South Africa tour of West Indies, 1st ODI: West Indies v South Africa at North Sound, May 22, 2010
South Africa won by 66 runs (D/L method)

Rampaul to Smith, no run, Smith finally faces his first ball, and does so in unspectacular style, grimacing at the ball and leaving it outside off


Rampaul to Smith, no run, it's a relief to see Smith scowling again, I was a bit thrown by all his smiles in the T20, he watches this carefully and defends into the off side

South Africa 9/0   GC Smith 0* (2b)

Taylor to Smith, no run, good ball, angling it across the left-hander, Smith fishes but luckily for him, it misses the edge


Taylor to Smith, FOUR, don't bowl there to Smith, he'll eat it up all day, on the legs, worked through midwicket for a boundary


Taylor to Smith, 1 run, this time it's a better ball, defended away into the off side for a swift single

South Africa 17/0   GC Smith 5* (5b 1x4)

Rampaul to Smith, no run, a touch fuller this time from Rampaul, Smith bunts forward and full-faces it back to the bowler


Rampaul to Smith, no run, the pitch has behaved fairly well so far but this climbed a fraction, forcing Smith to hop back and defend from off stump


Rampaul to Smith, 1 run, good cricket all round here, neatly clipped from off stump behind square on the leg side, a diving piece of fielding from Fletcher keeps it to one

South Africa 18/0   GC Smith 6* (8b 1x4)

Sammy to Smith, SIX, the free hit is a big enough invitation for Smith to stand quite still and heave his enormous arms through the line of the ball, sending it over straight-midwicket for six


Sammy to Smith, no run, finally Sammy gets it right, landing on a length and line and Smith defends


Sammy to Smith, 1 run, back of a length, Smith stays back and works it round the corner for one

South Africa 34/0   GC Smith 13* (11b 1x4 1x6)

Rampaul to Smith, 1 run, good running here from Smith, it was pitched up, Smith dropped it into the off side and set off for a sharp single

South Africa 45/0   GC Smith 14* (12b 1x4 1x6)

Bravo to Smith, no run, tight line to start, zoning in on off stump and Smith gets forward to punch defensively to point


Bravo to Smith, no run, fuller this time, and Smith was again straight onto the front foot to thump the ball - but straight to mid off


Bravo to Smith, FOUR, well, that's poor bowling really. Fine leg was up and he'd come round the wicket, but he dished up a length delivery slipping down leg and all Smith had to do was get something on it to send it to the boundary


Bravo to Smith, no run, full, wide and slapped to point, where Pollard leaps to his left to cut the ball off. Cries of "catch it!" from Bravo, but the ball got to him on the half volley. Good stop though


Bravo to Smith, OUT, that's the line! Bravo pulls his length back a touch and keeps the ball in the channel outside off stump. Smith's feet went nowhere as he tried to force through the covers, and Ramdin is the grateful recipient of the resulting thick edge. One down!

GC Smith c †Ramdin b Bravo 18 (33m 17b 2x4 1x6) SR: 105.88

South Africa 53/1   GC Smith 18 (17b 2x4 1x6)





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