South Africa tour of West Indies, 2nd T20I: West Indies v South Africa at North Sound, May 20, 2010

Hello, sports fans, and welcome to Cricinfo's coverage of the second Twenty20 between West Indies and South Africa at the Sir Vivian Richards stadium at North Sound in Antigua. I'm Liam Brickhill, and I'll be bringing you live ball-by-ball commentary from the game. My comrade, Sahil Dutta, is on bulletin duty today and will be providing erudite and forthright bulletins at the toss, between innings, and at the end of the game.

Before we get started, just to let you know - there is more Twenty20 action over the weekend, this time from Florida (of all places). Follow the historic matches between New Zealand and Sri Lanka in the US here on Cricinfo, or watch on ESPN3 if you're in the States, ESPN in the UK, Africa and the Middle East, as well as ESPN2 in the Caribbean. Cricinfo will also have video highlights after the games.

Toss: As you can see above, West Indies won the toss are going to field first. A few team changes as well, as Shivnarine Chanderpaul comes in for Nikita Miller. There's been a shake-up of the South African team as well, with Jacques Kallis carrying a slight niggle after yesterday's game, and Roelof van der Merwe and Charl Langeveldt rested, meaning that David Miller, the 20-year-old Dolphins and South Africa A batsman, will debut and left-arm seamer Lonwabo Tsotsobe slots into the bowling attack. Alviro Petersen keeps his place in the side and, as an opening batsman, hopefully he'll get a chance up the order today.

I've cobbled together a preview, if you're interested, and there's always Cricinfo's ever-interesting Facebook page if you get bored.


Roach to Smith, no run, full and swinging across Smith, tapped into the covers


Roach to Smith, no run, wider of off this time, and left alone


Roach to Smith, 2 runs, Roach is unafraid to slip in the odd yorker in the opening overs, and he's aimed for one here but just slightly over-pitched. Smith clips the full toss out to deep square leg and they take two


Roach to Smith, no run, back of a length, pitching off and moving away through the air and off the pitch. Smith shoulders arms


Roach to Smith, no run, little inside edge off Smith's bat this time as he looks to force through the off side. The edge strikes the pad and dribbles back towards the wicket, they decide against a run


Roach to Smith, FOUR, well-hit! That was very full again - perhaps another attempt at the yorker - and Smith smacked it straight down the ground, beating mid off with ease, to give South Africa their first boundary of the match in the first over

End of over 1 (6 runs) South Africa 6/0 (RR: 6.00)

    • GC Smith 6 (6b 1x4)
    • LE Bosman 0 (0b)
    • KAJ Roach 1-0-6-0

Jerome Taylor to open the bowling from the other end


Taylor to Bosman, no run, and he starts with a sharp, rising delivery on off stump. Bosman keeps his eye on it, though, dropping his hands and swaying out of the way


Taylor to Bosman, no run, back of a length once again, angling into the hip but Bosman can't get him away, clipping straight to square leg

There seems to be a touch more pace and carry in the pitch today, although that may have something to do with the newness of the ball


Taylor to Bosman, OUT, Bosman falls in identical circumstances to his dismissal yesterday! The ball was back of a length, angling at the hip and Bosman got right across his stumps to try and pull it away. Ball struck glove and Fletcher took a good tumbling catch, exactly as he did yesterday. The only difference is that this time Umpire Duncan raised the finger, instead of signalling wide...

LE Bosman c †Fletcher b Taylor 0 (6m 3b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0.00


Taylor to de Villiers, no run, de Villiers just thought about playing this one, which was shortish and outside off, but pulled his bat away just in time as the ball went on straight instead of coming in


Taylor to de Villiers, no run, clipped to square leg's right, there was perhaps a chance for a run but they decide against it


Taylor to de Villiers, no run, full and wobbling away through the air a touch, de Villiers drives to point

End of over 2 (wicket maiden) South Africa 6/1 (RR: 3.00)

    • AB de Villiers 0 (3b)
    • GC Smith 6 (6b 1x4)
    • JE Taylor 1-1-0-1
    • KAJ Roach 1-0-6-0

Roach to Smith, no run, full and fast from Roach, thumping into Smith's size XL pads. Pitching outside leg though, and not even a hint of an appeal


Roach to Smith, no run, wide of off, this one didn't get up at all after pitching, beating the underside of Smith's flashing blade


Roach to Smith, no run, fuller this time, and closer to off stump. Smith drives watchfully into the covers


