricket board is comprised of a lot of island nations. They don't see eye to eye on many things. There is no unity. To make matters worse, there is an inordinate number of strikes against the board. Furthermore, the main source of revenue for these tax haven island nations is tourism. So, there are no financial resources available to develop and/or maintain the sport there. It is a sad truth that cricket is dying in West Indies, at least in its current form.

    May be the players will play better if each of these island nations were represented by its own individual teams

  • Natasha on June 4, 2010, 18:29 GMT

    I have been watching cricket since i was a little girl.I'm a die hard cricket lover especially of WI.Regardless to if they are winning or loosing i love them,but I must admit when they are constantly loosing i do get frustrated. I think the selectors should be the ones to blame for the state that WEST INDIES cricket is in.I think chanderpaul should not be on a one day team,give ravi a chance.The final two ODI were good matches they batted well but the bowlers just didn't come around.I do hope they do better in the TEST.

  • Michael on June 4, 2010, 16:36 GMT

    This one is for Christopher Henry Gayle,which of the players in yesterdays match,would you consider to be the one who contributed the most to the W.I.defeat?in other words,who in your opinion was the scapegoat of the match?I dont understand how you were booed by some people,when the people who deserved to be booed are Dwayne Bravo and part time bowler Pollard.,but then again they were only following the CAPTAINs instructions,and they only bowled,because they didnt want to be sent off.Cricketman96 said better days are coming,WHEN?I agree,but not with this present crop.I give them another 10 years.This one is for the selectors,why was C.Walton the wicketkeeper on the A tour,not asked to return home like the others.Do you mean to tell me that Ramdin is going to be picked again?As far as team selection is concerned ,I can see room for another spinner and a wicketkeeper,otherwise my team will be Gayle,Dowlin,Bravo,Chanders,Nash,Bravo,Shillingford.Collins,Rampaul.

  • jamol on June 4, 2010, 15:47 GMT

    I was at the game in the oval,and even though the series was already lost the crowd still turned up to support.....we love our cricket that much,but again we were very disapointed,the selectors messed up again by not including ravi rampaul and bringing in dave bernard,for what reason?and bringing ben in the sqaud but not playing him,this is rediculous!you cant defend a total with one bowler being the injury proned jerome taylor!!He did not play in the fourth game because of injury and they force him back 4 this game and what happens...he gets injured again! roach got injured then so was taylor and what do the selectors do?they call up three batsmen an not one bowler.....rediculous!!!so is gayle's captaincy

  • Vivek on June 4, 2010, 14:56 GMT

    Effort is victory maan. Good efforts in the last two games, With a slightly stronger bowling and with a bowling spearhead , youu could have won. Go back to the old method. Get Roach,Fidel and Taylor and Powell along with miller, benn. Get Nash in ODI s too. Kick Ramdin and let somebody else keep. Let Pollard play some county cricket and push him up the order.Dareen has to be the permenent no 3. 2015 WC is yours.

  • Robin on June 4, 2010, 13:08 GMT

    It's all about confidence and mindset. I've lost count the amount of times the Windies completely blew a winning position and end up on the losing side. My first experience of this scenario was the 1983 World Cup Final against India, where we were coasting, then after Richards got out, ended up self-destructing in spectacular fashion. And this continues still to this day, we're the only team that i know who can snatch defeat at the jaws of victory. With the test matches approaching and yet again we seem to be plagued with injuries, youngsters such as Pascal, Tonge, MaClean or Holder should be given a opportunity to gain some experience against one of the top teams in World Cricket, if nothing else.

  • bernard on June 4, 2010, 12:34 GMT

    As a diehard WI cricket fan, i'm disappointed that once again we are beaten to a pulp by SA.However, in our dark cloud i have seen some silver linning.We scored 300+ in one game,close to 300 in another and in another game dismissed the opposition for less that 230.We have stuck with and given our young and talented prospect oppertuntiny to gain useful experience.Soon we will compete with the elite of the cricket world.I encourage our barath,bravos,pollaird,smith,simmons,fletcher,roach,taylor and many other young talents to keep working at their game.you are our hope for brighter days.Meanwhile we have to put one complete game together,that is bowl,bat and field well in the same game and the result will be so different.BETTER DAYS ARE COMING. I truely believe that . Now let us do better in the 3 test that follows.

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