Australia tour of West Indies, 3rd ODI: West Indies v Australia at St George's, Jun 29, 2008
Australia won by 7 wickets (with 57 balls remaining)

Johnson to Marshall, OUT, Gayle is run out. Oh what a way to go.Marshall had driven a fullish delivery back down the track and the lunging Johnson had got a hand on it and it went on to break the stumps and Gayle couldn't get back into the crease in time. He was in murderous mood but has to go back to the hutch.

CH Gayle run out 53 (85m 54b 5x4 3x6) SR: 98.14

West Indies 86/1   XM Marshall 27* (54b 3x4)   MG Johnson 4.4-0-22-0

Watson to Marshall, OUT, Super catch from Ronchi, diving to his right. He had gone down the track and tried to blast a wide delivery over the off-side field on a bent knee but got a thick edge. And Ronchi went flying to his right to pluck it. Viv Richards, on the wireless, says, "Marshall cannot be criticized for that shot. You can't be hars on him. The shot was on." He was trying to be aggressive. Great catch by Ronchi, though.

XM Marshall c †Ronchi b Watson 35 (101m 65b 4x4 0x6) SR: 53.84

West Indies 99/2   RR Sarwan 3* (5b)   SR Watson 1.2-0-2-1

Symonds to Chanderpaul, OUT, Ronchi snaps another good catch. Chanderpaul edged the intended cut shot and Ronchi managed to take it on the second attempt.

S Chanderpaul c †Ronchi b Symonds 32 (46m 49b 2x4 0x6) SR: 65.30

West Indies 160/3   RR Sarwan 27* (32b 2x4)   A Symonds 4-0-27-1

Johnson to Sarwan, OUT, full and well outside off stump, Sarwan tried to blast it over extra cover but couldn't clear Symonds. Out for 31. Viv Richards says, "The intentions were pretty good but he just didn't get the height."

RR Sarwan c Symonds b Johnson 31 (73m 43b 2x4 0x6) SR: 72.09

West Indies 168/4   DJ Bravo 4* (6b)   MG Johnson 6.5-0-33-1

Symonds to Bravo, OUT, Given out lbw but he was struck outside off stump. Bravo went for a sweep, missed and it might have hit the off but he was struck outside the line. Richards says, "Very unlucky. Tough luck Bravo"

DJ Bravo lbw b Symonds 7 (14m 10b 0x4 0x6) SR: 70.00

West Indies 172/5   ADS Fletcher 1* (3b)   A Symonds 6-0-36-2

Bracken to Fletcher, OUT, Ronchi is in the act again. Fletched walked down the track, tried to swing a length delivery outside off over midwicket, missed but Ronchi,standing up to the stumps, didn't.

ADS Fletcher st †Ronchi b Bracken 12 (26m 16b 2x4 0x6) SR: 75.00

West Indies 195/6   D Ramdin 9* (14b)   NW Bracken 5.3-0-14-1

Lee to Sammy, OUT, Wicket no 300 for Lee. It was the slower one and Sammy was early into the intended lofted shot, edged it towards short mid-off region, Lee called for it early and pouches it safely.

DJG Sammy c & b Lee 3 (12m 6b 0x4 0x6) SR: 50.00

West Indies 211/7   D Ramdin 20* (27b 1x4)   B Lee 7.3-1-30-1

Bracken to Ramdin, OUT, he moved outside leg, tried to cut a short of length delivery but it was the slower one and he ended up chopping it on to his stumps.

D Ramdin b Bracken 21 (42m 30b 1x4 0x6) SR: 70.00

West Indies 214/8   DBL Powell 2* (3b)   NW Bracken 7.3-0-22-2

Lee to Powell, OUT, Lee the footballer does the trick. Powell had dabbed a short of length delivery close on the off side, set off for the run, was sent back and he slipped. Meanwhile, Lee had rushed along and kicked it on to the stumps. A neat little left footer.

DBL Powell run out 2 (11m 4b 0x4 0x6) SR: 50.00

West Indies 220/9   FH Edwards 5* (6b 1x4)   B Lee 8.4-1-36-1

Bracken to Benn, OUT, Bracken terminates the West Indies innings with a yorker. Benn charged out, had a heave but missed.

SJ Benn b Bracken 1 (5b 0x4 0x6) SR: 20.00

West Indies 223/10   FH Edwards 7* (9b 1x4)   NW Bracken 9-0-26-3





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