Roach to Smith, no run, Roach pulls the length back just a touch and goes straighter still, tucking Smith up just a little. He punches into the covers, straight to the fielder


Roach to Smith, 1 run, too straight this time, back of a length and Smith gets across to push the ball softly but wide of mid on, and they scamper through for a quick single


Roach to de Villiers, no run, sharp movement in to the right-handed de Villiers, and some bounce too! He rode it well though, flicking to short fine leg where some sharp fielding negated the single

End of over 3 (1 run) South Africa 7/1 (RR: 2.33)

    • AB de Villiers 0 (4b)
    • GC Smith 7 (11b 1x4)
    • KAJ Roach 2-0-7-0
    • JE Taylor 1-1-0-1

So, another slow start to South Africa's innings. The pitch doesn't seem quite as spicy as yesterday though. Taylor to continue


Taylor to Smith, no run, short and slapped to point


Taylor to Smith, 2 runs, was that the cutter? It wasn't slower but he looked to have rolled his fingers over it. Pitching too straight, though, allowing Smith to nudge through square leg for a couple


Taylor to Smith, FOUR, half volley on off stump, and Smith cashes in! He thumped that straight down the ground once again. Sulieman Benn was at mid off, but couldn't get his lanky frame down in time...


Taylor to Smith, 1 run, short and Smith is quickly onto the pull, but hasn't found the middle with that shot. Just the one out to deep square leg


Taylor to de Villiers, 1 run, de Villiers off the mark now, as he clips a full ball - another cutter - to square leg's left


Taylor to Smith, no run, wide and Smith has a full go, but again the ball has died in the pitch, bouncing two or three times on the way through to the keeper after creeping under Smith's bat

End of over 4 (8 runs) South Africa 15/1 (RR: 3.75)

    • GC Smith 14 (16b 2x4)
    • AB de Villiers 1 (5b)
    • JE Taylor 2-1-8-1
    • KAJ Roach 2-0-7-0

Spin into the attack now, and it's Big Benn!


Benn to de Villiers, 1 run, immediately de Villiers skips down the track and cracks to long on, one run


Benn to Smith, 1 run


Benn to de Villiers, no run


Benn to de Villiers, no run


Benn to de Villiers, SIX, wow, good shot this, it was a touch shorter and quicker from Benn, De Villiers hoped back in a flash and pulled very powerfully over long on for six


Benn to de Villiers, FOUR, and the follow-up! Nicely played, if the last one was battered, this was caressed, wide of mid on for another boundary

End of over 5 (12 runs) South Africa 27/1 (RR: 5.40)

    • AB de Villiers 12 (10b 1x4 1x6)
    • GC Smith 15 (17b 2x4)
    • SJ Benn 1-0-12-0
    • JE Taylor 2-1-8-1

Taylor to Smith, OUT, bowled 'im! Full and fast from Taylor, the ball didn't bounce very much at all and whizzed past Smith's attempted swipe to leg to make a mess of his stumps! Smith shakes his head at the pitch as he trudges off, but while that ball kept a touch low it wasn't exactly a grubber. Taylor picks up his second wicket, and West Indies have the vital scalp of the South African captain

GC Smith b Taylor 15 (22m 18b 2x4 0x6) SR: 83.33


Taylor to Duminy, no run, welcome to the crease, J.P. Short and sharp to start! Duminy sways out of the way as the ball flies past him


Taylor to Duminy, no run, another bouncer! Duminy was expecting it this time though, buckling his knees to get underneath it


Taylor to Duminy, 1 run, the rib-tickler this time, Duminy gets right across but can't get bat on it. They take a leg-bye, though his leg wasn't the least bit involved in that


Taylor to de Villiers, 2 runs, short of length once again, but de Villiers stands up tall and slaps the ball down between mid off and cover, and they sprint two


Taylor to de Villiers, 2 leg byes, big shout for lbw! That looked very close indeed as Taylor speared in a quick yorker to strike de Villiers on the toe. Not out is the decision though, just sliding down leg

End of over 6 (5 runs) South Africa 32/2 (RR: 5.33)

    • AB de Villiers 14 (12b 1x4 1x6)
    • JP Duminy 1 (3b)
    • JE Taylor 3-1-11-2
    • SJ Benn 1-0-12-0

Bravo into the attack now


Bravo to Duminy, no run, predictably, he starts with a bumper! Not all that much pace, but it was short and well-directed.


