West Indies news July 1, 2010

Gayle keen to continue as West Indies captain

Cricinfo staff

Chris Gayle has said he is keen on continuing as West Indies captain despite the team's dismal run of form over the past few years culminating in a 0-2 reversal in the home Tests against South Africa.

"Definitely I want to go on," Gayle said. "Before the series I was brought into a meeting and had a discussion about my future and gave them my everything so we will see what happens."

Under his leadership West Indies have won only three of 20 Tests while tasting defeat nine times. His record is not much better in the shorter formats, losing 30 in 53 ODIs and 10 out of 17 Twenty20s. But Gayle was not ready to give up just yet.

"I am still willing to go on. I am still pushing to go on. I still have a lot to offer in that particular area. There are a few issues I need to sort out before I progress," Gayle said. "When you are not getting the support there is going to be a problem. So we need to address that as quickly as possible and see how well be can come up with a better system."

Gayle had a poor series against South Africa with the bat, managing just 159 runs at an average of 31 against South Africa, but he was quick to point that his batting record has improved with captaincy. "Since I have been captain, I didn't even notice it but my average in Test cricket has been over 50 [1528 runs at 47.75, against a career average of 40.31] which is a tremendous achievement. It has helped me become a more mature person as well. I am willing to move forward and have better results for West Indies cricket."

Gayle's attitude came under the scanner last year when he turned up in England barely 48 hours before the start of the first Test, preferring to play in the IPL than prepare for the tour. "I wouldn't be so sad if Test cricket died out," he had said then, a remark that caused much consternation.

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  • Dummy4 on July 7, 2010, 16:30 GMT

    you deserve Chris.............................

  • Michael on July 7, 2010, 11:43 GMT

    Changing Chris Gayle wouldnt solve the problems,the west indies will still lose,whether it be tests ,T20 orODI!I cannot understand why big people cant see that!The problem lies with the bias team selections over the years.Butts,Jumadeen and Haynes are the problem.Change them,not Gayle!They are more interested in how many of their countrymen they can get on West Indies teams!Replace them with foreign selectors,one each from Australia,England and South Africa.Fire Gibson,he doesnt have a clue!He should be at the High Performance Centre coaching the youngsters who need the advice, not big hard back men!The WI are due to tour Sri Lanka in November,and I hope I dont see the likes of Ganga,Rampaul,Ramdin,Pollard,Fletcher,Pascal,Dowlin,Bess and the like!Richards should be given another chance in the T20 and ODI,he is not test material ! Pollard with his averages should concentrate on his clubs.Butts said Baugh had his chances,so has Ramdin ,and Rampaul with a bwlg av.of 109 runs per wt.

  • Dummy4 on July 7, 2010, 0:52 GMT

    I always wanted to share my opinion on Chris Gayle appointment. He would have been one of the better captain if he knows exactly how to use his resources. I never understand the reason of having two specialist spinner in ODI why is it Chris bowl himself more often. I have only seen Chris bat profession once, was it against Zimbabwe (2010)? . The captain position depends if you are in the team, I wonder does Chris deserve to be in the test team. Personally Chris should forget about captaincy and focus on enjoying his little cricket that he has to offer. Best captain for WI IS CHANDERPAUL, the only player who has the experience. If he rejects (I know he will love to captain WI again) give it to the returning Sarwan. Bravo or Ramdin will never get the job done

  • Gerard on July 6, 2010, 21:21 GMT

    Gayle got to be a crazyman, reaching England 48 hours before a test series, prefers the shorter versions of the game, cannot inspire team, laziest WI crickter over the years......cannot be keen to continue as CAPTAIN just say you are looking looking for an acolade....WORST INDIES WORST CAPTAIN .

  • Hildreth on July 5, 2010, 2:20 GMT

    GAYLE SHOULD BE ASHAMED to even state that he would like to continue as CAPTAIN after leading the team to a 9-0 whitewash in every format of the game. Gayle should RESIGN even before he is REPLACED but I doubt. His EGO IS SIMPLY TOO BIG to do what any honourable man would do after failing so badly. That's really unfortunate because several great men have stepped aside once they could not deliver: LARA, M. VAUGHN, TENDULKAR to name a few. Gayle must accept that WI cricket is bigger than him and not the opposite. Also the WI SELECTORS should RESIGN before being FIRED. These guys behave like they were on another PLANET before getting this job. Explain: Wavel Hinds, Dwayne Smith to Australia ?? Fletcher in ODI team after 8 or 9 cosecutive ducks ? Rampaul in St.Kitts after failing to take a wicket in Trindad? Young Brandon BESS with a bowling avg of 48 called up the morning of a test match ahead of Sammy, Darren Bravo, Jason Holder,Corey Edwards ? What were these guys thinking ??

  • Dummy4 on July 4, 2010, 5:11 GMT

    Every one is entitle to his or her opinion taking a look at WI cricket it cannot get worse for one to say there is no one else to captain the team so we must continue with Gayle I consider that to be rubbish no one know what a man can do until he is given an opportunity did not Sammy led the team and won every match they played while Gayle and Bravo were playing in the IPL. As a matter of fact I ask the WICBC to sack Gayle and the selectors here are some of my reasons these men have insulted our cricket intellegence it was Gayle and the selectors when Miller got injured in the ODI decided to replace him with Bernard who when they sat to pick the team for the first test against one of the best bowling attack in the game they pick the team with one opening batsman their inability to make sound decision when it comes to team selection is partly responsible for the condition of WI cricket. It is clear cut Gayle does not have what it takes to motivate and inspire his men the result speaks.

  • Michael on July 3, 2010, 12:43 GMT

    This is for the ICC-----Please tell the WICB that they are being relegated to one of the non test playing nations !Ban them! let the individual Islands play amongst themselves together with Ireland,Scotland ,Bangaldesh and Zimbabwe.That way Ganga would be skipper of the TT side,and Gayle capt of the Jamaica side.The winner would then get to play a test series against one of the test playing nations.That is the ONLY WAY to avoid the bias selectors who seem to be interested only in how many of their countrymen they can get selected on Test and touring teams,and the rampant insularity,together with certain players not giving their support when certain captains are in place,as Chris Gayle recently said.But this has been going on for a LONG time now!It is funny that Gayle should mentioned that NOW!Whoever takes over from Gayle would experience the SAME THING!

  • Michael on July 3, 2010, 11:24 GMT

    Gayle for captain!Ganga,Pollard,Ramdin and Rampaul are all RUBBISH,They should be employed at WASA,not by the WICB!

  • Dummy4 on July 3, 2010, 10:48 GMT

    It's this simple,if Gail has any pride in what he is doing he'll step down. He said he has the support of the guys,so is that why they're all getting sick? what eles does he want them to say,he is captain.

    There's NO team in the world of cricket would up with a loosing captain this long. his time is past,Westindies board has two (2) choices D, bravo or Sammy....Done!!!

  • PATRICK on July 2, 2010, 23:43 GMT

    I am sorry but Sarwan is more often than not on the sidelines injured so no go there for being captain. He needs to be fit for every match. Gayle has had his chance, he should realise that it is time to let someone else have a go. We still need his experience and batting but we need a fresh face to lead the team. That would be the test of his commitment to WI, if he continues playing test cricket when replaced. Can anyone explain why Sammy didn't play in the last test? I would say he is one of the better players and he is a fighter. The management is sending the wrong message to him.

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