South Africa tour of West Indies, 1st T20I: West Indies v South Africa at North Sound, May 19, 2010

Roach to Smith, no run, full, wide and snaking away from the left-hander first ball, and Smith leaves well alone


Roach to Smith, 1 run, on target this time, spearing the ball at off stump. Smith taps softly towards mid off and they set off - South Africa are up and running!

South Africa 1/0   GC Smith 1* (2b)

Taylor to Smith, no run, edged! But it falls well short of Fletcher, who has now come up a couple of yards


Taylor to Smith, no run, there's some bounce! Smith is comprehensively beaten outside off stump by pace and bounce from Taylor


Taylor to Smith, no run, big shout! Smith walked down the pitch and the ball struck him on the pads, looked like a good shout but he's probably been saved by the fact he was well down the wicket


Taylor to Smith, no run, chopped down on the off side, they don't risk a sneaky single


Taylor to Smith, no run, short and wide from Taylor, but the wicket appears to be playing slow and the ball takes an age to get to Smith, who cuts hard down towards point


Taylor to Smith, 2 runs, too full, pushed through the covers and they run two to spoil what would've been a maiden

South Africa 12/0   GC Smith 3* (8b)

Taylor to Smith, 1 run, steepling bounce now from Taylor, and Smith plays the ball down awkwardly off his chin down towards third man

South Africa 17/1   GC Smith 4* (9b)

Benn to Smith, 1 run, he starts with a huge, looping full toss, but Smith can't capitalise on that. He slaps straight to mid off, and they sprint through for one


Benn to Smith, no run, Smith backs away to give himself room to cut, but is beaten by the bounce. The alarming bounce is fortunate, in the end, as the ball bounces over the stumps after beating the bat


Benn to Smith, 1 run, slapped to point's left, where the fielder pulls off an athletic diving stop, but can't stop the run

South Africa 20/1   GC Smith 6* (12b)

Taylor to Smith, no run, Smith charges down the track and is undone by a slower cutter from Taylor. The ball bounced more than he expected and gripped a little on the surface, striking the arm or the body and trickling to the keeper's left


Taylor to Smith, FOUR, well, Smith didn't have to move his feet for that one. Low full toss from Taylor and Smith clipped it firmly to deep imidwicket. Sammy sprinted round the boundary but couldn't quite cut it off


Taylor to Smith, FOUR, Smith is finding some rhythm now! Crunched straight back over Taylor's head this time, authoritative shot there from the South African captain


Taylor to Smith, 1 run, another slower bouncer from Taylor, real tennis-ball bounce in this pitch but Smith rocks back to get on top of the ball, rolling his wrists over a pull to keep it down. They sprint one

South Africa 29/1   GC Smith 15* (16b 2x4)

Benn to Smith, 1 run, fired in to the pads, Smith gets across to work the ball to fine leg

South Africa 34/1   GC Smith 16* (17b 2x4)

Sammy to Smith, 1 run, on the hips, and flicked out to deep square leg for one


Sammy to Smith, no run, ugly swipe across the line from Smith, but this time the ball has dribbled through very low and he misses completely. Sammy can see the funny side, but Smith is a little nonplussed


Sammy to Smith, FOUR, same shot from Smith, this time he's nailed it! Smeared across the line by the burly left-hander, and he's found the gap at wide long on to pick up four valuable runs on a wicket where runs have been hard to come by

South Africa 46/1   GC Smith 21* (20b 3x4)

Benn to Smith, 1 run, same shot, different batsman, as Smith makes room to cut the ball hard out to the cover sweeper

South Africa 56/1   GC Smith 22* (21b 3x4)

Sammy to Smith, 1 run, Smith clears the front leg and hoicks across the line, but can't quite get the timing so only one run is the result


Sammy to Smith, 1 run, again Smith smears across the line, and picks up one to long on

South Africa 61/1   GC Smith 24* (23b 3x4)

Bravo to Smith, 2 runs, and Smith greets him by dancing out to take a length ball on the half volley and swing it out behind square on the leg side. The ball slows up on the outfield though, so only two runs conceded


Bravo to Smith, 1 run, Smith backs away now, and Bravo pulls his length back. The batsman aims a meaty pull through the leg side, finds the fielder, but they sprint through all the same


Bravo to Smith, 1 leg bye, Smith backs away to leg and Bravo follows him, beating the bat but they run one as the ball bobbles down the leg side off the pad

South Africa 74/1   GC Smith 27* (26b 3x4)

Gayle to Smith, SIX, Smith has his eye in now! Just a little floaty from Gayle, Smith went for a full-blooded slog sweep. The deep midwicket fielder was interested for a while, but the ball went miles over his head and into the crowd


Gayle to Smith, 2 runs, again Smith tries to slog sweep, this time the ball comes off the inside edge and goes very fine on the leg side


Gayle to Smith, 1 run, ooh, chance for a run out there! They set off for a single but the ball had gone almost straight to Bravo, who fired in a throw at the stumps with Smith well short, but couldn't hit them!


Gayle to Smith, 1 run, crunched down the ground to long on

South Africa 88/1   GC Smith 37* (30b 3x4 1x6)

Miller to Smith, OUT, Gone! Smith falls to Miller's first ball! He tried the reverse sweep, missed it and over-balanced and Fletcher whipped the bails off. But hang on, replays show that Smith's foot was still balanced when the bails came off. He's walked off though, so I suppose that's a wicket, and West Indies won't mind one little bit

GC Smith st †Fletcher b Miller 37 (52m 31b 3x4 1x6) SR: 119.35

South Africa 88/2   GC Smith 37 (31b 3x4 1x6)





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