Bravo to Duminy, 1 run, flicked out to fine leg, one run the result


Bravo to de Villiers, no run, de Villiers slashes outside off, the ball scoots underneath the bat and Fletcher makes a good stop


Bravo to de Villiers, 2 runs, full and straight, de Villiers clips to square leg but straight to the fielder


Bravo to de Villiers, 1 run, de Villiers walks across his stumps and punches the ball out to long on


Bravo to Duminy, 1 leg bye, well, Duminy is getting nothing at all pitched in his half of the wicket, and this time the bouncer has pinged him on the helmet! He tried to hook, but took his eyes off the ball and was hit on the back of the helmet. They pick up another 'leg-bye' to third man

End of over 7 (5 runs) South Africa 37/2 (RR: 5.28)

    • JP Duminy 2 (6b)
    • AB de Villiers 17 (15b 1x4 1x6)
    • DJ Bravo 1-0-4-0
    • JE Taylor 3-1-11-2

Sammy's medium pace from the other end


Sammy to Duminy, no run, and he will pitch it up, Duminy is tentatively forward though, tapping back to the bowler


Sammy to Duminy, no run, on a length and straight, Duminy is back and across in solid defence. Nice, straight bat


Sammy to Duminy, 3 runs, sumptuous, classical drive from Duminy! He came forward with balance and poise and just eased the ball through the covers. It slowed up in the outfield though, so only three


Sammy to de Villiers, 2 runs, and a different class of drive altogether from de Villiers, as he gets the front leg out the way and smashes the ball out to long off


Sammy to de Villiers, OUT, de Villiers is undone by the short ball! Did the ball hold up a touch there? It wasn't that short, but spat up at him as he swivelled to pull, taking a top edge and looping ever so gently to Bravo at backward point

AB de Villiers c Bravo b Sammy 19 (27m 17b 1x4 1x6) SR: 111.76

South Africa are in a touch of bother here, and they don't have Kallis to anchor them


Sammy to Petersen, no run, length to start to the new batsman, and that was quick too - for Sammy anyway. Petersen defends solidly back down the pitch

End of over 8 (5 runs) South Africa 42/3 (RR: 5.25)

    • AN Petersen 0 (1b)
    • JP Duminy 5 (9b)
    • DJG Sammy 1-0-5-1
    • DJ Bravo 1-0-4-0

Bravo to Duminy, no run, back of a length, Duminy got inside it and nudged to midwicket. Petersen wanted the run but he's sent back in time


Bravo to Duminy, 1 run, short, bouncing up into the batsman's grille - or at least it would have, if he hadn't pulled it down to fine leg


Bravo to Petersen, no run, fuller to the right-handed Petersen, who tries to work the ball to leg but finds mid on


Bravo to Petersen, 1 run, width given by Bravo this time, and Petersen carves out to deep point for one


Bravo to Duminy, no run, short again to Duminy, he's getting hardly anything at all to drive. This wasn't that well directed though, and is chopped down to backward point


Bravo to Duminy, no run, again the bouncer is sent down, and Duminy has played it very awkwardly indeed. He tried to pull but was in no position to do so, the ball took the glove/arm and looped up behind square on the off side, but short of any fielders

End of over 9 (2 runs) South Africa 44/3 (RR: 4.88)

    • JP Duminy 6 (13b)
    • AN Petersen 1 (3b)
    • DJ Bravo 2-0-6-0
    • DJG Sammy 1-0-5-1

Sammy continues


Sammy to Petersen, no run, and Petersen taps a full ball gently back to him


Sammy to Petersen, 1 run, slipping onto the pads this time, and Petersen pulls off the front foot out to deep square leg - a dangerous shot if the ball keeps low


Sammy to Duminy, 1 run, Duminy charges down the wicket this time to try and get closer to the ball, again it's a bouncer but this time he is able to pull it down, rolling his wrists, to midwicket


Sammy to Petersen, 1 run, full again, Petersen drives watchfully through the covers. Playing like the opening batsman that he is

Fletcher up to the wicket now, with Duminy using his feet. That will mean they can't really bounce him anymore though


Sammy to Duminy, 1 run, back of a length, Duminy guides the ball uppishly to third man


Sammy to Petersen, 1 run, full and just a touch too straight, Petersen picks up one to long on

End of over 10 (5 runs) South Africa 49/3 (RR: 4.90)

