Bangladesh tour of West Indies, Only T20I: West Indies v Bangladesh at Basseterre, Aug 2, 2009
West Indies won by 5 wickets (with 19 balls remaining)
2 August 2009 (20-over match)

Sammy to Tamim Iqbal, 1 run, He's continuing his partner's good work, banging it short on leg stump, Tamim manages to fend it away just behind square for a single


Sammy to Junaid Siddique, no run, much fuller, finally, good length on middle, holding its line, rocks back and punches it towards midwicket from the crease


Sammy to Junaid Siddique, no run, excellent fielding at short fine,full, meaty delivery on the pads, flicked away stylishly and Dale Richards reacts quickly, diving to his left to save a certain four


Sammy to Junaid Siddique, OUT, slower one this time and Siddique is sucked into attempting the big one, he's deceived by it and is into the shot too early as he tries to clear midwicket, gets a leading edge and Smith at cover takes it easily

Junaid Siddique c Smith b Sammy 5 (7m 6b 1x4 0x6) SR: 83.33


Sammy to Mohammad Ashraful, OUT, Absolute rubbish! How many times have we seen him get out in that fashion? Short of a good length on middle and leg, he shuffles across to scoop it over short fine, mistimes it completely and Tonge accepts it gleefully. Atrocious shot.

Mohammad Ashraful c Tonge b Sammy 0 (1m 1b 0x4 0x6) SR: 0.00


Sammy to Naeem Islam, no run, negotiates it easily, on target on middle and off, hitting a good length, Naeem stays rooted to the crease and pushes it back towards the bowler

Bangladesh 12/2   DJG Sammy 1-0-1-2

Sammy to Shakib Al Hasan, 1 run, held it back, slightly short on the off stump, chopped down to third man for a single


Sammy to Naeem Islam, SIX, smack, Naeem is having none of the nonsense, saw it pitched short, charged down and pulled it powerfully over midwicket for a contemptuous six, that'll ease the pressure a bit


Sammy to Naeem Islam, 1 run, length ball on middle, pushed wide of the bowler towards mid-off and he calls for a quick single and gets it


Sammy to Shakib Al Hasan, no run, deceived by the slower one again, short outside off and cut away as Shakib tried to heave it over midwicket


Sammy to Shakib Al Hasan, no run, pitched it short on leg stump as he saw Shakib charging forward, the batsman went for the pull, missed and was struck in the midriff


Sammy to Shakib Al Hasan, FOUR, pitched it short way too often and he can't get away with it this time, well outside off and Shakib drags it over midwicket for a boundary, easily done

Bangladesh 25/3   DJG Sammy 2-0-13-2

Sammy to Mehrab Hossain jnr, 1 run, slower one just outside off, gets across and drops it short of midwicket for a quick single


Sammy to Mahmudullah, FOUR, full toss on middle, was well above waist height, pulls it away over midwicket to beat the fielder in the deep to the ropes, is lucky to get away with a no-ball call there, was clearly one


Sammy to Mahmudullah, 1 run, length ball outside off, drilled down the ground to long-off for a single


Sammy to Mehrab Hossain jnr, no run, straight on middle, pushed back to the bowler off the front foot


Sammy to Mehrab Hossain jnr, OUT, run-out, fullish outside off, tapped wide of the pitch and calls for a single and is sent back, Sammy runs forward, picks it cleanly and throws down the stumps at the striker's end to beat Mehrab's dive, eight down now

Mehrab Hossain jnr run out 10 (16m 17b 1x4 0x6) SR: 58.82


Sammy to Nazmul Hossain, no run, in the blockhole outside off, defended with a straight bat to cover

Bangladesh 92/8   DJG Sammy 3-0-19-2

Sammy to Rubel Hossain, 1 run, low full toss on middle, driven towards midwicket who's right at the circle for a single


Sammy to Nazmul Hossain, 1 run, full toss on middle, whipped away towards short fine, another run


Sammy to Rubel Hossain, FOUR, third full toss in a row, promptly dealt with, smashed through midwicket and he earns a boundary


Sammy to Rubel Hossain, 1 run, low full toss on middle, aiming for the yorker but not getting it right, dragged to deep midwicket for a single


Sammy to Nazmul Hossain, 5 no balls, easy runs gifted, the beamer outside leg stump and beats the keeper who doesn't get his body behind it, Sammy is warned by the umpire there


Sammy to Nazmul Hossain, 1 run, full on middle, gets under it and tries to clear midwicket, gets a thick inside edge towards short for for a single


Sammy to Rubel Hossain, 1 run, full outside off, slapped down the ground to long-on for a single

Bangladesh 118/9   DJG Sammy 4-0-33-2





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