Sir Frederick Toone      

Full name Frederick Charles Toone

Born June 25, 1868

Died June 10, 1930, Harrogate, Yorkshire (aged 61 years 350 days)

Also known as Fred Toone

Other Administrator


Sir Frederick Charles Toone, who was born on June 25, 1868, and died at Harrogate on June 10, at the age of 62, achieved no distinction as a player but as an organizer he stood supreme. His love for the game in its highest tradition--of which he was the stoutest upholder--was immense. A master of detail, he thought of everything, and the fact that he went three times to Australia as manager of the teams sent out by M.C.C. since the War clearly showed the extent to which he enjoyed the confidence of the ruling body of the game. To manage a touring side with success calls for various strong traits of character. Fred Toone had them all in abundance. Firm in principle, particularly where the interests of the men in his charge were concerned, he was courteous in manner, easy of address, and invariably tactful and obliging. Small wonder, therefore, that wherever he went in Australia he was always popular. He was Secretary of the Leicestershire C.C.C. 1897 to 1902 and of Yorkshire from 1903 until his death. The professionals of the latter county who had benefits during his regime all had cause to remember him, his work in making these successful being really wonderful. That of the late Roy Kilner produced £4,016. The Yorkshire County C.C. Year Book, which he edited, was a model compilation of its kind. In his younger days he was a very good runner, and for some seasons he played Rugby football regularly for the Leicester Club. On his return to England from the last Australian tour he received the honour of Knighthood from the King in recognition of his great work in helping to promote the best relations between the Commonwealth and the Mother Country. In January, 1927, he was presented with a testimonial of £3,500. To the last issue of Wisden he contributed an article on Australian Tours and their Management.
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