    • AN Petersen 4 (7b)
    • JP Duminy 8 (15b)
    • DJG Sammy 2-0-10-1
    • DJ Bravo 2-0-6-0

Bravo, who's been economical so far, continues his spell


Bravo to Petersen, 1 run, thrashed across the line out to deep square leg, and South Africa's fifty comes up


Bravo to Duminy, FOUR, no surprises with the short ball now, Duminy backs away to give himself room with the keeper standing back and slashes the ball in the air, bisecting third man and deep point


Bravo to Duminy, 1 run, fuller and straighter, Duminy nurdles fine on the leg side and they take one


Bravo to Petersen, 1 run, guided off the face to third man


Bravo to Duminy, no run, back of a length and bouncing up chest high, Duminy can't score off it, tapping the ball gently into the covers. Nowhere near the middle of the bat


Bravo to Duminy, no run, that's the way to bowl the bouncer! Nasty, brutish bouncer from Bravo to finish, really spitting up off the pitch and Duminy ducks out of the way, turning his head away from the ball

End of over 11 (7 runs) South Africa 56/3 (RR: 5.09)

    • JP Duminy 13 (19b 1x4)
    • AN Petersen 6 (9b)
    • DJ Bravo 3-0-13-0
    • DJG Sammy 2-0-10-1

Sammy to Petersen, 1 run, Petersen tries the double-bluff, sticking his leg out as if he's going to step away to leg and then shuffling to off. Sammy isn't bothered though, and Petersen eventually ends up running it down to third man


Sammy to Duminy, OUT, back of a length bowling finally does for JP Duminy! That wasn't a bouncer but it certainly wasn't pitched up, angling across Duminy and also going away off the seam. There was a little bit of bounce on it too, enough to take the edge of his attempted cut, and Fletcher takes a really good, sharp catch standing up to the stumps. Top keeping effort there, and good bowling too

JP Duminy c †Fletcher b Sammy 13 (25m 20b 1x4 0x6) SR: 65.00

David Miller walks out, 20 years old, on debut with his team in trouble. Can he salvage something for South Africa from this position?


Sammy to Miller, no run, and he starts with solid defence, right behind the ball in the forward defensive


Sammy to Miller, 1 run, full with a bit of width, he drives languidly out to point, where a misfield from Pollard allows Miller his first runs in senior international cricket!


Sammy to Petersen, 1 run, back of a length and Petersen chops down behind square for one


Sammy to Miller, no run, Miller bravely uses his feet, coming out and slamming the ball back to the bowler. Sammy picked it up cleanly and threatened to throw down the stumps to send Miller scampering back to his crease

End of over 12 (3 runs) South Africa 59/4 (RR: 4.91)

    • DA Miller 1 (3b)
    • AN Petersen 8 (11b)
    • DJG Sammy 3-0-13-2
    • DJ Bravo 3-0-13-0

Benn to Petersen, OUT, premeditated paddle-sweep from Petersen, and Sulieman Benn strikes with the first ball of his spell! It was very full, delivered from round the wicket, and Petersen had set himself very early for the shot. The ball was angling towards the leg stump when it struck him on the boot, and another wicket falls!

AN Petersen lbw b Benn 8 (17m 12b 0x4 0x6) SR: 66.66

South Africa are in real trouble here, scoring has really not been easy despite the fact that the wicket has eased out since yesterday


Benn to Botha, 1 run, and Botha also starts with the premeditated paddle-sweep, but he's got a lot of bat on this one to send it out to long leg


Benn to Miller, no run, ooh, almost another one for Big Benn there! Miller tried to flick to leg but the ball took the leading edge and flew agonisingly short of the cover fielder. Close!


Benn to Miller, 2 runs, Miller dances down the track to take the ball on the full toss, and picks up two down the ground


Benn to Miller, SIX, again Miller uses his feet, really well and get's a clean connection on the lofted shot down the ground! Great shot there, he got a lot on that and the ball flew way over the boundary straight down the ground. That's what South Africa need!


Benn to Miller, 1 run, fuller, quicker, and Miller clips out on the leg side to keep the strike

End of over 13 (10 runs) South Africa 69/5 (RR: 5.30)

    • DA Miller 10 (7b 1x6)
    • J Botha 1 (1b)
    • SJ Benn 2-0-22-1
    • DJG Sammy 3-0-13-2

Sammy to Miller, 1 run, Miller backs away, giving himself some room but Sammy follows him. A clipped single to midwicket is the result

Miller has looked to be really positive from the start, a breath of fresh air in this South African innings


Sammy to Botha, 1 leg bye, Botha is pinned on the pads as he's stuck on the crease, but he's struck way too high to elicit the appeal. Leg-byes down to third man


Sammy to Miller, 1 run, chipped down to long off, another scampered one. Miller was too soon into the drive but went through with it all the same, hence the ball went in the air down to the fielder


Sammy to Botha, no run, big swipe across the line from Botha, but he missed completely. More smart work from Fletcher behind the stumps as he collects cleanly.

Fletcher has improved vastly as a keeper in these two games, now he just needs to follow suit with his batting


Sammy to Botha, no run, full, straight and Botha pushes back to the bowler


Sammy to Botha, 1 run, just a little wide of off, and on a length. Botha opens the face to collect one down to third man and keep the strike

End of over 14 (4 runs) South Africa 73/5 (RR: 5.21)

    • J Botha 2 (5b)
    • DA Miller 12 (9b 1x6)
    • DJG Sammy 4-0-16-2
    • SJ Benn 2-0-22-1

Kemar Roach comes back into the attack


Roach to Botha, no run, and he's on the money straight away, with a length ball that jags viciously in to the right-handed Botha. But he's equal to it, getting right behind the ball in defence


Roach to Botha, no run, back of a length this time, but Botha rides the bounce as he nudges to leg. Can't find the run though


Roach to Botha, 1 wide, sprayed down leg by Roach


Roach to Botha, 1 bye, that was one spicy meatball from Roach! That could've taken Botha's head off, it was past him before he even thought to duck. Luckily it really spat up off the pitch to go over him. Again, Fletcher does well behind the stumps to keep byes to one


Roach to Miller, no run, Miller backs away to give himself room, but crunches a shot straight to the cover fielder


Roach to Miller, 1 run, and again he backs away, this time the ball comes off the inside edge, strikes the pad, and Botha calls him through


Roach to Botha, 1 run, back of a length but too far outside off, Botha guides the ball behind square for one

End of over 15 (4 runs) South Africa 77/5 (RR: 5.13)

    • J Botha 3 (9b)
    • DA Miller 13 (11b 1x6)
    • KAJ Roach 3-0-10-0
    • DJG Sammy 4-0-16-2

Kieron Pollard brought on now


Pollard to Botha, 1 run, Botha pulls out to deep square leg, just the one though as there's a fielder out there


Pollard to Miller, 2 runs, Miller makes room and aims a slashing drive through the off side. There wasn't much pace on the ball though, and he was through with the shot before the ball got to him, sending it into the leg side instead


Pollard to Miller, 2 runs, ooh, bad miss there! That should have been a simple chance, as Miller gets right underneath an attempted mow to leg. The ball flew miles in the air, but the fielder at long on, for some reason, couldn't get to it. He could have been underneath it easily


Pollard to Miller, SIX, and that rubs it in even more! Same shot from Miller but this time he's nailed it. Huge shot right over long on, great connection, great timing!


Pollard to Miller, no run, off the inside edge and onto the pad, no run though


Pollard to Miller, 1 wide, was that really a wide? The ball barely got up over his head and was right over the stumps. Pollard isn't happy with the call, and I must say I can see why


Pollard to Miller, 2 runs, Miller slashes a cut out to deep point, they sprint two

End of over 16 (14 runs) South Africa 91/5 (RR: 5.68)

    • DA Miller 25 (16b 2x6)
    • J Botha 4 (10b)
    • KA Pollard 1-0-14-0
    • KAJ Roach 3-0-10-0

Benn to Botha, 1 run, attempted slog sweep, the ball strikes the toe of the bat and goes towards short third man. Miller calls him through for a sneaky single, and get's back on strike


Benn to Miller, no run, Miller tries to clear the leg and heave to long on, can't get a good connection though and midwicket cleans up


Benn to Miller, 1 run, down the wicket to take the ball on the full, hammered down to long on


Benn to Botha, no run, Botha tries the reverse sweep this time, again he doesn't pull off the shot though, missing completely outside off


Benn to Botha, 1 run, driven down to long on


Benn to Miller, 1 run, Miller backs right away from his stumps and carves a low full toss out to the cover sweeper

Benn really motored through that over, hard to keep up!

End of over 17 (4 runs) South Africa 95/5 (RR: 5.58)

    • DA Miller 27 (19b 2x6)
    • J Botha 6 (13b)
    • SJ Benn 3-0-26-1
    • KA Pollard 1-0-14-0

Miller's the key now - on debut, no less - if South Africa are going to get up to competitive total


Bravo to Miller, 1 run, very full from round the wicket, Miller jams his bat down on the yorker and they scramble through for one


Bravo to Botha, 1 run, Botha is down the track and swatting, flat-batted out to long on


Bravo to Miller, 1 run, lofted down to long off, not timed particularly well though, and bouncing well short of the fielder


Bravo to Botha, 2 runs, another short ball, Botha stays deep in the crease and pulls out to midwicket, where Sarwan runs across to keep them to two. And that brings up the South African 100


Bravo to Botha, 1 run, hoicked across the line down to long on


Bravo to Miller, 1 run, full and wide, Miller thrashes to Gayle at wide mid off and they steal a run

End of over 18 (7 runs) South Africa 102/5 (RR: 5.66)

    • DA Miller 30 (22b 2x6)
    • J Botha 10 (16b)
    • DJ Bravo 4-0-20-0
    • SJ Benn 3-0-26-1

Roach to Miller, 1 run, short of a length, Miller is on the back foot in a flash and pulling hard out to deep square leg


Roach to Botha, no run, quick and bouncy from Roach! He gave Botha some room outside off but the ball flashed past him almost before he was into the shot


Roach to Botha, SIX, well, that one wasn't too fast for Botha! It was much fuller and straighter and Botha carved through the line to send the ball sailing out over the boundary at wide long on. And that's landed right in the swimming pool in the spectator's area! Yep, they're asking for a new ball now, the old one is soaking wet!


Roach to Botha, SIX, what a shot! Brave stuff from Botha, he gets down low to paddle scoop the ball down to fine leg, and he's hit it so well that that's gone for six! He had the pace to work with, and he did wonderfully well


Roach to Botha, no run, swishing across the line this time, and the ball flies through to Fletcher


Roach to Botha, 1 run, hammered down to long on for one

Vital boundaries these are, South Africa really need every run they can get from this position. Scoring hasn't been easy, mind, and even a low total will take some getting on this pitch

End of over 19 (14 runs) South Africa 116/5 (RR: 6.10)

    • J Botha 23 (21b 2x6)
    • DA Miller 31 (23b 2x6)
    • KAJ Roach 4-0-24-0
    • DJ Bravo 4-0-20-0

Taylor to conclude proceedings


Taylor to Botha, OUT, Botha perishes for the cause. He was aiming right down the ground with a lofted smear, but sliced at the ball just a touch, and mid off set himself underneath the swirling ball to take a regulation catch. Not much else Botha could have tried to do, but West Indies will be glad to see the back of him after his striking in the last over

J Botha c Sarwan b Taylor 23 (24m 22b 0x4 2x6) SR: 104.54


Taylor to Miller, 1 run, very wide full toss outside off, Miller throws his bat at it to send the ball out into the covers


Taylor to McLaren, 1 run, McLaren is down setting himself for the paddle-scoop, but its a quick length ball which strikes the glove and rolls away behind square on the off side. Absolutely manic running sees them home despite a shy at the stumps


Taylor to Miller, 1 run, another full toss thrashed out to long off


Taylor to McLaren, 1 leg bye, very full again and angling in to the pads from round the wicket, he's got something on that to send the ball down to fine leg


Taylor to Miller, OUT, Miller goes for an almighty heave over the leg side and misses completely, McLaren calls him through for a stolen bye but Fletcher reacts quickly, lobbing the ball to Taylor who flicks the ball at the stumps with Miller well short

DA Miller run out 33 (37m 26b 0x4 2x6) SR: 126.92

So, a really good innings from the young David Miller on debut, and Johan Botha's inventive shot-making, has taken South Africa to 120 for 7 in the second Twenty20. West Indies will fancy their chances in the chase, but although the total is small run-scoring certainly wasn't easy for the South African top order. As usual, a great deal will depend upon how well Chris Gayle can do first up. If he can get them off to a good start, West Indies will certainly have every chance of levelling the series. Sahil's bulletin is on its way up as I write, so do check that out for a detailed look at how the first innings of this game unfolded. In the meantime, I'm off to make a quick cuppa!

End of over 20 (4 runs) South Africa 120/7

    • R McLaren 1 (2b)
    • JE Taylor 4-1-14-3
    • KAJ Roach 4-0-24-0





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